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Good point: even Tom Brady couldn't have survived that OL we had on the field last year. I think we should probably start another "30 string of victories" over UK & Vandy this year and probably Missouri as well. We'll pass USCe and UF sooner rather than later and will eventually catch up to the Dawgs.
"Playoff chances"? Dude, I thought our fan-base was delusional!
Seriously, dude, what is wrong with you. If you're old enough, did you propose to a girl from Knoxville who left you at the altar? Did your father from East Tennessee leave your mother and her 9 children (all under 10 years of age) to fend for themselves on the dilapidated family farm? Man, you just have a lot of very unnatural hate in you.
Very classy. I hope the opposing team fans will be likewise.
We've needed "crying towels" after every 1st quarter this year. We kept them after the 2nd quarter as well. 3rd and 4th quarters, not so much...
Wait a second... is that true? If so, the whole UF thing is a sham.
Was that the first time any of you laughed (or smiled) since last Saturday?
He'll be playing on Sundays. I'm just hoping sooner rather than later...
If you don't believe it, start watching at the 0:28 mark!
Rumor has it that Stoops is, in fact, not human...
I'm not sure why the writer keeps referring to the "unfair criticism" directed at Dobbs' passing game. It's a statistical fact that that is his weakness. His strength is first his feet and then that opens up his ability to pass. He's definitely not very accurate on his long passes and, though his receivers have a tendency to drop some easy ones, they also make Dobbs look good with some acrobatic catches (usually thrown behind them). Dobbs feet and leadership ability makes him a really good college QB but his passing will keep him from getting drafted.
But there's only one team sporting the "VOLUNTEERS"! GBO!
Well, at least this game shuts "7 whatevers" up for at least another week.
I'm surprised UT is ranked as high as 16th with this.
"QB Luke Del Rio has been a lightning-rod from the quarterback position — giving head coach Jim McElwain’s team a very dynamic option throwing the football." Does the writer even know what a "lightning-rod" is?
He was the freshman DL who owned your seasoned O-Line (esp. Kublanot) in last year's game. Now do you remember?
On UT: "Tuttle played best I've seen him play so far." Uh, Booger, this is the first time Tuttle has come into a game since a year ago when he got hurt on an illegal chop block against UGA... Do a little research, my man...
It would have been a very different game without the turnovers. Vols won a good game but they have a much longer way to go than most of us would have thought at this point of the season. Hope Kirkland's injury is not too serious.
UGA plays no teams that will be ranked at the end of the year for the remainder of the season until they get to the SECCG. UT and UF may knock them off (UT plays them in Athens). UGA's SEC West opponents are Ole Miss (away game) and Auburn so maybe Ole Miss has a shot as well. UGA should be in playoff consideration before the SECCG but will get decimated by Bama and fall out of the top-10. Wow, this prognostication stuff is easier than I thought! ;-)
Wow, I just looked at UGA's schedule and there's a good chance everybody you play this year will be unranked by the end of the year (incl. my Vols). Seriously, your SEC-West opponents are Ole Miss and Auburn and all of your OOC opponents are walk-overs (incl. currently unranked UNC). You won't play a ranked team until the SEC championship game assuming UF and the Vols don't trip you up.
UGA has always been one of my favorite SEC teams since the days I lived in Atlanta but the recent rankings is a joke. UT was 9th had a very bad win and instead of staying put like Michigan State did at #12 (after a pathetic win over Furman!), UT drops 8 spots to #17. Most folks thought they'd drop a couple of spots. On the other hand, #18 UGA plays in essence a home game against #22 UNC and comes from behind in the 4th quarter for the win and jumps up 9 spots to #9 ?! Good luck at Ole Miss at the end of the month.
Dobbs said. “Anytime you run over 100 yards, it’s a productive day on the ground. Say what?
Not sure I understood a word he said. Was this supposed to be serious?
Cox is a stud! He had to beat a 4x NCAA champion in the qualifying finals to make the team. I wish the SEC would bring wrestling back.
Well, so much for the imposing SEC mystique after this opening weekend...