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Absolutely concur. The first chance he gets to go be a GM in the league he’s gone. Bad hire IMO.
Clemson had two flaws that OSU was able to expose, their secondary and their offensive line. OSU was fortunate to have their two main DL in that game and dominated the line of scrimmage. That was absent against Bama; the ability to control the LOS without their best DL and Bama just having one of the best OL I can remember in recent history. As we OSU fans have all been saying during the season, it was inevitable that the DL wouldn’t be able to bail out the secondary eventually and it reared its ugly head in Miami.
The SEC leadership navigated the COVID hurdle far and above better than the B1G and that had much to do with the gap we witnessed in Miami. Yes, Bama had postponements but the conference set themselves up for success by still being able to make up those games. It also helped Bama by not playing cupcakes and playing good to great competition throughout their whole schedule. It made them better IMO. So in a nutshell this is a conference leadership gap. The SEC has a commissioner who does his job; proactive, fights for his conference while the B1G commissioner was completely reactive which ultimately put OSU at a disadvantage to shore up inexperienced position groups. It was a near miracle what OSU was able to accomplish with the restrictions they were put under. They were never going to be able to overcome that against the best coach in the history of college football either. Saban getting those kids to stay for their senior year was something special too, that showed a lot of character for their program and what they’ve been able to build. I hated the final score but if OSU was gonna lose to anyone I’d want it to be Bama. They’re classy unlike Clemson.
I don’t believe Fick would ever go to UM. His situation at UC is far better than what UM could provide. He essentially told MSU no thanks and that’s a better place now than UM. UM is a dumpster fire, essentially in similar situation that UT got themselves in with Fulmer, Lloyd Carr still has influence behind the scenes. Just toxic.
It certainly wouldn’t hurt. His reputation alone would attract QB recruits. I willingly admit I’m a Buckeye homer but I really believe the guy who can bring what UT needs is a guy like Luke Fickell. He’s experienced turmoil as an interim coach after the Tressel debacle and is now winning with 2 and 3 star kids at UC. Although they did lose to UGA they played well. Need a guy with great principles, work ethic, culture changer and whose players love playing for him.
I don’t think this is a kick them while they’re down approach. The desired culture at UT has been broken for some time, from top to bottom. Admin, coaches and fans are not on the same page and not living in reality. The Schiano debacle was the last straw, making UT thoroughly toxic to any potential quality individuals able to turn things around. It’s why they ended up with Pruitt. It kinda boils down to self worth. I don’t believe the people making the decisions are evaluating their realistic self worth and it’s lead to poor hiring decisions and misery for their fans. And I disagree with people saying UT is Nebraska. If UT is any other blue blood in comparison it’s Michigan. Once that Ohio pipeline got shutdown it suffocated their program. Same with UT and Georgia. Richt started it and Smart continued it.
They're not delusional. UGA has the instate talent to tap into every year and has legitimate expectations to finally win the big ones. This coming from a Vols fan is quite funny. As a disclosure I'm a fan of neither team but the fact is UT averages 2 national titles every century. They haven't won a OOC game against a power 5 opponent since 2006. UGA is at least relavent and fields a competitive football team. I think the delusion lies with the Vol fan base.
Arky should be a lot better. I think they finally win those close ones that they couldn't last year. Tenn MIGHT be better. I still don't see 9 wins. AU will be a lot better on defense with Mushchamp. Bama needs to stop acting entitled. If they do they might finish the big games. I'm not sure if OSU makes it. Harbaugh won't win titles at scUM but he will play spoiler. TCU could drop some. I think it's still wide open this season. Dark horse will be someone from the PAC 12. SC maybe. Oregon should be good again too.
Now do an article on how well these players transition and live up to their draft selection.
Stop being a homer and look at the full body of work. Bama was up 21-6 and OSU passed them like they weren't moving. The stats strengthen it. Stop looking at the final score and realize that OSU won in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Bama was bigger but OSU was more physical and out worked them. OSU rushing attack embarrassed Bama and the 85 yard run by Elliott was the cherry on top. Cooper's TD was in garbage time and had OSU been given the TO which they tried to get before that play it's a win by more than 7. Bama was manhandled in the game. Saban would say as much.
I encourage you to pull up your teams roster and you will find more than 85 players on it. OSU did not over sign, it's a rumor but it's false. If they had I would be the first one to hold them accountable. The players that are no longer with the program were either not cleared by team physicians to play or they have left the game of football all together because of injuries.
I hate TTUN but 1997 Nebraska wasn't all that. Remember the kicked pass against Mizzou? Scott Frost at QB doesn't strike fear in my heart either.
