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What??? I am talking about COVID deaths, not cases. But go off lol. And conspiracy theories, Nah I don't peddle in that. Yall get real triggered by the truth. It's hilarious.... LOL SMH GROSS YUCK!!!!
How does that sound racist? Do yall even know what racism means at this point. You went on a whole entire rant about nothing lol. I’m still trying to figure out which part was racist. Please explain then I’ll address your saltiness about these players being paid after. lol
@JFT Huh?? That doesn’t even make sense. Statistically, the group that is being hit the hardest is the African American community so not they are not less susceptible they are more likely to be affected. Seriously do you know how statistics work?? lol
Bringing them back June 1st would be irresponsible and dangerous
I find it very interesting that they are pushing so hard to bring these players back to campus for revenue purposes. Never mind that the hardest demographic hit by this pandemic is the African American community which makes up the majority of college football athletes. Smh but y’all want them to be students first and not make money off their likeness or get paid. Gross
Why do y’all even read these stories if you are just going to complain about them being written?
The south is going to south.. as the look of the comments below. SMH
When y’all can comprehend what it means to read stats from an entire college career then get back to me. I mean darn I know LSU was illiterate but I didn’t think it was this bad
Who said you weren’t??? Stay on topic. Again how is Jefferson better than Jeudy?? *crickets* lol stop embarrassing yourself
That is one season, wow can you not read 2,72 receiving yards. Biletnikoff winner, All American, 2x first team all SEC. Thanks for proving my point only thing LSU remembers is the one time y’all beat Bama. I can’t … again how is Jefferson better??? Did he even play his freshman year? Let me help, nope! Lol Oh yea how many years in a row did y’all lose?? What about the championship in your own backyard. Lol y’all are cute
This hammer knows how to read stats, knows how to analyze game tape as well. So let’s put on the tape because nothing on Justin Jefferson’s tape shows he’s better than Jeudy. You know once upon a time every sports analyst said Lamar should switch to RB or WR. How did that work out for them?? Looks like LSU fans will take any low hanging fruit if it means some thinks their player is better than a UA player. It’s sad. You hold on to the pipe dream though lol
And we’re talking stats not feelings. So it will cause you to have to use your brain. I know as a LSU fan that’s not a common occurrence!
My feelings hurt about what???? Please explain how Jefferson is better than Jeudy?? I’ll wait because as a football fan you can’t be that dumb.
Someone with common sense unlike y’all President. Someone that has listened to the experts. It’s a shame that y’all are really worried about football. Football??? Look NFL, CFB aren’t happening this year, get over it. The sooner y’all face reality the quicker y’all can make plans to be more productive, in the house. Smh
Look I understand that football or sports in general are Americans pass time but at some point you have to care about people and not a bs game. Who cares about the NFL starting on time when people are dying. Geez this man is embarrassing.
"Dark" on Netflix is great. 2 seasons available, season 3 coming soon!
Really? We are talking about domestic violence, yall really out here being trash a** human beings
How about we lead with a respect for women? smh
You mean have the NCAA actually care about the athletes??? LMAO
Really football is more important than lives?? I can’t