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Well that’s a good post. But, for about 6 years that’s what you and all the talking heads have said. Hopefully, he won’t do what Jopa and coach Bryant did and coach till they die. Everyone is envy of Bama, their programs haven’t and can’t do what Bama has accomplished what UA has done. So to sum this up for all of you. The only easy day was yesterday. Cowboy up and prove us wrong. Have a nice day.
Not really corn hog, you going from first too worse burns you corn hogs up
Watch the sec network. 611 on directtv. They are really funny.
Well he isn’t wrong, but that’s what everyone in the country already knows. Where’s the deep dive coach?
I am surprised no one has put Bama at like 15th.
Don’t argue, this article, is the authors opinion, you have yours, I have mine, others have theirs. It’s what makes college football fun. It was meant to stir the pot. Have fun with it.
Well, since it’s a case for number 2, and I have no dog in this fight. 2. Tennessee. But by the thinnest of margins. I would rather put Uga here because I hate orange! 3. Georgia 4 Tie, Florida/LSU- not very much history (flashes here and there)before OBC/CNS. 5. The other school in Alabama.