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A Briles on the sideline would be perfect for that trashy program. Bring the rape culture to the plains.
Im hoping the New England pick is just a case of oversight. There is no way you can place a mediocre receiver over one of the absolute best ever to play the game. John Hannah was a 10 time All pro, a 9 time pro bowler, a member of the NFL's 70s and 80s all decade teams, and one of only 7 patriots to have their numbers retired. Might want to consider an edit.
I've never heard of Jimbo going on social media rants and accuse other coaches of cheating. Harbaugh deserves all of the criticism he is getting.
Congrats on passing up the CFL to play your senior season.
not sensitive , just pointing out the fact that they are better at running their mouths than they are at playing football in baton rouge.
Yes, he was on the 1995 Indiana staff that Coach Saban's Mich State team destroyed.
Leonard Fournette: Before the Bama game "I'm 100%" after being humiliated by bama's d "I was never healthy and wont be healthy this season"*t talk u
I would love to see bama to get a chance to play against him, but judging by this kids injury history, and getting hit every time he took a hit in the big 12, there is no way he is going to ever play that late into the season.
Pretty sure Cam never found the endzone until Barron tore his pectoral muscle late in the first half, only when Barron went down was Auburn able to move the ball. Mark Barron still dominating cam like always.
100% percent of the LSU fans wanted Coach O as their next coach. Everyone said he was the offensive minded coach that would beat Saban. The problem last night was that Fournette was slowed with entire state of Louisiana on his shoulders. The Tide don't lose in Baton Rouge. Nice dominating win in a rebuilding year.
Makes sense. Probably no one there that can count to four.
Actually a great call. Textbook definition of a hold. I would not expect Beliema to know the rules though, unless it was written in a menu at the dinner table.
Pure gold coming from a black bear fan. The officials did everything they could do to give Ole Miss the game this year, after handing it to them last year.
I Alleva is the real coward. If he does not refuse to bring the team on Saturday, this never happens.
Alleva is such a joke. Why would playing on Oct 29 even be an option. That is the date of the UGA/UF game. Quit whining about the schedule. Every team in the west besides MSU has a bye or plays a fcs school the week before they play bama. The conference needs to step in and make a decision.
Alleva is such a pansy. The game would have been perfectly fine to play tomorrow. I hope the sec drops down some major punishment to LSU for his actions. How scared does one have to be refuse to play a scheduled game and demand that he will only play this weekend if it is on sunday. LSU wouldn't mind the short week because they play a cupcake non conference game next week. This program is hitting rock bottom fast.
Another option would be to play the game on December 2.
These comments are pretty entertaining. No dog in the fight, but for anyone to think that florida is scared to play lsu is just laughable. lsu is a below average team coached by a inept imbecile. everyone that lsu has owned in the past is chomping at the bits to play this trainwreck. The revenue that Florida loses by moving this game to a sunday or monday is a huge loss as well. I personally think a good solution would be for florida to pay presbyterian what they were going to pay them and south alabama could host them on 11/19. South alabama could forgo their payout for the opportunity to host another home game and could earn a much needed win for bowl eligibility purposes. You can tell how far the LSU program has fallen when they wouldn't agree to playing this game on 11/19 because playing arkansas florida and a$m is too hard on them.
Ole Miss 45 UGA 14.....If you want to use transitive property, Tennessee wouldn't have a prayer against the black bears.
spot on. Fisher turned them down last year, no way he leaves for a lesser program.
Bama has never been the joke of the sec, hate to break it to you. Tuberville kept a job just because he beat average to below average bama teams.
I thought I was reaching for that one, they are historically average at best. One national championship before Saban in 100+ years of football. Would historically below average or bad be better?
Its going to be tough to find a coach that will want to go to LSU. Saban made them a relevant program and now they are back to mediocrity. They refuse to believe this so no coach's successes will be rewarded there. When you fire coaches for winning 7-10 games consistently(UGA, LSU, AUB) at historically average programs you have problems and really need a reality check.
The LSU/Alabama Game of the Century in 2011 brought in an estimated 100,000 people in addition to the 100,000 plus in the stadium. Might want to try another avenue to make yourself feel comparable to Bama.
From what we saw of Kelly in the second half of the fsu game, I'd rather have Harris. The character issues with that kid make him a headcase. Ole Miss and LSU are both dumpster fires.
Maybe he can teach harris, or anyone else , how to tackle. LSU will be blown out again by all the big dogs in the SEC again this year.
All Ole Miss and their fans care about is beating Bama anyway. They were sandbagging for next weekend.
One of my favorite Kanell moments was when he was on finebaum last december saying that alabama could not win a championship with Jacob Coker as a quarterback, and that all the talent in the world could not hide his weaknesses. PF said he was not going argue, and that he remembered a few pretty great FSU teams after Charlie Ward that were as good as he had ever seen, but there only weakness was qb play and that brought them down enough to prevent them from winning it all. Kanell didnt say much after that.
Kanell is giant troll. No way he believes this stuff. His job is to get hits and bring attention to his show.
Gus is a hardcore disciplinarian...Suspend reserve stephen roberts, but allow starters and key contributors to go unpunished. Funny that Gus has become more lax in his punishments the hotter his seat gets.