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Was he the same one in the Arkansas vs Auburn game earlier this year? If so, he needs to be fired and never allowed to ref another game at any level.
Yea it was. Didn’t even mention the fumble that was clearly a fumble recovered by us and it stayed with LSU after a review and they ended up scoring a TD a few plays later.
At least an Auburn fan is admitting that. There’s been a lot of Auburn fans that saying that y’all beat us fair and square. Not sure how even the biggest of Auburn fans can say that and believe it. The game today was bad. Not as bad as what happened to us against Auburn but still bad. Targeting call mentioned here, fumble that was clearly a fumble recovered by Arkansas but stayed with LSU after a review. Not sure what the point of a review is if the refs can’t get it right after the review. Straight bs.
Arkansas gets screwed all the time by the refs. Just like the game against Auby. Not sure what positives you can say it is for LSU because even with the refs helping you and about 23 minutes more of possession you still only won by 3 and that’s because Arkansas has the worst kicker in the country.
That was good to see. Even in the excitement of winning a game that for at least a few minutes had thought they had lost and their season was over, they stopped to do that and shows a lot of class. Central knew exactly how those kids were feeling because just a minute or so earlier they were on the other side of the ball feeling the same way. It sucks for those kids on the Fayetteville team because their coach cost them that game by not telling the QB what to do but really for not taking a delay of game because this would have never happened.
They would have ended the game even though they saw in review that there was time left. We’ve already seen the refs make the wrong call that went in Auburn’s favor and then the play went to review and even after a review and plenty of evidence showing the correct call they changed things up so it would stay with Auburn and not let them lose the game. Should have known that Morris didn’t get hired for his coaching. Someone has to work off the debt for these favors they keep getting. Only team in the country that’s had the refs help them get 3 wins just since the last game of the regular session last year.
That’s exactly right. This isn’t college or the pros. This kid was a first year starter and was probably the third or fourth game that he was the starter. This is 100% on the coaches. There was about a 1 second differential game and play clock and a delay of game and 5 yard penalty and then a snap and fall or whatever would be game. Can’t blame a 16 year old kid that’s a first year starter playing in a stadium he’s not used to and in a big playoff game. Coach should be fired for this one. My nephew plays FS and I hate he had to see his season end like this because he has an idiot for a coach. A coach that was a 3 year starter at QB in the SEC. If he doesn’t get fired, I would have a hard time showing my face around after doing that.
He obviously knows what he's doing and he's been one of the best recruiters for a few years now so I think he knows what is best and what he can and can't do. I doubt they would be recruiting players outside of our region if they didn't feel like they had a good chance of signing them. He just signed a top 30 class. That might not sound good to many but considering 77% of prospects signed in the early signing period this year and he was hired only 8 days before then, that's pretty good. To take a class that had all it's top players decommit after Morris was fired and turn that into a respectable signing glass, is pretty good and shows that he knows what he's doing. Quit crying about what areas he's recruiting and let the people that know what they're doing and are getting paid to do it do their job. It's not your time or money so not sure why it bothers you.
Morris was hired because of Jerry Jones and would have never been hired if it wasn't for Cromer Peoples. Jerry knew he could push an interim AD around to get what he wanted and that's exactly what happened. A head coach shouldn't be hired by an interim AD and that's why it was so easy for Yurachek to fire Morris. Bielema should have never been hired either.
He did leave the program in bad shape. He was lazy and it showed in his recruiting. He inherited some good players that came from Petrino. As crazy as it is and sounds, the program was in better shape when Morris left than it was when Bielema left. At least Morris brought in some good talent. He was just a terrible coach and should have never been a head coach other than at the high school level. He couldn't keep any assistant coaches. He had a big head from the success he had at Wisconsin which he should have never had because it's been seen that pretty much any coach can win there and that the success they had while he was there was because of him.
