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Malzahn should have started Gatewood and redshirted Nix, or at the very least, had Nix as the backup. this virus isn't going to magically disappear. It's no different than any other virus. What will change is herd immunity, which can't happen until a sufficient number of us have gotten the virus.
Eh, give it to Kevin Steele. The guy can recruit, he can put together a solid group of coaches, and he is capable of making in-game adjustments. A better question is who does he hire as OC. That's a FAR easier question to answer because he could hire anyone he wants for OC.
The defense did lose a lot, but Steele did a good job of rotating guys in and out, so next year's starters won't be too many fresh faces. Recruiting-wise, nearly every defensive player we reeled in this past cycle was a 4-star player. Steele and his staff have a good handle on that. Obviously, loosing two (probably) first round draft picks on the DL will be hard to replace. How do you replace a guy like Derrick Brown? The O-line? Meh, not really sad to see those guys (or the O-line coach) go. They couldn't block, they couldn't make holes for the run game. Recruiting-wise, I'm really worried because ... the cupboard seems rather bare.
Why not play for Auburn? Ranking the SEC teams by performance and national brand, Auburn has to rank pretty high. In the top tier you have Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Florida. Right behind those teams you have Auburn. Why? Auburn's played in 2 national championship games in the past 10 years (most programs nation-wide can't even claim 1 appearance in the big game). Auburn also has a modest record with sending players to the pros, especially defensive players. Sure, these kids could go to Georgia, but maybe there's something they just like about Auburn better. Maybe it's a better relationship with the coaches, maybe it's Auburn University itself, maybe it's a look at the roster and they can see themselves starting at Auburn sooner instead of sitting on the bench at Georgia. Who knows? As for Nix, he was thrown into the position too early. This time last year, I felt that Gatewood should have been our starter with Willis as the backup and Nix redshirting. Nix has talent but he needs more development. Maybe Chad Morris can work with him ... we'll see.
Last year, Auburn's offense scorched a big ten team. Granted, it was Purdue, but the commentary at the time was "Gus's offense is back!" I was skeptical because, well, it's a bowl game, and it was Purdue. Minnesota is a good team. Anyone trying to say they aren't has a bias. That said, this is about what I expected from Gus. A flat offensive plan, an inability to adjust to what was unfolding on the field, etc. Just how was Gus surprised at the low rushing numbers? He's the guy calling the plays!!! I don't have much hope for next season. Our defense is going to regress (they clearly did in this bowl game) and the offense will only be the same old ... meh. I predict we'll go 8-4 at best next season with losses to Georgia, Texas A&M, LSU, and Alabama. It is entirely possible that we'll lose to Kentucky as well. Same old Gus. Joe Burrow isn't going to be playing at LSU next season, you realize that, right? I mean, enjoy this season, and I'm pulling for LSU, but don't turn into the worst bama fans, okay?
The same idiot Bama fans on here saying Auburn let down the SEC are the same idiot Bama fans who say they don't cheer for the rest of the SEC because only Bama matters.
I try to watch every bowl game I can. I don't care how "meh" some of you think they are. This is it ... for 9 months NINE MONTHS. Enjoy the games!!
Just for accuracy's sake, we beat Memphis before the UCF debacle. Memphis was the redeeming end to a dreadful 6-6 season. We'll see how we do against Minnesota. Ideally, we blow them out if for no other reason than we can get a look at our 2nd stringers on defense and offense (the guys who will be starting next year).
The CFP stinks only because they didn't gift Bama a more prestigious bowl or somehow just put them in the playoff because ... reasons? This is simply a return to normalcy when it comes to Bama. It's not Bama's fault Tua got hurt, but it's not anyone else's fault either. It's not Bama's fault most of their defensive stars were AWOL for one reason or another ... but it wasn't anybody else's fault either. Maybe Bama wins with a healthy Tua (I doubt it). Maybe Bama beats Auburn with a healthy Tua (Maybe, I'm not convinced Tua was superman). Then again, maybe Auburn is undefeated if Nix makes a few more passes. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Bama is 10-2. Just go win your bowl game (you should be able to).
