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From the guys that gave hillary a 97% chance to be elected president. Maybe numbers aren't your strong suit guys?
What does your President have to do with college football? If Jalen wants to transfer then by all means help him out mom and best of luck to you both. If he wants to compete then do so on the field. If either of you only want a media circus then transfer and whine or bring your President into the conversation all you want.
And anything about Gmac being drafted has exactly what to do with hurd quitting? *Crickets chirping*
Blah blah blah. If any of you blm idiots needs to take a moment away from playing the victim, I have some tissues for you to wipe those salty tears.
Nothing better to do than trolling news articles? Get a job loser!
lol havent you losers learned yet that we have enough depth to replace injuries and morons making dumb mistakes? Good luck fighting for cellar dweller this year.
Good luck to him. Hope he finds a good school to help further his education and playing career. Roll tide!