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Covering up rapes and sexual assaults isn’t “inappropriate behavior”. You seem to be the only person who doesn’t know why he was fired.
@cola_cock it’s none of those things because she’s black. You know they make this lovely thing called a dictionary. Utilize it!
She is literally black. Also, this occurrence is the 1st time in history, as noted by multiple news sources. Lastly, assuming a person's race isn't bigotry. I have placed the definition of bigotry below for educational purposes. big·ot·ry /ˈbiɡətrē/ noun intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. As an example race. Now have a good day being ignorant somewhere else.
Congrats!! Miss America, Miss Teen USA, Miss USA Let the Black Girl Magic Runneth Over!!
Doesn’t deserve to be in the finals??? Lol. They auburn fan must have forgot about their guy fouling.
1. Why is this a story 2. Why would you want him to say something negative, assistant?
So math is required when factoring in missions in space? Using the incorrect term isn't the same as making something up. Again furthering my point that I am uneducated when it comes to space. You do realize you are furthering my point in your obsessive need to argue on behalf of a stranger that isn't defending themselves right lol? You're sensitive because I called you uneducated and then proceeded to explain how you are uneducated. I have no problem reading a paragraph, that was my sarcasm laughing at the fact that you claim not to be defending someone then proceed to defend them. Clearly, if he didn't have anything to say about me calling him racist its because well... and you someone that didn't understand the racial tropes he used is spending your time writing 4pg letters. You do realize you're the only one who doesn't think he is being racist. At this point, there is nothing more that I can say for you to understand the racism and use of stereotypes in his post and it's not that you really care. So you can continue to wear your cape for the racist! Have a good day!
Let me help you Boxster355 because you seem sensitive about me calling you uneducated. I love math doesn't mean I can calculate the distance of the galaxy, I'm uneducated when it comes to astronomical math computing. Got it... we are all uneducated to something.
Just because you make the statement doesn't mean it didn't happen. You subsequently in the rest of your comment defended them. It wasn't an insult but a suggestion that your lack of knowledge caused you not to be able to identify the racism in SevenT comment. That was pretty obvious. Honey, if you want to be naive that he isn't making racial stereotypes then that is on you. However, the rhetoric that he used and the statement he chose to make when referencing Obama is one that many people who are racist have made. So once again you should educate yourself because you sound highly uninformed. You chose to go into this paragraph analytical statement about how you are uninformed about the racial dog whistles that have been used towards Obama to defend someone against me calling them racist. Thank you for further proving my point that you are uneducated when it comes to the topic of racism regarding 44. Secondly, have you noticed that you wrote this long novel defending someone that hasn't even defended themselves?? Silence is speaking rather loudly..
Please elaborate, because I have clearly pointed out how their comment was racist. Please articulate the correlation of racism and my comment explaining how SevenT comment was racist. Ill wait.... lol
Secondly the fool doesn’t even know what he is talking about because Reagan started the free phone program for this nations poorest Americans. But I wonder what the difference is between them?? How many presidents between Reagan and Obama? Exactly, don’t be naive. A spade is a spade. That’s why they haven’t said anything. Silent as a church mouse.
The dumb joke was racist. That’s the whole point. You do know what dog whistles are?? You do know what racial stereotypes are? You do know these jokes that he stated above are based in racism? You do understand people don’t have to use racial slurs to be racist. Maybe you don’t. You should educate yourself before you defend someone..
Kentucky consistently falls in the top 5 states in means of those who live below the poverty line. I guess in the sake of being racist you look down on your own state where the University of Kentucky is. Genius @SevenT genius!
What are Obama phones? And if people are in poverty, much like Kentucky is, it's an issue that they want to feed their children? You have a problem with feeding children or you rather people starve because they can't afford the inflation of groceries. Sorry, I can't seem to comprehend past your ignorance and dog whistles. Elaborate, please.
There is class and then there is... Athletic programs have nutritionist for a reason. Obama would never smh.
Agreed, I couldn't watch the whole season because he was just always doing the most is a douche way
Great, goodbye! He did the most anyways and clearly that lead to his demise.
They're still going to suck, but whatever you have to do to make it look like you tried.
You're literally discrediting the victim. Comments like this are the reason why Domestic Violence cases are the hardest to prosecute.