They commit crimes at Georgia. They become productive young men at Auburn.
Look, like all other Auburn fans, I am happy as hell about the Iron Bowl. And I actually predicted that Auburn would go 9-3 this year. But that doesn't mean I have to just accept Malzahn's way of things. This season could have been a lot bigger for Auburn. Our defense is national championship-caliber. Our offense has the pieces there to compete with anyone. It's Malzahn game plan and his inability to make in-game adjustments that routinely cost us important games. Coming into this season, we had some pretty good depth at quarterback. Malzahn said Gatewood would be in there every game with specially-designed packages. How are you going to put Whitlow, who was still recovering from knee surgery, in there at a wildcat when you've got Gatewood on the sidelines? It's this sort of decision that is maddening and it's classic Malzahn. Even if we had lost to Bama, I wasn't looking for Malzahn to be fired. I figured next season would take care of that (road game to UGA, LSU and Alabama back-to-back to finish the season, throw in another loss or two and that'd be it). If Malzahn weren't so stubborn, if he would let someone else inject some new thinking in the offense, then we'd be okay. Malzahn can clearly recruit well, he can get the team ready (sometimes) and he can assemble a pretty good staff. It's offense though ... for a guy who is supposed to be the greatest mind in offense, Auburn's identity the last couple of seasons is ... defense. Again, I'm not calling for him to be fired. You don't fire a guy after a 9-3 season. I just think we lost a major opportunity this season for something more. After this year, Derrick Brown and company are going pro. And while we've got talent rising up in the ranks, be prepared for a little drop off in what the defense can do. As for the offense ... we all know what to expect from Malzahn's offense, don't we? So while this has been a "good" season, it wasn't great ... and it should have been. I chalk up the losses to game mismanagement on Malzahn's part. This is the same Malzahn we've had since the National Championship game against FSU. He's not going to change. Do we, as Auburn fans, just accept lost opportunities for the sake of a big win here or there (just remember, 14 of those points on Saturday were pick-sixes, and one of them was at least a 14 point differential as Bama was looking to go up by a touchdown). You don't need to be blindly loyal to a program, team, or a coach to be a "true fan." I love Auburn and I want them to play as great as they are able to.
It was an exhausting game but probably one of the best games of the year. WDE!
That's true. Of course, we all can't play Georgia Tech ....
So the hot take here is that Auburn's defense doesn't step on the field. I get it that Auburn's offense probably won't get out of the low 20s, but our defense not showing up? Steaming hot take!!!
A Georgia fan complaining about the refs? That's rich! My friend, if it weren't for the bad officiating, Georgia would be looking at probably at least 2 losses right now, if not 3.
Objectively, what else would you expect a head coach to say? "Eh, this kid is just okay." No, of course a coach is going to talk up his players. Now, Gus is a little delusional if he believes any team he coaches is going to bring home a trophy at this point because ... let's face it, his offense is atrocious and it has been for quite some time.
