Crisis What Crisis

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Talk about shooting yourself in the foot: what would Yogi say at a time like this? "It ain't the heat, it's the humility."
Allie Green was my idea. Drink doesn't make a move without me.
I have the feeling that the Georgia/Clemson game is going to be one for the ages; certainly too close to call.
Fan base IS important. I've got a ticket to the BC Eagles/Mizzou game in September in Boston and ALOT of tickets have already sold. Compare that to Columbia and you get a sense of the disparity in ticket sales. Missouri fans need to step up.
I think things will improve for him this year. If not, he should find himself another team; perhaps one that isn't so good at losing in such a collective fashion.
Yup. SDS is all about advertising revenue. Mediocre articles to bait to everyone and LOTS OF ADS that target mostly....women.
M-I-Z! Gonna be real happy with the coaches and players at the ZOU.
I wish you guys would stop telling 5-star jokes. Too many get recruited.
It's nice to see Arkansas on the upswing and I bet by kickoff for the MIZZOU Arkansas game this year it will be too close to call. If MIZZOU wins it will be because they got the best of Odom's defense once again. P.S. Franks was great.
Nice article. Thanks Matt! I think Heupel was a good hire but his play calling while he was the MIZZOU O.C. was conservative and not overly creative and I'm wondering if that will be the case as well at TN. I also think Pruitt will win his lawsuit, the UT will suffer under the NCAA penalties and Chancellor Plowman will demand a raise for the great job she thinks she did and SDS will forever fill their webpages will huge ads for women's beauty products.
Bummer. I really enjoyed watching him play. Hope he lands in a good place.
He makes some pretty compelling points. They'll be relevant again at some point but not this year.
What's wrong with playing football at Ole Miss? I think these guys are transferring just to get some attention.