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I realize he didn't completely level that kid, but he wasn't fired why? His intention was clear and as a Director on the team expectations should be higher and his actions should carry more weight than what he got.
Agreed! I am happy for Gus, but don't think AU Fans require minute by minute updates on the hiring of Grad Assistants and the like.
Folks that dogged on him for this year really need to learn to shut their pie holes. I am no insider, but I would willingly bet sizable dollars that one reason the trigger was finally pulled on Gus was the weakness of his recruiting class this year. There is no way you can hang that on Harsin. I appreciated Gus and thank him for the manner in which he lead a clean program and didn't put up with crap. He also got wins against Saban and clearly got under his skin (major high five there). If given a real chance, I believe Harsin will have this team clicking and delivering at a high level for quite a while.
And wait til he plays in some stadiums not much better than some high school stadiums and with 5,000 ppl in the stands. Good luck!
Yeah, two days ago this very site listed him as the projected starter at Nickel for 2021.
Yup, just got really odd. And the “one of these days” thing doesn’t really work for guys with one year remaining. As for not playing at Bama, Fl, or GA, there are plenty of other schools with stable environments that could use a Big Kat on the team.
Would like for him to have stayed, but given the TN issues this is an odd decision. Oh well, good luck.
Not really sure it proves anything. Everyone knows, with the exception of the few elite teams, that preseason polls 8 months from kick off are a crap shoot at best. BTW - CBS had them at 12 as well and one poll had them better and two worse. Point being, these guys are just scratching to come up with something to write about and it amounts to nothing.
The average of the four different ranks for Florida is 13.25 and Connor has them at 12. Is that really column worthy content? Seems like that given we are 8 months from kick off, the Florida coaching situation is not fully defined, rosters are far from final, etc. that a difference of 1.25 is the equivalent of Zero.
Sounds like he was a little premature with his "I wanna be a Pro" decision and now has to figure out what to do next. It would make sense to stay put where you are a starter, but what the heck do I know.
Excellent news great player and equally great name!!!
I believe the poster above is correct in his desire to be a coach, but isn't it time at age 26 to start putting that into action vs. playing another year? Seems like his best decision would be to take the degree and start his career. Seriously wishing him all the best as he continues.
There were 8 comments here until mine and 7 of them are from GA. You guys need to obsess a little less; go get a beer.
Yup - SDS never has errors in their articles!!! My kid had less errors in second grade than SDS writers.
After watching that third interception by Trask, i disown my previous comments. That was horrible. The good thing is he has 3 1/2 quarters to recover.
To me , opt outs should be guys that have a legitimate shot at the very early rounds of the draft. While these guys have done some good things and definitely have skills, they will not be receiving calls early in the draft and some may miss completely. I agree with the Olympic thing for Schwartz as he threatened that last year. With the added year, might the others consider a transfer, who knows? Wish they’d have stuck around though to improve their bowl game legacy, which ain’t too good.
I agree with Connor that are not many, if any, remaining skeptics when it comes to Trask, his ability, and his success the last two seasons. So I guess he wrote this article for the that remaining .00025% of football fans that remain “skeptical”. The comments section of these boards have been riddled with support for Trask from across the SEC including Bama fans who have two dogs in this hunt as well. Heck the first one below is from LSUs Bayou Tiger. I guess the point of my comment is, Trask has earned his place and has earned in place among the NCAA elite, Connor is the one not recognizing that by continuing with articles like this one.
Looks like a good prospect to help Harsin get off to a good start on the recruitment trail. Based on the film I have seen where his players follow blocking assignments and stay with them to the whistle and the write up on this kid, he may be a good fit.
Overall, his comments are right on. Problem for A&M on this argument is that they lost their 2nd game of the season. Hard to argue the longer schedule was punishment to them. Hats off to A&M for winning out from that point on.
The Texas recruiters need to remind these kids there is no state income tax on that booster money if you remain in Texas.
Yup, I would say Jay just called out Clark for his comments. One of them is telling the truth; right now, I am going with the Pres on this one.
Don’t bother yourself with 24x7 (8x5). He literally lives on this site praying that Trump is successful getting the Covid relief bumped from $600 to $2,000, so he can afford another payment on his mobile home.
Dang, your connections within the Auburn network must run pretty deep as you seem to know it all. Given ESPN is running off any talent they have, you actually may have a shot to be an insider for them in the near future. As for the boosters, there is clearly an issue and hopefully this started to change that moving forward. As for the coaches offered positions, I tend to fall on the side that the truth is somewhere in the middle. I don't believe I have seen one of these folks state outright that they were offered a position. I may have missed that on Napier, as that is always possible given how many articles came out by the minute on this subject.
What I interpreted from that is that he really didn't get into a process. Probably a lot like many of the others. As for Venables, I am not sure why or how his name even came up - he has been adamant for quite some time that he isn't interested in HC jobs or leaving Clemson. Now that can mean a lot and used as a smokescreen but it seemed to genuine to me when I saw the interview.
I really just started posting on here and am coming to find that 8x5 must spend 24x7 focusing his life on Auburn comments. Heck, now he has me joining in. One day, and it will come, Bama will have to replace the GOAT Saban. Oh, won’t that be a blast to watch on here. Peace out folks and WDE!