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You just listed various groups of people without explaining how he alienated them. Specifics please.
Just today we got another 4 star edge defender who flipped from Nebraska. Expect to see more in the near future. The quantity isn't there yet, but the quality is considering every single player for this class is a 4-star, which puts us at 5th in the SEC. If it weren't for the attempted coup this past winter, Auburn would be doing just fine, but the silver lining is that sort of thing brought the team closer.
Can you provide specific examples of these bridges that he's burned or people he's alienated? Seems to me that with the transfer portal, every single player on this roster could have left but here we are.
Oh Connor ... On Auburn, you failed to mention we lost our starting quarterback and the backup was ... well, TJ Finley has a lot of heart. You say in the same paragraph there was an attempted coup against Harsin but then don't put 2 and 2 together to realize that a lot of the turmoil surrounding the program was likely caused by the same guys who attempted that coup? Keep in mind, that since the fiasco in the winter ended, only one player has left the program--Dee Davis. One player, that's it. You know what that means? It means that the entire roster has bought in to what Harsin is doing. The Malzahn loyalists are all off the team. If you saw Harsin's speech at media days, you'd see a guy who isn't going to wilt. He directly addressed the conspirators and he stood defiant. I was impressed and I think Auburn comes out strong as a result.
I'd say that this group of linemen has stuck around so long because they aren't NFL material. I could be wrong, but the o-line is just average and that's all they're going to be. That said, I think Harsin is smart enough to know what he's working with and he'll fit the offensive around the strengths and weaknesses of the team. If he knows the o-line needs help blocking in the run, he'll pull a tight end in as an additional blocker. Same for the pass game. He'll make sure Calzada or Robby aren't relying on the o-line to block indefinitely while the pass play develops. I do think 8-4 is probably the outcome we'll see at the end of November. We play an incredibly tough schedule, so 8-4 is nothing to be ashamed of. I think we start the season 5-0 and then we lose to UGA, Bama, Ole Miss, and take your pick for the 4th loss. But, Harsin staves off the dark clouds of booster-driven drama long enough to reel in an impressive recruiting class and we can go into 2023 with a lot more optimism.
A few things. Calzada hasn't been named the starter, but I agree, he'll likely get the job ... unless he's still not 100% and/or Ashford continues to impress. Let's keep in mind that Bo Nix was having his best season yet last year until he got hurt. Harsin knows how to develop QB talent. Let's also keep in mind that Auburn's record isn't really reflective of how they played. Except for Georgia, Auburn was in each game they lost, and had Tank Bigsby gone down in bounds (or had the refs called holding on Bama in their own end zone) then nobody would be talking about Harsin getting fired. I think it is easy for media types to write off Harsin, and let's be honest, the media has been hostile to Harsin every since last summer when he refused to toe the line with regards to the 'Rona jab like they wanted him to. Anyway, We have a pretty good stable of running backs, plenty of talent at TE, some question marks at WR, but it isn't as bad as the media thinks it is ... and probably the most veteran o-line in the SEC ... now, granted, they aren't the greatest o-line, but at some point, they gotta hit their stride. I think Auburn goes 8-4 this year. Why? All the reasons listed above, but consider this: every single player on this roster could have left either for the NFL or through the transfer portal. They didn't. They stayed because they believe in Harsin. All the media writing them off ... that's music to their ears because now they have something to prove. But also, the media is being way too generous for some other teams, assuming they are going to be great. Like there's not going to be something going on at Ole Miss or Miss State ... or there's not going to be growing pains at LSU with Brian Kelly ... or that Arkansas is going to be awesome ... or that Jimbo at A&M isn't going to step in it again. You can't just assume that everything bad that can happen to Auburn will happen to Auburn and that everything good that can happen will happen for every other team.
The boosters weren't happy with the hire from the get go. Considering these people went dirty and tried to get him fired over a lie, I very much doubt they "left him alone." Rather, I think they turned up the heat. The 2021 class, which was Malzahn's responsibility, was horrible. Harsin actually improved upon it. The 2022 class looked good in December, and then the boosters stepped up, which is why no one signed in February. Surely, you see the correlation, yes? The "scandal" broke in late January/early February right before national signing day ... don't you think that was deliberate on the boosters' part? They could have picked any moment to launch their smear campaign but they picked the period right before a crucial recruiting period. Auburn, right now, has a quantity problem with recruits, not a quality problem. Every recruit we have for the next two classes is a strong 4-star recruit. Auburn's recruiting, right now, would be much further along if it hadn't been for what the boosters had done.
Good article but this only scratches the surface. Consider this: no Auburn coach has left of his own accord in 45 years, since Shug Jordan retired. Everyone else has either been forced to resign, been fired, or in the case of Tuberville, had the boosters run him out of town. I repeat, no head coach has left to pursue a better job. Nobody has gone on to the NFL, nobody has gone on to a "blue blood" program. They've been fired or forced out. It really is the worst job in college football. And the boosters aren't helping.
A lot of those same articles also point out how the off-field investigation hamstrung Auburn recruiting. Funny how recruits don't want to come to a school that might fire a coaching staff after a single season....
He does value recruiting. What a dumb thing to say. You hate Harsin--that much is obvious to anyone who's seen your posts on here. I can only assume you don't like him because "he ain't from around here"
We get it, you hate Harsin. You fire Harsin this year, no coach in his right mind or worth anything is coming to Auburn.
Two good recruits in one weekend, not a bad way to start July. I think we'd be a lot further along if the boosters hadn't attempted yet another palace coup this past winter. Players are hesitant to commit to a program in turmoil. If Harsin is given time and space to do his thing, we will do just fine.
