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Lose 3 and win the east? Have you seen how big of a joke Tennessee's schedule is?
This is a shame because he has the talent to be a good NFL player
Haha they like to choose games with a point spread under 20
What makes you think LSU will "steamroll" Ole Miss this year?
*doesn't. And two years ago we played Boise State in Atlanta. So that's 2/3 years that we've played a tough opponent
You keep on proving that you could care less about Bama. It's all about hating Ole Miss lol
BamaTime hates Ole Miss way more than he likes Bama. There is absolutely no debate about it. He stalks Ole Miss fans around even it has nothing to do with Bama.
I don't know but I wouldn't bank on state competing for an SEC championship. I'm not saying Ole Miss will either though. I think state finishes 5-7 and Ole Miss finishes 2-3 in the west
"all we seen on these boards" An instant classic phrase said by..... BamaTime!
Well "Ole Piss" beat all three of those teams this year haha
I completely agree, the Army All American game when he flat out outplayed Jacob Eason showed a lot
"that was 5 star player" It should be "were," come on BamaTime!!
"I am sure you never heard" I believe you left off a "have"
Which indicates that you didn't go to Bama am I right?
"all we seen on these boards" haha I can see a redneck bama fan saying that right now
I don't know but there is one thing that I do know, he/she didn't go to Bama
Man get the hell out of here. At least I went to Ole Miss because I would be everything I own that you didn't even go Bama. Just another BANDWAGON POS
My point exactly. State fans have nothing to post/brag about
Haha to be honest, I would be. Aside from Simmons, thats a pretty embarrassing class for an SEC west team that has made a bowl game since the 2010 season