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Cox get your head out of your A**, Giving Georgia an A- and starting the paragraph with that moronic quote is absolutely ridiculous.Undefeated and ranked number 3 and this is what you print??! You sir are a dumba**.
That was a complete meltdown by the coaching staff.Had Aubie laying the points and thought at half it was a done deal.
Would be foolish to play him,he will not play entire game if he starts.
Neither team has much to be happy about in that game.Not an impressive showing by either squad,but I know the Gators will be in Championship form in Jacksonville....always are.
Chubb is the best back in the league if not for splitting carries with 4 yes four other backs he would be leading the nation in yards and touchdowns.
Big 10 overrated,Big 12 not good and PAC 12 better hope Washington can hang on.SEC looking pretty good .The first playoff poll will be interesting to see.
I'm guessing you are feeling like a Douche bag that gets his ass kicked every Saturday like your chosen high school ball team......
Like I mentioned earlier this morning that he was a committing to Georgia wait and see what is going to happen over the next month.Georgia will have the top class in '18...GO DAWGS!
Coming to Georgia with three more top recruits by the end of the month.
Do not really care about the Alabama comparisons,this Georgia team is playing Great football up to this point.Kirby is coaching for four qtrs and the team is responding.If we keep doing what we need to and Bama takes care of their business as I expect they will,we can see if there is a discussion to be had about resembling Bama.GO DAWGS!!
Pruitt seems the more logical choice of the group.The other head coachs are in good spots.Saban is Bama and once he is gone the brand will reset and the field will equalize.Bama is a good school with good talent and that is a result of Saban being at the helm,once that changes so will recruiting.
If Chubb wasn't sharing carries with 3 other RB's the stats wouldn't be close.I like Kelly a lot but Chubb is back to his old self and is going to have strong legs at the end of games due to limited carries.Should be a good one to watch on Saturday.
I don't know about fake news...but I do know what's coming down the track and it's a bada** defense dressed in red and black.The Vols are going to feel that hobnail boot again....
No.While Kelly is a good back he is going to be hit by some grown men Saturday,and will be wishing he was playing UMass.He and the rest of the offense are going to be introduced to a real defese.
A couple of observations: 1.The BIG 10 is overrated as always 2.Florida has a Horse shoe around their neck 3.The only teams ahead of Georgia that I feel could actually beat Georgia are Clemson and Bama 4.Why is FSU still ranked
Wolfman you may be the biggest homer in the history of college football....Auburn as bad as they have looked will get well quick against a team that got trucked by Purdue...let that sink in.
I feel for you VOLS having to listen to what comes out of this guys mouth.He should write out what he is going to say before every presser,read it,and repeat two or three times and then he may not say such dumba** things.No excuse for losing that game,UT will never make it to Atlanta with this guy at the helm.
Interesting you grade A&M lower than Auburn.Auburn looked atrocious not Mizzou atrocious but bad.Mercer is a FCS School and gave them all they wanted.
Mizzou looks completely lost,UT and UF looked average at best.South Carolina was overhyped and thusly KY is still an unknown.VANDY looked good and they will finish better than expected.Georgia will know who they are after Saturday's game with State.Auburn and LSU are not what they were pumped up to be,State looks like the real deal and will be the team that pushes Bama this year.Bama is Bana until proven differently.Fitzgerald is the best QB in the league and Georgia's RB look to be the best group.Vandy and Georgia's Defense looks be a very competitive group.
Why do you Gamecocks have such inferiority complexes??ND is a better team this year than last just as Carolina appears to be better this year than last.Hold on don't get in a hurry your Gamecocks are going to get their chance against the Dawgs and it's not going to be fun for you Cocks...
At this point in the season I believe the two best QB's in the league both reside in the State of Mississippi.
Not impressed with Big 10 play....overrated as usual.
Every year the experts have Aubie beating Georgia and it rarely happens.Stidhamif he survives to November will not have a fundaywhenthose Junkyard Dawgs are poppinghiminthe mouth...this isn't the Big 12...
Simmons from MSU should have made this list,the guy did it all.
I don't see the big problem here with the top three,but the rest needs work.Michigan and Wisconsin do not belong in top 8.
Norte Dames offensive line has been pumped alll off season as an elite group and they simply couldn't handle the speed and strength of Georgia's front sevenGeorgia has much work to do on offense but our Di is LEGIT.
Landed in Chicago and left Sunday,Georgia fans everywhere.We owned the stadium,it was unbelievable that we outnumbered them and the Domers sitting in my area weren't happy about their fan base selling their tics.It was a tough place for a true Freshman to earn his stripes but he did enough to get the W.Georgia's front 7 is as good as anyone in the Country,not being a Homer just stating a fact. Crichvol boy go get a trash can and clean that weak ass team you have up,see u in Knoxville.
All the hype about Stidham was premature and the offensive line looked awful the last two weeks.AU has good RB's but load the box and man coverage takes care of that.Bama looking like an undefeated SEC West team heading into Atlanta.LSU hasn't played anyone yet to see if they are going to be a threat.