*ichigan is nothing more than a parasite program. They poach players from Ohio and always have. Wanna know why they have sucked for ten years? Because OSU finally got a coach after the Cooper debacle that shut down that pipeline that TTUN fed on for decades. They now have to recruit nationally and lets face it unless you're going to start from the moment you step on campus who wants to sit and wait to play in Ann Arbor? They HAD to pay top dollar to a guy like Harbaugh to create a spark and get them back on track. Even with Harbaugh there, they will do nothing more than spoil teams seasons. First they need to take back their own state, because I don't see Sparty just lying down into their traditional little brother roll. Lastly, their all time wins don't mean a damn thing. They've 1 lousy title that they shared in 1997, and before that the best years were from the ten year war when Bo was coaching. The program is equivalent to Tennessee. They like to reminisce about the good ole days but don't have jack to back it up. But wait Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning are the best ever right?
Winning or losing records over other programs don't mean jack when a program is winning national titles. As a Buckeye we have losing records to UT, Bama, Texas, etc. but when they're relevant every decade and winning titles I couldn't care less losing games to VT, Clemson, etc.
You have the best recruiting classes over multiple years and you need to use slights to motivate your team? Saban has lost his edge. No more blemished titles for Bama. No more BS rematches. The playoff is here to stay and Bama is gonna have to earn real titles from here on out. Ragland doesn't like giving an inch? How does he feel getting knocked out of a game when it's all on the line? Two years in a row Bama has been handled easily in their bowls. There's a disconnect somewhere and I think they'll fall a little more before they finally fix it. It's hard staying at the top keeping kids motivated and preventing the entitlement monster from getting in a teams head.
What does conference strength have to do with anything? It was apparent that with Ohio State's win in 14' that the idea that a conference needs to be the best to produce a national champion is simply not true. I can easily say the SEC in 14' was a weak conference due to their poor showing in the bowls due to the fact that the East carried the conference in bowl wins while the West got it handed to them. Of course in my opinion, *ichigan is on the same level as Tennessee when it comes to tradition and placement in their respective conferences. Big Ten has OSU and *ichigan and the SEC has Bama and UT. Those are the blue bloods of each respective conference. There isn't much difference in the two conferences other than the rise of Florida. That's really the only thing that separates them and one could argue that UT being down for so long UF has replaced them. The two conferences are closer than people want to admit. The SEC west has been good but within two years the Big Ten east will be as deep if not better than the SEC west.
He needs to drink another glass of milk.
It's funny that the SEC coaches get all worked up and complain about these satellite camps and they should be banned by the NCAA because the SEC banned them, but the SEC can't take it upon themselves to ban the practice of over recruiting when conferences like the Big Ten banned it back in the 1950's. Pot meet kettle. I despise *ichigan but the fact that this has gotten under the skin of coaches not coaching in the Big Ten says something.
I don't think he will go. If he were to transfer he would have done so already. Besides, although he's a great player he's not shown capable of staying healthy for an entire season. On another note, I think it's funny that that Bama is keeping it open to poach players from OSU. As much as I wouldn't like Miller playing for Bama, it would be funny seeing the starting QB at Bama have a block O tattoo on national tv....
"When kids defect and play the school that represents their state they USUALLY lose the head to head." -Me "You’re the one saying that kids that go out of state Don’t do well which is not true." -You My statement is specific. Your statement is broad and vague. If you can't see the difference in statements that's on you. I've provided an example to you and crickets.
You chose to use Collins as an example. The fact of the matter is the biggest game of his collegiate career he wasn't even on the field because he was knocked out of the game. You can change the argument to first round pick all you want, which has nothing to do with what we're discussing. Let's look at Trey Depriest. Kids from Ohio. How do you think he took the loss to OSU? How do you think those kids on OSU took it when they lined up against him? Maybe you're right this doesn't pertain to Alabama because barely half of the kids on the roster are from Alabama....
Bamatime, go to each programs current roster and I'm certain you will find more names on your schools than OSU's. I know for certain three OSU players careers are over because of injuries. One is rumored to be transferring to YSU because of the emergence of Elliot.
And both national titles were probably the most undeserving years in the BCS era. 2003 was a joke. Oklahoma had no business being in that title game after getting blown out by K State and not winning the Big 12. 2007 was even a bigger joke because both LSU and OSU were the biggest frauds in CFB that year. Three teams from the Big 12 were better than both LSU and OSU but beat each other at the end of the season to knock each other out. (OU,KU, and Mizzou) Least we not forget, if not for an injured Pat White at WVU, who had no business playing in the backyard brawl, WVU probably would have won that game to set up a WVU OSU national title. So, until the BCS era when was LSU's last title?
When you're national champs recruiting gets easier. Are you saying he was paid?
Landon Collins got his ass beat down by OSU at the pinnacle of his college career. How much playing time did he have in 12? There's always an exception to the rule but for the most part when kids defect and play the school that represents their state they usually lose the head to head.
tigershark, James Brooks, Eric Ramsey, Cam Newton. There are more too, we just don't know about them as much. Out of all three of these Brooks was the worst. Spent THREE years at AU, went to the NFL and was found to be an illiterate once he left pro ball. Money aside, that's more embarrassing than anything.
15times is loony for stating the obvious? I think you're loony for denying AU is a perennial cheater.