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Just ignore Ronsalsa, she is a next level troll with too much time on her hands. I don’t have time to count how many times she comments each and every day.
Is Rontaquito actually Negan pretending to be an AU fan? Please give it a rest, you are more grating than listening to Pelosi speak.
I am being moderated again so will make some adjustments. Let me first say TBoned and Ronsouthoftheborder are who they are and I can’t defend those boneheads. As for this whole “hater” thing in sports that runs so parallel to the whole political narrative that is dominating our country right now, it would be refreshing if we just realize “hating” is sports. Do we really think Boston or New York fans, Celtics or Lakers fans, Auburn or Bama fans, Hearns or Hagler fans, called each other “haters”? That list could go on for days. It would be most excellent if we could drop this lame ESPN term and just go back to being fans….whether fans for or fans against. It’s sports people!!!
I have watched a lot of baseball in my life....as good as they are TN is just a hard team to pull for. This has nothing to do with my team allegiance as I don’t expect AU to take it all.
As successful as they are in football, they always seem to be the top commenter on AU articles. It truly is a mystery as to why they call AU little brother but can’t help themselves from obsessing over them. At the end of the day....we know why.
Forgive him, he has the obsession and stigma that comes with that logo. It can’t be helped.
And that weird obsession continues, thanks for proving this out time and time again.
Clearly AU has no dog in this fight, but does this kid have a clue how many top RBs have come from Oregon? As a 5 star, there are truly only two choices, maybe three here, and those are GA and bama. Here in lies the driver of NIL and the possible demise of this great game.
I have no issue with your class or your NIL deals and actually can't state there was anything done wrong. My issue is with your punk of a coach that can't stop running at the mouth and at some point will state an absolute that someone will prove wrong. He should learn to just clam up and lead his #1 class. BTW, my disdain for Bimbo goes back 8 years to my son's 13 year old travel baseball in the Panhandle of Florida and an incident where Bimbo acted a complete fool. I will just never give him a break.
I think ole Gertrude from Hamlet said it best "methinks the lady doth protest too much". Bimbo is going to run his mouth too much and end up digging himself a hole simply because he can't shut his trap. Frankly, I hope he does, it will be fun to watch.
He must have made that statement right after burning a big ole Marley.
What really cracks me up about this is that the difference between a #1 and #2 class is basically zippo. I know Saban was back to just playing his chess match and setting the stage, so I am not buying this one on what lies at the surface.
He would have been perfect as one of the Elves in Lord of the Rings.
Saban's comments were kind of uncool, but as has probably been stated numerous times, he didn't accuse anyone of cheating, breaking laws, etc. Bimbo, on the other hand, came across once again looking like a whiny little beeeeeaaaaaatttttttcccccchhhhh!
Agreed, my son graduates from AU next year, at that point I will have no interest in watching the NFL minor leagues. I already kicked the NFL to the curb; don't watch 1 minute.
Agreed - I get we (i mean Bama) only judges football, but Auburn has had a very good sports year across all sports.
Getting moderated again so try this another way: Ha ha – for AFan to accuse anyone of living on here 100% of his life is hypocrisy at its finest. I think the AFan stands for I am A Fan of bloviating. Btw – Negan is a tool but that is by design people.
True this! And now, I get players transferring from AU given all the changes, etc. but to return to Malzahn simply amazes me. Joey Gatewood should be the standard by which individuals evaluate what happens following Malzahn. He couldn't even start over a freshman last year.
That Scotty Piper kid from Vandy is a beast. Dude couldn’t spell the first or last name correctly. Brilliant, especially given who his dad is!!!
There is definitely a chance for Bo to shine when playing within the PAC and against Eastern WA as he will not be facing anything like he faced the last three years in the SEC. That could help his confidence if they do rise out of the PAC to the playoffs, but it probably will crash back to earth at that point. But, at this point, who really knows?
Gonna go back to 1970s elementary for this one “smooth move exlax”. Some of these guys need to slow their roll and settle in.
“I like the personality of this team”! Did he borrow that from Butch Jones?
Seriously, is anyone really underrating Lane Kiffin. I think the narrative is most people think he can be a royal a hole, but that his coaching skills are extremely high. I would bet most fans are much like me that when our team faces a Kiffin led team, it will be stressful (although as an Auburn fan that is common pretty much every week).
Dewalt, so you are basically predicting the demise of the game and I am tossing out an unprofessional theory as a possible solution to the lopsided game that may be created. You prediction guarantees that stadiums including JH will be empty - no football no fans. The quality of the football I describe will not be dramatically different than what we see right now as most teams will lose out on maybe one five star and a fewer higher level 4 stars. For a Super League to develop, they will need at least 20 teams or more or that will be the league that will suffer and they will have to come on back. Ultimately, my ramblings and yours are what they are....ramblings, as the power conferences are not going to let their money tree wilt and die.
I can’t believe I got censored for writing “I can’t believe people get paid to pen this T R A S H”. What a joke.
And the NFL has a free Minor League system right now that they don't want to mess with for obvious financial reasons.
I think it is a stretch to say it is barely breathing, but to put that aside, my comment is directed at the very thing you mention. There will be a handful of teams that break away and have deep alumni pockets willing to shell it out and those teams will dominate recruiting. The rest, the AU's, Ole Miss, MSU's, South Carolinas, and the like from other Conferences will break loose and create new conferences forcing the "spenders" to align in their own. Just a theory, but we will see how it will play out.
I believe you are on the right track as there will be a serious separation between the schools that can generate serious funds for players and those that either can't or won't. That will result in all the 5 Stars and high 4 Stars being linked to a few programs - your Super League. That will leave a lower, but very good second tier that will align and contain the 3 Stars and some remaining 4 Stars. What will be interesting to see is how that will actually take shape. We know who the main players will be financially, but it will be interesting to see what a Bama team looks like with Saban vs. without (later in time). Right now, the financial flood gates will be open with him there, but who knows once someone new comes in. This will be fun to watch and I trust over time we still end up with the greatest sport ever remaining that way.