Every year it's the same thing. "We're improving, we're getting better, we're a work in progress." After every loss, it's the same thing: "didn't get it done, didn't execute." Malzahn has had 2 good seasons since assuming head coaching duties at Auburn. 2013 and 2017. He has exactly 2 wins apiece against Auburn's biggest rivals (UGA, Bama, LSU). He has exactly 2 bowl game victories (Memphis, Purdue). All of this despite his team reeling in top-ten recruiting class year after year. This year should have been a good one. I don't care about the schedule. Look at what our defense has done. Nobody has scored more than 24 points on our team. For any other program in the country, having that sort of defense is enough to have them undefeated right now. Imagine this defense with 2013's offense. My God, we'd be ranked number 1! Instead, we're looking at a probably 8-4 season. Yeah, yeah, maybe we can beat Bama ... but I see no reason to believe that given our offense ineptitude. So the real question is this. We keep hearing big promises from Malzahn about next game or next season. But those promises never materialize. Never. Instead, Auburn's offense has become a liability for many seasons now. Let me remind you, Malzahn is a supposed offensive guru and yet this Auburn team is not known for offense but defense. So ... why are we paying Malzahn 7 million a year? Maybe we don't fire Malzahn this season. But it not now, when? Auburn's ceiling next year is likely 8-4. We're going to lose the bulk of our defensive starters to the draft and our offense will be largely the same (oh, except we're be starting all new linemen ... which might actually be a plus). So you tell me how next year is better than this year. Keep in mind, we finish the season with LSU and Alabama back-to-back...and we play at Georgia. That's 3 losses right off the bat. This year, Ole Miss almost beat us. Texas A&M almost beat us. I wouldn't put it past UNC to beat us. So, 8-4 next season. Beyond that, who can say. Do we wait another year or 2 or 3 before we finally pull the plug on this Gus Bus? The way I see it, Gus Malzahn is an old dirty band-aid that needs taking off. As we all know, you can pull it off slowly but it still hurts. Or, you can just rip it off fast. It hurts, but it's over and done with. Auburn should just accept the initial pain of the buyout and get rid of Malzahn. Promote Steele to HC. Steele has proven that he can build a team of quality assistants, that he can put together a solid game (at least defensive game plan) and that he can recruit. Promoting Steele also has the benefit of allowing Auburn an easy transition. No wholesale firing of the entire staff necessary. Keeping Steele and most of the existing staff in place also keeps the commitments in place. All Steele needs to do then is go out and get a quality offensive coordinator and QB coach. That is much easier to do in this climate than finding a good head coach. But that likely won't happen. The same minds that hired Malzahn, that gave him those absurd extensions are still there (for the most part).
....sigh Yeah, you're right, this is the greatest defense in the history of football. Just hand Georgia the Trophy. It's over.
Not taking anything away from Georgia's defense, but most of Auburn's run plays were up the middle ... that IS on Malzahn. And if Malzahn knew that Georgia's defense was good, why not prepare a better game plan for it? Use the tight-ends or a multi-back approach or go back to the RPO which worked so well in the past? This IS on Malzahn because he can't run an offense.
Look at it this way. If Auburn beats Bama, there is no way for them to make the playoffs. No way. On top of that, I think LSU beats Georgia in the Championship game. That would knock both our rivals out of playoff contention.
He's going to stay at Auburn for as long as possible. He thinks he can still win a national championship despite squandering all the talent that has come through the doors at Auburn so far. If he was going to Arkansas, he would have done so 2 years ago instead of using that opening as leverage.
Knocking off Bama and UGA would, in my eyes, redeem the lost opportunity that this season presented. That's a tall order, but I like our chances against UGA more than Bama. Auburn's defense should be able to contain Georgia's offense enough to keep this close ... assuming Auburn doesn't constantly go 3-and-out. Auburn needs those tough, sustained drives on offense to win this one and I don't know that Malzahn can dial that up. Lose this game, and Malzahn really needs to look at Arkansas as his home for the future.
Oh please, Bama's only tough game so far and they blew it. Do a blind resume test and see how it compares to other teams. Sorry, but no, the committee does have a choice ... kick Bama out of the top 4 rankings until proven otherwise. Make Bama earn their way in ... like every other team. And did I read that right? Auburn is playing its best game right now? Uh ... we almost lost to Ole Miss. Our offense has regressed, my friend. Auburn will very well lose to both UGA and Bama. Maybe then, Gus will go to Arkansas and we can move on.
...and if Auburn didn't turn the ball over ... and if Nix were a better passer ... Auburn would be undefeated right now! Those things did happen. They're part of the game. Accept it and move on.
Correct. He hasn't done a "bad" job. Auburn is at least competitive and remains a middle tier SEC team. And that's all Auburn is going to be under Malzahn. If that's the goal, then fine ... but don't pay him 7 million a year when that sort of money is usually expected to pay a coach who wins trophies. Repeat ... I'm okay if Auburn wants to be a middle of the pack program that occasionally has a great season ... but don't write a blank check to Malzahn.
