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Ultimately, I don't see the NIL changing much of anything except for the early states that implement it to suck in some short term recruiting advantage. Pick any school you want including 2020 and with your Natty in tow, a good basketball year, and a good softball year. Of all the kids on every team at Bama, how many do most people want a paid autograph from or to buy their jersey? It will be ridiculously low and thus you will end up with the same BS we have going on in the rest of the country with the haves vs. the have nots. This NIL thing is not going to be a positive but for a very few amount of kids. Oh, and for a new way to funnel money to recruits, which is where the advantage will come in.
I realize UCF was a good team, but Auburn had a chance to shut down that Natty talk and laid an egg against them in Atlanta. That loss deserves a place on this list and it was another example of how Malzahn had no clue how to keep a team engaged through the end of the season. UCF and this site can rave on ole Gus but best wishes with that one.
At this age, kids should be learning the game and yes, fundamentals. However, when you take a kid that is one clearly bigger and appears to have played some and another kid that looks like he is on the field for the first time and pair them off, it shows a complete lack of judgement on the part of the coach. It didn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out what was going to occur. I played, my son played, I understand the brutality of the game, but this wasn't the time for it. Laughing and going nuts about the hit just shows what boneheads are coaching that team.
It looks to me like that the kid running the ball, even at that age, appears to have been playing at least a little while. The kid tackling is clearly just getting started and thus get completely trucked. This creates a couple of issues the first being the risk and the second being the potential loss of a kid to the game that doesn't want a part of that again. I am sure some of you will defend those idiots, but this drill has no application at that age and they are way beyond where they should be at this point with that kid on the right.
Good luck to him, but this must mean he was 4th on the depth chart behind Loy and a freshman Davis. I am sure he will be rocketing up the charts elsewhere especially if he joins the QB guru Malzahn.
Sounds a little like the Cowart situation, although he lasted a little longer as a Tiger. Not sensing a big loss on this one. Cowart was able to learn and turn it around, so maybe the same will happen here.
I love Leach and truly believe he is needed in College Football. He definitely is the most fun interview and Kiffin ain’t even close. However, why all this hype over a guy that produces a lot of flash in the pan but only one rank in the AP top 10 (and it was 10) that I see in his history? Hell, Malzahn has a better track record than that.
Did he Noggin say anything important? I stopped reading as soon as the all caps started.
I'm a huge Wuerffel fan and while he is a lot younger we both played at FWBHS. I believe he was one of the greatest College QBs ever, but I also can remember a certain Nebraska Team making him look like less than average in a 62-24 thumping and stats of 17 of 31 for 255 yds, 1 TD, and 3 INT's. I think Nix reverts to HS to quickly and thinks he can just run his way out of issues. That dog don't hunt anymore. However, the line matters and sometimes he is under the gun from the jump.
Definitely click bait on behalf of that idiot Finebaum. As clearly pointed out above, the rivalry since Saban took over is actually pretty close and as is the the entirety of the series (especially since going to the home/away scheduling). There is no question that the atmosphere around the W.L.C.P. is tremendous, but not sure the rest stacks up. I still to this day can't figure out how that Elf from Lord of the Rings got a job talking sports.
So these guys get on a boat, race to some secret location far away from anyone else and avoid any contact other than with their teammate while the Men’s and Women’s basketball tourney is going on with no masks and they get the hammer? No respect for redneck Sports I tell you!
Karma is gonna bite your ass on this one and it ain’t going to be for your Crawfish Team!
And the trees will all be kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw.
Deion “cryin’ time” Sanders must have forgotten how he arrived on campus with the entourage in black suvs like the secret service and the JSU band on parade. Yeah, Deion, it ain’t about you!
Oops, my bad. AU won with Nix in 2019. Just a little more recently than my 2018 error.
So Darth, is that "usually beat Auburn" statement really that accurate. The overall is 49-38-1 (believe I have that up to date) and since the first game where Auburn got to play in Auburn the record is 16-14 with Bama leading. I think one has to recognize the ebbs and flows of this rivalry and not get stuck in the present which remarkably includes an AU win in 2018 with a freshman at the helm.
Kind of saw that coming. I know concussions can linger, but dang that was a long recovery on that one. I don't expect it but hopefully Cooper will return, because this recent trend to one and done guys won't create much chemistry if it continues.
I realize he didn't completely level that kid, but he wasn't fired why? His intention was clear and as a Director on the team expectations should be higher and his actions should carry more weight than what he got.
Agreed! I am happy for Gus, but don't think AU Fans require minute by minute updates on the hiring of Grad Assistants and the like.
Folks that dogged on him for this year really need to learn to shut their pie holes. I am no insider, but I would willingly bet sizable dollars that one reason the trigger was finally pulled on Gus was the weakness of his recruiting class this year. There is no way you can hang that on Harsin. I appreciated Gus and thank him for the manner in which he lead a clean program and didn't put up with crap. He also got wins against Saban and clearly got under his skin (major high five there). If given a real chance, I believe Harsin will have this team clicking and delivering at a high level for quite a while.
And wait til he plays in some stadiums not much better than some high school stadiums and with 5,000 ppl in the stands. Good luck!
Yeah, two days ago this very site listed him as the projected starter at Nickel for 2021.
Yup, just got really odd. And the “one of these days” thing doesn’t really work for guys with one year remaining. As for not playing at Bama, Fl, or GA, there are plenty of other schools with stable environments that could use a Big Kat on the team.
Would like for him to have stayed, but given the TN issues this is an odd decision. Oh well, good luck.
Not really sure it proves anything. Everyone knows, with the exception of the few elite teams, that preseason polls 8 months from kick off are a crap shoot at best. BTW - CBS had them at 12 as well and one poll had them better and two worse. Point being, these guys are just scratching to come up with something to write about and it amounts to nothing.
The average of the four different ranks for Florida is 13.25 and Connor has them at 12. Is that really column worthy content? Seems like that given we are 8 months from kick off, the Florida coaching situation is not fully defined, rosters are far from final, etc. that a difference of 1.25 is the equivalent of Zero.
Sounds like he was a little premature with his "I wanna be a Pro" decision and now has to figure out what to do next. It would make sense to stay put where you are a starter, but what the heck do I know.