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Don't really feel great with this Hire. Like stated, maybe he will be a better coordinator, but looking back on the records he had..... ugh.
Flex Seal...... They cut a boat in half and it still floated.
Glad he is okay and has the ability to walk away from football. Best of luck to him, his family and Hog nation.....just not when you are playing Mizzou : )
Actually Lock had great numbers against everyone but LSU and Florida... Other than that he was close to or over 300 yards in every game. Not saying anyone should be scared of a Drew Lock offense but to say its just garbage on the back end of games is not right. I think lock is right there along with Eason and Del Rio in the East and should be great games to come in 2017
LMFAO.... you would think they did last year.
I wouldn't say he is completely wrong though. From Terry Beckner, The Mizzou basketball program,the whole "race" issue, and now Mauk's third suspension and the video. Its kind of a really bad spotlight for us to be under. DGB was kicked off the team a little while ago. The last time we had any real issue was Derek Washington...... Its going to be really hard for mizzou to project a better image than this.
I like this.... While I do want and think Mizzou should be ranked, I wasn't going to complain.