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Are y’all done because I’m tired of schooling y’all..
Well first of all He is a She. Secondly y’all are pressed on convinced y’all wanna piece of me. I’m good though. Lastly, please refer to the above comment where I was asked about this very topic and gave my reply. P.S. this article is about Dabo but I know why are salty about Saban, nevertheless I was in high school when he made these comments. But again refer to above where I addressed this topic with a simple one word reply. P.S.S. I didn’t scroll this far because I had to deal with replying to you 2 stalkers on multiple comments lol Great day!
I get what you’re saying. Dabo, I thought you were talking about Paul. I agree totally.
LSUSMC bro why are you stalking me. You are pressed like a panini. Lol. Yea these jokes aren’t harmless to those affected. Like I said before unless you have the balls to tell a 1st responder that day that comparing yourself to Bin Laden is a harmless joke while they are fighting for their healthcare then you are nothing more than a keyboard warrior!
Actually I’m championing this because my family is from New York City, and where affected by this. Both of my parents are retired navy, and were affected by this, this day is forever burned in my memory, Hell im from Virginia Beach where the seal team that killed him base location is 5 mins from my house. I care because I live in the real world and care about people. I can give a flying F about football. I care because those that put their lives on the line that day are fighting for healthcare to save their lives so before you try to make assumptions why don’t you ask first bisco loco
You know you keep commenting without saying anything at all. You know you have the ability to offend someone or be callous towards them with directly mentioning them. Lord I can tell you didn’t go very far in school lol.
First and foremost the only person I called a bigot was Trump, not if you are feeling some guilt and somehow think that applies to you well then that sounds like a personal problem bro. Saying that you didn’t have a problem with racism when you voted for Trump doesn’t mean you are a bigot it just means you are a part of the problem that racism is alive and thriving. Those are facts, if it makes you uncomfortable then you need to evaluate why that is so. But that is above me. That is between you and your God. Secondly just because you don’t understand that people do things by accident or inadvertently doesn’t mean that those scenarios don’t exist it just means you are stubborn and think you are always right. I mean if it doesn’t exist then why was the FTC investigating??? They investigate and crack down on fallacies. You see the difference between you and me, I use real world examples, and you quote the dictionary. Its okay to get schooled, it happens. Sure I didn’t big guy. But you have a great day!
If fool means I know how to articulate myself, back up my comments with examples, and make you look dumb then a fool I will be imissSECcountry!
@LSUSMC What is the far left?? And what social issues have I “shown” up for and then what is the far left position on these issues? If you are going to “accuse” me of something then please be specific. And if you don’t know let me help you. I can choose to comment and not comment on anything I choose. Am I going to comment on a story that has to do with Vandy? Probably not because it isn’t relative to my life. I comment on things I have views about. I know *mind blown* lol. Who died and made you secretary of the Saturday Down South comment section lol. So since again you didn’t mind the sexism, xenophobia, racism, ableism. Just say that lol.
@imissSECcountry Endorsements aren’t always intentional so no its not contradictory. Just because you refuse to understand how you can accidentally do something doesn’t mean you’re right, just means you’re ignorant. I’m not interpreting it in any way. I said the joke was trash, I said comparing himself (inadvertently endorsing) he was trash. Reading is fundamental. You can certainly go back and read all my comments since you were late to the party. I know what he meant all my comments were on how trash the comment was. Again please read my comments before you comment lol. He definitely did insult the troops, the first responders, and the family. He did it inadvertently. Again see what I did there lol. @LSUSMC what are you even talking about at this point? Who said I was a democrat?? If you don’t agree with what Trump as a person that makes you a democrat?? The logic. I didn’t say anything about the Republican Party only used trump as an example. Make it make sense Jesus. Someone is TRIGGERED. Be blessed.
Sweetheart since you clearly aren't understanding what unintentional endorsement is. It is merely not fully knowing or understanding what you are endorsing. Unknowingly endorsing something is by accident and it certainly happens every day with celebrities. I'm glad you know how to use a dictionary but let's try to use our brain and catch up. So
Let me help you out @LSUSMC, the “probably doesn’t endorse terrorism” was sarcasm. I know that went over your head. He certainly did compare himself in an endearing way. Like how do you compare yourself to Bin Laden and not have that statement be endearing??? I really want to hear your answer. @imissSECcountry Actually, an endorsement can be intentional and unintentional. Actually, people that voted for Donald Trump did vote for racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Now they may have voted for him because of his charisma but voting for him also means voting for his policies. Which have been xenophobic, sexist, and homophobic and he has always been racist. So you might not agree with those things voting for him means you unintentionally accept those policies that have those underlying motives. See what I did there. If you voted for him you clearly didn’t have a problem with him being racist, which means you need to evaluate yourself. Actually, I used an example of celebrities and the FTC but you must have missed that one, instead you decided to comment on the political one?? And this is all political because of Duh Bin Laden. Someone is triggered. Seriously, you know common sense is free.
And what about it. Are you telling those 1st responders that just were on capitol hill fighting for healthcare to cover their cancer treatments that his joke is no big deal??? Nah, because you are a coward on a computer! Try again clown.
Again I need yall to understand critical thinking. This is going way over your head. Comparing yourself in an endearing way to another person is an endorsement of that person. He probably doesn't endorse terrorism but that's what Bin Laden is known for. Now unless you are man enough to tell the 1st responders or the families that have been affected that this joke is no big deal then maybe you shouldn't be so dismissive of Dabo's comment. It was disgusting and irresponsible. Period.
Also this happens a lot with social media celebrity endorsements so much the the FTC has investigated. I’m glad you know how to look up words in the dictionary but you need to learn how to apply those definitions as well. Unknowingly endorsing someone or thing means you literally did it by accident or did not have all the information, duh!
You certainly can. Example: people who voted for trump endorsed his presidency. They also endorsed his sexism, racism, & xenophobia. Now either they did it because they agree with those things or they knew those things about him and it wasn’t a deal breaker or you didn’t know in that case unknowingly endorsing racism, sexism, and xenophobia. Got it, if you need further explanation be sure to come on back!!
People unknowingly endorse people everyday. I’m certain he didn’t do it intentionally, nevertheless he did it. People on here that are going after Paul trying to make light of the “joke” are just as trash as the joke.
Comparing yourself to a terrorist that cause the deaths of thousands is certainly endorsing him. So question for those 1st responders that are fighting for healthcare because of the disease that have riddled their body, are you gonna tell them this is no big deal lighten up? No so keep that same energy.
I get it if you don’t like finebaum that’s fine but this is bigger than sports. People died that day, in the wars after, and the 1st responders are literally dying of disease attributed to that day. They are literally fighting, like the met with the judiciary committee yesterday, for healthcare to fight the sickness they have developed from helping and saving lives. Have some respect. And y’all call yourselves Americans. This is bigger than sports. Some of y’all are disgusting. But I bet y’all will be quick to criticize someone kneeling during the anthem??? Hypocrites.
Then why does this country remember 9/11 every year. Don’t be hypocritical when it’s convenient
Yea a joke about a person who killed so many people and the first responders that are literally fighting the disease attributed to that day. Y’all are hypocrites
He makes a living off of being in the media because you know he’s not a coach or doesn’t own a team.