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I hope he gets it because I want him to go away & NEVER come back! Give us Hugh!!!
I admit what he did was wrong but lets not act like those to wear the badge aren't human and don't commit crimes. How about all people should be respected but lets not put people that have badges on pedal stools.
Clearly Jeremy didn’t have a problem working for Saban as he came back after he left. Same with Sark. Just bc Tennessee is trash and will continue to be don’t be a hater. Salty
They literally have always been intertwined genius. That’s the point, clearly that went over your head lol
That’s because he gave big business a tax cut that allowed them to pay little to no taxes and in turn they bought stock in their own companies. You have to At least understand how the market works if you’re gonna try and use that as anecdotal evidence. But go off.
Actually they haven’t because it’s literally illegal but living breathing kids are in foster care & in cages
So I’m transgender?? Because only men can talk about sports?? Jesus make it make sense lol
Do you?? Does anybody on here?? Okay then lol. Y’all are funny!
KirbyNotSoSmart 1. We have asylum laws that literally allow people to come into the country. You can’t cross illegally if there is a law that allows you to. So there is that. People kids were being taken and put in cages at ports of entry though. So there is that... 2. Honey you clearly don’t know how government works, if a budget bill hasn’t been passed in a decade then how is the government running? Lol. How can they fund federal programs without a budget *pssst* you’re contradicting yourself Y’all are hilarious. You know in the year of 2019, the year of our lord, google is a thing. You’re welcome!
UGARMYret. Where is the lie? Please prove to me where I lied?? I’ll wait.... Lol
This isn’t the “Game of the Century” because we already had that and the century isn’t over yet...
Who is “people like me”??? What are you talking about??? You really need more friends because the conspiracy theory is alive and kicking. Abortion?? Sir who is talking about abortion? Okay devils advocate: Obama supports a woman’s right to choose. But let me as you this is it more even to allow abortions or to allow kids to starve, underfund schools, grow up in the foster system, live in cages?? Because those are republican policies. You care more about something that’s not here and can’t survive outside of a womb but real living human kids don’t matter? Sir just stop you are using your emotion while I use fact (because I’m sane)!
Let me help you because clearly someone didn’t go to college. Well first let me addressed the racism aspect because you kind of are supporting my point since you like to bring up Obama. Racism increased when the first black man became president... *ponder that*... thank you. Okay on to national debt. Obama’s increase to the national debt was literally because we were in a recession, you know the one in 2008 caused by the previous administration. Without the bailouts our country literally would have failed but I guess you’re for that??? Trump has added 2 trillion dollars to the national debt when our countries economy is already strong. So he is literally increasing the debt for No Reason. It’s really not that hard of a concept to grasp. Lol. Sir *whispers* you brought up him being orange [insert facepalm] I literally have attacked him with facts. You are the only person on the one way express to crazy town getting in his feelings. Bro he doesn’t know you, hop off!
I’m confused, when did I say anything about open borders??? Sir, reading is fundamental! Our national debt would beg to differ but go off.
And yet he locks children in cages for accompanying their parents...
First I’m not a he. Secondly, calm down ranger joe. You are mad hype for absolutely no reason. Give your keyboard a break. Lastly I didn’t say anything about politics or my political views. I can see the conspiracy theories brewing in your head through the computer screen. You are big mad lol
He is attending this game bc it’s in Alabama let’s stop fooling ourselves
He has been drinking the racism kool aid pokeyau. It’s clear facts mean nothing to him.
Lol... only because I couldn’t post 1000 crying laughing emojis
The sports is as much of a religion as racism so there is that
It’s Alabama so he probably won’t get booed
Sports and politics has always been intertwined. Get over it