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The writing is on the wall... pack it up, no college football this season! *starts countdown clock to 2021
Really go spend time with a friend this week. Let your burdens down!!
Chile Europeans stole this country. Looted, murdered, & did far worse than some burning buildings. Go read a book & stop being crazy!
The thing is you still don’t see how crazy you sound. Lol so thanks for furthering my point. Too easy!
Lol, you are big mad. Did you yell at a cloud today. Honey it happened and regardless how of much you huff and puff on SDS. UF banned it so.... *kanye shrug* guess you’re just gonna have to stay mad. LMAO
It’s not a myth. It’s documented as an occurrence during slavery and as late as the early 1900s. Just say you don’t like the ruling by UF President but trying to use the “it never happened” defense isn’t going to work.
What? Let break this down because I can see y’all are struggling: “Call a spade a spade, not a gardening tool” is a phrase meaning call it is was it is. Which dates back to the 1500s In the 1900s the word spade was used as an ethnic slur towards African Americans (the singular word, not phase) Gator Bait was an actual act of racism where they used black children to draw out alligators The phrase call a spade a spade has nothing to do with racism, however the term gator bait does. That might not be the purpose when UF uses it but it still references a racist act.
I can and I did, you fought for the confederacy you, you fought for racism therefore you are racist!
“Calling a spade a spade” is a common phase... You clearly know how to read so apply it. Lawd y’all love getting on Al Gore’s internet & showing the world the reading comprehension is a lost art form lol
How you jump from Malcolm X to the New Black Panthers??? There is no way you even have a HS diploma lol
If you’re going to be late to the party don’t be loud & wrong. The phrase “call a spade a spade” dates back to the 1500s. Which predates the ethnic slur “spade” use towards black people. Thanks for playing!
Whether it was literally or context wise you still can’t be racist towards someone if your own racist.... lol