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Glad you were able to see another NC win this year, too. I always think about my Daddy...he goes to at least one game a year with me. Usually the Tennessee game, but this year Georgia. I always pray, Lord, don’t let this be the last game we watch here together here at BDS. He’ll be 70 this year. Time flies! We have to enjoy every moment we can.
I have Eli’s play call memorized: Here’s Tua stepping back, loads up, looks long, throws. [Touchdown! (I think that might have been John Parker Wilson.)] End zone. Touchdown! Alabama! Devonta Smith! Touchdown, Alabama! And the Crimson Tide has once again ascended to the top of the college football mountain. Their fifth NC in nine years, their 17th overall, and for Coach Nick Saban, a career 6 NCs, a number matched only by the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant. Alabama is back as the champion of college football! How about that?
I literally stopped watching the news and now only keep up with SDS...and all this is still in my face. I just want to read about football. Just pure, simple, SEC football. I guess it’s too much to ask these days?!?
I’ll never forget that moment. Never, ever. Like the Wright and Jones song “Oh, Alabama” says: “Glad the season’s here again Lord, I love the fall I’ll still be a loyal fan If you don’t win ‘em all It’s a thrill when you march down the field Against the Orange and Blue And when the clock runs out And your luck’s run cold Or you pull one when there was no hope Bama, it’s great just being there with you!” Happy 2/26!
While I appreciate your point, I’d just like to say I’m a female who definitely knows the difference between a linebacker and a running back. I get my love of Alabama football from my dad, and share it with my husband, but, ironically, I’m the “football nerd” in the family — and even bore my Daddy sometimes talking through plays. I’m used to most other football fans not taking me seriously, but just wanted to throw my perspective out there. Maybe those females aren’t as disconnected from basic football knowledge as you might think! ;) And, before you ask me, yes, we typically attend every home game and at least two or three road games every year. (Even Iron Bowls at Jordan-Hare where I have heard my fair share of “War Eagles!”) So, I am definitely a real fan. Najee is a jokester with a unique sense of humor. My comment was just a joke, too. But I guess I felt the need to, I hope nicely, defend my fellow female Tide fans in Springfield. Anyway, I think we can all agree that we’re blessed to be fans of the best football teams in the country here in the SEC, where it truly does mean more!
I love Najee and I couldn’t agree more that the SEC is the best conference. But — “Wxx Exxxx”?!?! Nah. LOL.
Pretty amazed that the most insightful information I’ve read about the “vaccine” would come on an SEC football site. I appreciate you sharing this information, gives me an avenue for further research about mRNA vaccines and this one, in particular.
I’ve never admitted it before — and may not ever again — but I was at the last Iron Bowl at Jordan-Hare and their fans absolutely had us beat that season when it came to pulling their team through. I was at the LSU game at BDS, too, and I think if we had had our energy level half as high as the Auburn fans did at that Iron Bowl it would have meant something — maybe not enough to change the outcome — but something. Anyway, I’m not looking forward to ever going back to another Iron Bowl at J-H. I would say the — what’s the right word? — animus for us few Bama fans present was palpable; not so bad outside the stadium before the game but terrible once it started. Got to hand it to their fan base, though. They were absolutely 100 percent behind their team that day, and that’s the way it should be.
Agree about the traditions/pageantry; hate to see us lose those for better “ratings.”
As an Alabama fan, you don’t know how tiring it is that everyone measures their team against our guys, as if our players and coaches don’t work to earn their successes. Think about how hard Mac Jones worked after the Iron Bowl last year, how much Smitty worked not to be remembered for the 2-and-26 catch. I don’t know if other coaches and players measure themselves against Saban and Bama as much as fan bases seem to, but articles like this could sure make you think so. What I propose is this: forget Bama for five minutes, focus on being a CHAMPION Buckeye, Dawg, Gator, Vol, Tiger or whatever — discover/implement the “Process” that makes your coaches and players the best versions of themselves — and you might find that a focus on WINNING, instead of making someone else lose (i.e., “Beating Bama”), will translate into the success we all crave. This will take a lot of resources and buy-in, obviously from the schools themselves. Most members of the fan bases have no agency to make that kind of program culture happen. And not every program can or will invest what it takes to build it. But the first step is to focus on winning because you ARE the best, not making someone else lose because you want to be considered the best. Just my two cents worth, which is what my opinion is worth! LOL.
Well said! And for people legitimately interested in Saban’s worldview, which informs his ability to spot, recruit and develop talent on the field and on his staffs, there are books available. Any book by Kevin Elko, “Chasing the Bear” by Lars Andersen and Saban’s own writing and interviews provide lots of insight into Bama’s recent successes. I think Dr. Elko would be the first person to tell you that life is not always fair (and even without an equitable distribution of top-tier talent), it’s how you respond to circumstances (like UA’s in 2007) that makes the difference. Saban obviously shares that mindset and when his players and staff do too, the results are evident.
This is what CFB is all about for me: young men who achieve their professional goals, then turn around and make a difference for others. It’s easy to think it’s about recruiting classes and national championships, but in the end, college football is really about people; it’s about competition, yes, but it’s also about community. Glad Jalen is a part of our UA community. I’ve been impressed /inspired by this young man for a long time. Thanks, Jalen, and Roll Tide!