Mason a great defensive coach? In what world? Hahahah. Had he put some real pressure on Bama in the 4th quarter, that would have been a solid win for us. But he doubled down on his "rush 3 zone 8" philosophy that is essentially prevent defense. You hate Harsin, that much is clear, but come on. Auburn's going to win 7 or 8 games this season.
Dematrius Davis transferred to Alabama State back in April. Anyway, I do think the offense will be better. Coach Harsin knows what he's working with. We no longer have Mike Bobo calling bone-headed plays. And we no longer have players who were only in it for themselves on the team. While Auburn was at the point of collapsing back in February, the team has done a 180. You listen to the players and how positive they sound (and when you consider only one player has transferred since Harsin was retained) and with the players we've gotten through the portal ... I like where Auburn's at.
"Boosters never meddle in the program." Uh huh. You're telling me boosters didn't get on a plane to go talk to Bobby Petrino in 2003? You're telling me those same boosters didn't talk to Houston Nutt in 2008? Sorry, but this guys stinks like a politician. These boosters, along with some members of the sports media, colluded to undermine Brian Harsin simply because Allen Greene wouldn't bow down to them and hire one of their choices. They spent the entire year whispering to anyone who would listen about how bad Harsin was. They spent an entire year spreading rumors and lies about the man. And they failed. Notice, nobody's left Auburn since the big conspiracy failed. I hope Harsin comes out and wins 10 games this year just to put these sore losers (including a small minority of fans) in their place.
Why does it need to expand? Yeah, yeah, every so often a "deserving" team gets left out. (And sometimes a team like Cincy gets in and gets smoked). But does pushing the number up to 8 or 12 really make anything better? No, it just means the same handful of teams will play for the championship every year, except now, those same handful of teams will have to wade through the shallow end before diving into deeper waters. And all the while, the regular season is diminished. All the while, the bowl games--the actual fun part of the post season--get sidelined. Seriously, most playoff games are boring, lopsided affairs. This is, after all, an entertainment issue. But oh well ... college football is about to collapse anyway. It was fun while it lasted.
The boosters have been against him from the start. Don't try to rewrite history.
There is it: you don't like Harsin because he "ain't from around here." You want a good "SEC" coach, only who is going to come to Auburn after Auburn has fired two coaches in 2 years especially after it was exposed that the boosters are highly toxic? Remember, Brett Venables passed on Auburn because the job scared him (not the schedule, the environment). You fire Harsin, you can forget about Auburn football being relevant for next decade.
Calzada might be great, but he hasn't gotten to play with the team ... and won't until sometime in August. These guys develop a rhythm with the line and the with the receivers. I'm not sure that's something you do in 3 weeks. I like Ashford for the job. Anyway, a lot of fairweather fans on here. I think Auburn's goin to surprise some people this year. The turmoil in the offseason can either splinter a team or drive it together. The team clearly has not fractured. And every one of these players had the opportunity to enter the portal, but they've stayed (and that includes several players who will be playing on Sunday). Harsin isn't Malzahn as far as I can tell. The thing that people hated about Malzahn was how stubborn he was, how he had one game plan and stuck to that plan regardless of how obviously flawed the plan was. Harsin has shown he will shake things up. He's not an idiot--he's fully aware of the challenges ahead, more so than the armchair coaches here and elsewhere. I trust him to get the team ready. WDE.
I don't know, I like that Auburn has options at quarterback. And unlike Malzahn, I'm willing to bet that Harsin actually can develop QB talent. Based on what we've seen so far, Ashford is the good choice with Calzada and Finley as backups. I know the sports media is hot on Calzada because any QB who happens to be in the game when Bama loses must be awesome, but Ashford seems to have more potential.
Don't read too much into spring games. Surely you're old enough to remember the early Spring Games under Malzahn when everyone came away super impressed ... and then we'd lose 5 or 6 games. Spring games are just something to do in the off-season.
Those boosters just attempted to unseat the head coach through a smear campaign. This is just after they colluded with Kevin Steele to unseat another head coach (Malzahn) thinking they could hoist Steele into the HC role and control him like a puppet. I don't care how much money those rich redneck good old boys have ... no head coach is going to come to Auburn unless Auburn puts a leash on Yella Wood and his ilk. When Brett Venables was interviewed after he took the OU job, he mentioned Auburn and how that job "scared him." He wasn't talking about the schedule or recruiting ... he was talking about booster problem that's been there since at least 2003 when they attempted to go behind Tuberville's back.
"Fix our mistake" how so? By firing a coach after 1 year? Oh yeah, that'll have all the big name coaches just climbing over each other trying to get an interview at Auburn. When Brett Venables got the Oklahoma job and he was discussing how we arrived at the decision to leave Oklahoma ... and he said something to the effect of "The Auburn job scared me." He wasn't talking about the schedule. He wasn't talking about recruiting. He was talking about the toxic environment created by the boosters and how they meddle in the program. Those boosters who attempted to unseat Harsin are the same ones who twice went behind Tuberville and cost Auburn millions of dollars. That's how we ended up with Chizik. They are the ones who demanded we get Malzahn. They are also the same ones who colluded with Kevin Steele to get Malzahn fired with the belief that Steele would be promoted to HC. Mistake? The mistake is letting those boosters anywhere near the program.
Yeah, that's a good assessment. Obviously, anything can happen, but now that Harsin has some space from the boosters (and teams usually pull together after something like what happened in January and February), he should be able to get something going. Of course, you see "fans" on here already calling for Harsin to be fired. Them and the boosters are why Auburn ends up paying every ex-coach millions of dollars ... and that goes all the way back to Pat Dye.
It's hard to win at Auburn when you've got vindictive and meddling boosters undermining the program.
He transferred to Oregon because he was looking for an easier job that could get him in the NFL. Going against SEC defenses and PAC-12 defenses are very different. This is purely about him making a run at the pros. And ... he's number 2 on the depth chart ...