Die hard Ole Miss fan stuck in west TN
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Ole miss players get into a fight and sit out possible 2 or 3 games but auburn players smoke/sell weed and sit out not even a whole game
I can honestly say as an ole miss fan that I can't wait to watch fournette and Malachi. I've been excited this whole time and was anxious when Malachi was deciding where to go to college since we were still in the mix
And might it add or remove? Do you happen to be a Mizzou fan?
I can't believe I'm saying this but If I would have done this State would be in front of y'all. A&M hasn't proved they can play with out Johnny yet so they are at a good spot. Mizzou is in a good spot actually considering Beckam is gone.
He can win a Championship but can't seem to beat one of the most underated teams in the SEC
You seriously think Kentucky had a good recruiting year?
Do you truly believe that LSU will have the best secondary in the SEC? Ole Miss's secondary will be loaded, have depth, and also be fairly young. Down quarterback class? Does that mean your denying the fact that Bo Wallace and Nick Marshall could be a few of the best quarterbacks in the nation behind Winston and maybe a few other newcomers? It's not like Bo is only 3,700 yards away from passing the great Eli Manning in career passing yardage. Don't get me wrong, I am sure LSU's secondary won't be to bad. I'm just saying before you go off saying the stuff you just did, you should check other SEC teams roster.
We'll see how he does in oxford against Rebel defense. Can't wait 😁
Of course your not a believer. No one seems to be. People judge how good nick Marshall is by how good auburn is and they do the exact same thing to Bo. Bo is easily the best qb in the sec by experience and how much he's improved. I'm not disagreeing with the fact that Bo must step up for us tho, because there will be no doubt he's a huge key to our offense. But come on people realize that it's how good the player is individually not how good his team is.
Apparently SDS doesn't realize both relievers must be incredible because I agree completely with Amari Cooper but Deandrew white? Really? We'll see how they do against rebel DB's in Oxford this year.
Does this have to do with team achievements or player achievements in 2013 because I don't think Marshall should be first team instead of Wallace.
Im a rebel fan and i'm sorta confused why TN is in front of Missouri and Georgia and Florida are in front of Ole Miss? I mostly agree with SDS but as far as this i think your wrong.
What kind of idiot offers an 8th grader? Alabama can get pretty much anyone and anything they want. Atleast let him be a sophmore or a junior before you offer. That is phsyco.