Let's clear the record, shall we? Malzahn had absolutely nothing to do with Cam Newton's success. Newton had enough raw talent and drive to do what he did with or without Malzahn. Cam would have been just as good under any other coach ... his time at JUCO should be proof enough of that. So let's not give credit where credit is not due. Malzahn did take a team to the BCS game ... and lost it when it was clear they could have/should have won. But again, if you take away two plays from the regular season, Auburn finishes 9-3 ... a respectable season, sure, but doesn't that dull the luster of Malzahn's myth just a little? It wasn't coaching that made that hail mary pass bounce off two Georgia defenders and into the receiver's hands. It wasn't coaching that allowed Chris Davis to return a missed kick field for a touchdown. So, again, that was NOT Malzahn's doing. The "greatest play" in college football had absolutely NOTHING to do with Malzahn. Period. And in 2017? Stidham's first year and Kerryon Johnson's last year? Let me repeat that last name for you ... Kerryon Johnson. That Auburn team was day and night with and without Johnson on the field. As for Nix. You claim that he is "Clearly the better QB." Says who? Based on what? I'm going to ask you to go back to Malzahn's press conferences in fall camp where he said that Gatewood and Nix were QB 1A and 1B because the two were so close that it was impossible to say one of them had separated himself. If you really believe that Nix was chosen because he somehow surged late, I've got beachfront property in Montana I'd like to sell you. And do you really expect us to believe that a true freshman quarterback who has a 50% passing completion rate is better than a guy who has been in Malzahn's system for over a year? Because ... what does that say about Malzahn and developing quarterbacks? Face it ... no matter how you spin it, this is bad for Malzahn. Malzahn built a name for himself in high school. He only came up to college ball as part of a package deal with several players including Mitch Mustain for Arkansas. Since then, his offenses are at best inconsistent with some flashes of "wow!" but more often than not, they are predictable and flat. Next year, 8-4 is Auburn's ceiling when all the talent on defense is playing on Sunday. So again, if you want to pay the guy top dollar to give this team 8-4 seasons, you keep on doing that. And hey, give credit to Jimmy Sexton (the real reason Malzahn has achieved that dream you talk about). Sexton, I should note represents dozens of high name coaches ... including Nick Saban. I'm not saying there's a conflict of interests there, but Saban is Sexton's biggest money maker ... is Sexton really going to do anything that would allow his top earner to stumble?
Let me ask you this. Where would Malzahn move on to after Auburn? Are teams like Clemson or Ohio State or Oklahoma in his future? No, no he's not. Auburn is his ceiling ... and he knows it. If and when Malzahn moves on, it will be to a middle tier power 5 program, or maybe a G5 program. The point is, Malzahn needs Auburn a lot more than Auburn needs Malzahn. He isn't a good coach. Sure, sometimes he gets lucky. Take away two miracle plays in 2013 and Auburn is 9-3 heading into bowl season. That's not coaching, that's the team believing in itself (oh, and they were almost all Chizik's players). Auburn can recruit just fine regardless of who the coach is. What happens with all that talent is the true question. How many promising quarterbacks have come to Auburn only to flame out and do nothing? Take this season: we came into spring practice with a relatively deep roster at QB. Willis left. And now Gatewood is gone. The smart move would have been to redshirt Nix, play Gatewood and use Willis as a backup. Now, all we have is Nix (and Sandberg, but ... come on). This 2019 defense is the best defense Auburn has ever had and likely will ever have for quite some time. This defense is national championship-caliber. Malzahn lost the games against Florida and LSU. And we're likely going to lose one or both games against UGA and Bama. Next season, when at least half of the defensive starters are gone, we won't have the defense to rely on while Gus tries to figure out why his book of trick plays doesn't cut it. If you want to keep Gus Malzahn who is pretty much an 8-4 coach, then I guess you're happy to pay him among a salary that ranks him among the top ten coaches in the country?