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The grass is always greener on the other side. This is Jalen’s time now at OU. Can always count on Skip with the ridiculous comment. Let’s not take away from Jalen’s amazing night.
I really need you to read the article about how this all came about. When he made those comments on tv he fully was not taking the job. It’s important to be informed... smh
By the looks of everyone else’s comments that would still be you. Your comment was totally about kids today being soft or insinuating they are. The whole reason this is getting “so much attention” is because Enos through him under the bus for no reason. Seems like old men like Enos & you can’t take responsibility for bad comments... hmm go figure
Ugh here comes the “get off my lawn” crew. Did you watch the game? First and foremost the reason people took issue with the comment from Enos and are coming to the QB defense is because the comment was totally off base, ridiculous and uncalled for. He totally came after the QB and didn’t take responsibilities for his play calling and the offensive lines lack of blocking. He is a freshman I’m sorry if he is getting sacked 10xs what plays do you expect him to successfully complete? You sound ridiculous. Lastly, the QB hasn’t said anything about Enos comments so again your comment sounds ridiculous.
So I guess its safe to say no one will be seeing Coach O dancing then
The people of LA continue to elect people that don't know how to manage their state budget. Their allocation of funds for higher ed is abysmal
That's a false equivalency. What about the people that are real fans but can't afford to go to the games because they are trying to put food on the table, take care of their family? They can just be as much of a real fan at home, tuning in and supporting their team.
This is dumb and one of the many reasons I don't watch the NFL. Make it make sense..
Are y’all done because I’m tired of schooling y’all..
Well first of all He is a She. Secondly y’all are pressed on convinced y’all wanna piece of me. I’m good though. Lastly, please refer to the above comment where I was asked about this very topic and gave my reply. P.S. this article is about Dabo but I know why are salty about Saban, nevertheless I was in high school when he made these comments. But again refer to above where I addressed this topic with a simple one word reply. P.S.S. I didn’t scroll this far because I had to deal with replying to you 2 stalkers on multiple comments lol Great day!
I get what you’re saying. Dabo, I thought you were talking about Paul. I agree totally.
LSUSMC bro why are you stalking me. You are pressed like a panini. Lol. Yea these jokes aren’t harmless to those affected. Like I said before unless you have the balls to tell a 1st responder that day that comparing yourself to Bin Laden is a harmless joke while they are fighting for their healthcare then you are nothing more than a keyboard warrior!
Actually I’m championing this because my family is from New York City, and where affected by this. Both of my parents are retired navy, and were affected by this, this day is forever burned in my memory, Hell im from Virginia Beach where the seal team that killed him base location is 5 mins from my house. I care because I live in the real world and care about people. I can give a flying F about football. I care because those that put their lives on the line that day are fighting for healthcare to save their lives so before you try to make assumptions why don’t you ask first bisco loco
You know you keep commenting without saying anything at all. You know you have the ability to offend someone or be callous towards them with directly mentioning them. Lord I can tell you didn’t go very far in school lol.
First and foremost the only person I called a bigot was Trump, not if you are feeling some guilt and somehow think that applies to you well then that sounds like a personal problem bro. Saying that you didn’t have a problem with racism when you voted for Trump doesn’t mean you are a bigot it just means you are a part of the problem that racism is alive and thriving. Those are facts, if it makes you uncomfortable then you need to evaluate why that is so. But that is above me. That is between you and your God. Secondly just because you don’t understand that people do things by accident or inadvertently doesn’t mean that those scenarios don’t exist it just means you are stubborn and think you are always right. I mean if it doesn’t exist then why was the FTC investigating??? They investigate and crack down on fallacies. You see the difference between you and me, I use real world examples, and you quote the dictionary. Its okay to get schooled, it happens. Sure I didn’t big guy. But you have a great day!
If fool means I know how to articulate myself, back up my comments with examples, and make you look dumb then a fool I will be imissSECcountry!
@LSUSMC What is the far left?? And what social issues have I “shown” up for and then what is the far left position on these issues? If you are going to “accuse” me of something then please be specific. And if you don’t know let me help you. I can choose to comment and not comment on anything I choose. Am I going to comment on a story that has to do with Vandy? Probably not because it isn’t relative to my life. I comment on things I have views about. I know *mind blown* lol. Who died and made you secretary of the Saturday Down South comment section lol. So since again you didn’t mind the sexism, xenophobia, racism, ableism. Just say that lol.
@imissSECcountry Endorsements aren’t always intentional so no its not contradictory. Just because you refuse to understand how you can accidentally do something doesn’t mean you’re right, just means you’re ignorant. I’m not interpreting it in any way. I said the joke was trash, I said comparing himself (inadvertently endorsing) he was trash. Reading is fundamental. You can certainly go back and read all my comments since you were late to the party. I know what he meant all my comments were on how trash the comment was. Again please read my comments before you comment lol. He definitely did insult the troops, the first responders, and the family. He did it inadvertently. Again see what I did there lol. @LSUSMC what are you even talking about at this point? Who said I was a democrat?? If you don’t agree with what Trump as a person that makes you a democrat?? The logic. I didn’t say anything about the Republican Party only used trump as an example. Make it make sense Jesus. Someone is TRIGGERED. Be blessed.
Sweetheart since you clearly aren't understanding what unintentional endorsement is. It is merely not fully knowing or understanding what you are endorsing. Unknowingly endorsing something is by accident and it certainly happens every day with celebrities. I'm glad you know how to use a dictionary but let's try to use our brain and catch up. So