More like a winning scenario for anyone Colorado plays. He's not a good coach. All you have to do to see that is look at the success the coaches that coached at Wisconsin after him and see that it wasn't him that was responsible for their success. Alvarez had already established a winning program before he inherited it and won 10 games his final year. Andersen won 8 his first and 10 his second and won 7 total games in 3 seasons at Oregon State. And Chryst has won at least 10 games in 4 out of the 5 seasons he's been there so it definitely wasn't Bielema. If he gets the Colorado job, I bet he doesn't make it to a bowl game while he's there. If he's smart, he'll stay where he's at because he'll have a hard time getting another good job if he leaves one he just got hired at less than 2 months ago and then gets fired at his second straight head coaching job for lack of success. But as an Arkansas fan, I know he's not smart which will work out for us because of his buyout. Not like Colorado has a lot to choose from right now and they're in a crunch for time. Bad situation for Colorado.
Wont be any tougher than what he'll face in the SEC. Not good stats for someone that is supposed to be one of the best in the country and going to the best conference in the country.
ekinggill88, A&M will finish behind Arkansas too.
At least we aren't Mississippi State. We're on the rise and about to be back and y'all are going to always be at the bottom but you're used to that. Keep living in the past because last year is all y'all will ever have to be proud of. Anyone that has been to Starkville knows that it's a dump.
They just assume that they're going to hang 40 on every team in every game because that's what they think they used to do because Manziel once played there.
Speedynoil2, people don't pay attention to things that don't matter. A semester or two at a university might benefit you quite a bit. You might need to take Comp 1 to start with and pay extra attention in that class and even get tutoring at nights to help you with spelling and learn how to spell the past tense of "pay". Since you asked, i haven't "paid" attention to A&M because i enjoy keeping up with teams that are going to matter in the current year and not ones that live in the past and think that the past is going to help them now.
I agree with the ones that say that MSU will more than likely be 0-3 to start SEC play. Last year was just a one hit wonder and the chances of that happening again aren't very good. There's a reason that the SEC feels so sorry for y'all that they allow ONLY MSU fans to use artificial noise makers during games. During the meeting about this, it probably went something like "come on Slive. It's MSU. They need all the help they can get so let them use their stupid cowbells". MSU will be lucky to make it to a bowl game this season and i really think they'll be 5-7.
TexAg2010, you must know that y'all are going to get beaten quite a bit this year because you're living on what happened in the past. Y'all beat us when we were going through some rough times but those days are over so while you're sitting back reminiscing about what happened in the past, y'all will be getting beat just like y'all are used to. We might have lost some key players on D from last year's team but we have players that are just as good, if not better, playing this year. You'll get to know them very well in Dallas while you're crying about getting beat.
I agree with what you said but I'm not sure if i would call any win by Arkansas an upset.
Exactly. They had a good season last year and now all of a sudden they act like they are a powerhouse and deserve all this respect. They'll be put back in their place this season and will remain there unless a miracle happens. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Mississippi State be 5-7 at the end of the season. Honestly, I'll be more surprised if they make it to a bowl game.
I've been to Missy and they are pretty sorry.
Don't say that to a fan of TCU or Ohio State. They'll attack you for that even though it is completely true. Not only does it help with their rankings by playing weak teams, it also helps them when it comes to postseason play and their players are 100% healthy because they could rest at half where SEC teams play 4 quarters more times than not and are banged up at the end of the season.
You're an Arkansas fan and you say "Arky"? Show some respect for the state and the team. It's also "lose" not "loose". "Arky" sounds like something a girl would say. If you're a girl, it's still not cool but i guess you can get away with a little easier. I hate it when people say "Arky" and even more when someone from Arkansas or a fan of the Razorbacks say it.
Arkansas is not in the same boat as Tennessee. Although Arkansas didn't have a good record last year, they proved that they are a real good team and will be even better this year. Who was Tennessee's best win in 2014? Was it South Carolina or Kentucky? Tennessee had 0 wins against ranked teams last year and got blown out in You'll see the boat Arkansas is in when they go to Knoxville and win.
I don't think it's as big of a typo as Missouri being ranked.
As an Arkansas fan, you should know better than to say "Arky". Have more respect for our state and team than to use that lame abbreviation.
I can't stand hearing "Arky". What's more irritating is when an Arkansas fan says it.
I think they have a good chance of going to Tuscaloosa and beating Allie.