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I know folks like to pick on AU for the stadium being smaller than 10,000 seats. However, I bet there are few actual players in the nation that wouldn't kill for a Neville like atmosphere every night and kids camping out days before a game. Madness, complete madness I tell you - AUSOME!!!
Dude, he referenced Alabama or Crimson Tide 6 times (counting X post) prior to using the UA reference. I think it is fine especially since for the time being, Alabama has earned the right to own UA.
Probably a late response to Jay Williams saying Coleman sounded like a "tennis match" for the Clemson game. Oh look, Guadalajara commented below - shocker.
Hey tijuanamexico - do you get paid by the comment because you sure don't have time to do anything else productive in this life. If so, please share the process for signing up for that free money.
Well Petrino did just get hired by Arkansas (which is remarkable in and of itself) if that helps. But I am pretty sure you know I was just being a smart a s s.
Staley will earn respect as a human when she admits she was wrong on the BYU thing and finally owns up to it. As for South Carolina, they are looking tough no doubt.
Thanks Mr. Beat Writer for the IU basketball team. Can't wait to see the Sarkisian and Petrino articles.
So, how many times have you commented about Petrino getting work again or how about Steve Sarkisian? It is such a silly practice to sling stones at other teams given that I am not sure any of us can name a school that doesn't have skeletons in the closet. Don't have to go back very far on jawja at all.
Nice quote from Reagan, but don't go down the path of the dismissed Harvard president and not give credit.
He is a beast! Can he transfer to AU right now to jump start their struggling offense (ha ha!)? Agree with fuzzy - what a find.
What an absolute load! Says it is more than about him and then basically chucks everything associated with Ole Miss under the bus. He has always been about “HIM”! He couldn't even get out of the "interview" without saying "But it’s a business, you understand people won’t always be happy for the decisions you make for yourself". Some of this may repeat as I am being mod-er-ated on my first attempt.
Do you really expect anything less? Florida and Bama about to run wild with this; have fun and don't forget the butter.
Did she take a moment to explain why she is not adult enough to apologize to BYU and to try and get all the facts in the future? No need to answer, as we all already know it.
I don't like collard greens and thus I am never going to eat them. That is pretty much my attitude towards women's BB.
Oh please, now he is apologizing for absolutely nothing. This fear of getting cancelled is way out of control. Say what you mean and then own it.
I am sure portal entries will come (or maybe not) but I impressed at this point that we haven't heard about some bailouts due to this change. I realize it is only one day, but everyone had to know this was coming so I would have expected kids to do it fairly quickly. Assume they are waiting to see if they will pass the reins to Coach Moore or not.
Definitely a nice recovery and great get. This was a needed win for this staff so I am gonna bet Hollywood played his cards correctly and ended up with more coinga. Hey it’s the game as it exists and everyone has to live with it, but my gut feel is he played everyone.
No clue and I don't care. I was simply stating that in his role he needs to try and be unbiased. I guess it has triggered some of your fanbase. As for the rest of your comments, dang dude lighten up.
It only took 20 years; yup that is impressive. Let's see if it is a trend before we go all crazy over 1 year.
As a commentator, if he spent 100% of his time raving about bama and never appearing unbiased, he wouldn't keep that well paying job long. He is doing what is right to be credible in the role he currently has.
As much as I hate to defend a Kiffin led team, I don't know how you could have Ole Miss this low. He is a very good coach, they have quality players returning, they have done great in the portal, and they have possibly the most favorable SEC schedule of any team. What isn't to like about them reaching the top 12?
One thing is sure he is number one of having the most pun chable face in the NCAA. What a smug punk he is. Ain’t gonna deny he can coach but dang!
First, Saban is the goat, there is no question. But I take exception with your comment along with all the talking heads that this was such a great coaching job in 2023. That team had an average recruiting ranking of 1.5 over their 4 years. How is it that the expectation was anything less than what they achieved? Granted, I would love for AU to have achieved the same but acting like this was a miracle is laughable.
You own a 20 year old dodge caravan, half of a mobile some, a pit bull, two cases of natty light, a 22 you got from your grandpa, a floor Jack, eight refrigerators that don’t work and a trampoline in the front yard. That is what and who you own!
Just for the record, no one will be playing for Saban in 2024. Just Sayin!
Funny, bammers are whining like crazy on AM 740 and what little Feinbaum I can listen to about barners talking about bama. And yet, here is a simply story about game date and you just couldn’t resist being the first to jump. Pot or Kettle? Frankly, I don’t care, but you and your ilk should lighten up.
Well that was quite possibly the easiest call I ever made. Would have been a gimme bet in Vegas.