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No I’m talking about this year.After tonight the only team to give Bama a game start to finish and have the smallest margin of loss will have been Georgia.
The two best teams at the end of the season played in Atlanta at the SECCG.Bama will Win this game by double digits.While Clemson is a good team they have not played anyone with the caliber of talent and coaching that they will tonight.Bama got complacent with OK after running away with it by 28 points,NS will have those boys focused.ND was a bye for Clemson and missing the big D lineman didn’t matter his absence will be felt tonight.Tua and those wideouts are going to light up that very average secondary.So tomorrow the BS will begin about how BAMA is making college football boring yadayada....everyone else needs to get better,including my Dawgs.
Hey Gump,you and those of your ilk are what give your State and fanbase the sterotypical rep that you have.So sit down and shut up...Capice?
Texas Boy that is the most Dumba** comment I have ever read on this site.....and that is saying a lot.
Wow what a message of leadership....UT has a long way to go and I don’t see JP as the one to get them back, he is not a Top Tier HC.The SEC East will be a UGA/UF battle for the next 4-5 years.
‘You mad Bro?13 and ‘14 Really?Thump that chip off your
The two most ignorant post you will read this year.
Our boys are growing up and getting better game by game.They play the games for a reason,much football to be played before the showdown on 12/1.
Florida has much farther to go in getting back to their championship days than I thought.A team on the build would have came out and mopped the floor with Missouri after getting gut punched by Georgia like they did.
So Pruitt lied?This is a strange situation.The player sounds believable but why did a Pruitt throw him under the bus.
Load up on SC and take your Bookits money.Cocks will win this by double digits.While your placing that bet do a 3 team parlay with Georgia,South Carolina and Miss St. Thank me later....
I agree with all of these comments.It will all be sorted out on the field,however you have to scratch your head on this ranking.If you are going on the performances of the teams to date,there is no way Auburn is #7 should be 4 based on resume,and what were those 6 voters thinking that voted Clemson #1.After this weekend I think you are going to see Auburn move up to what should be in the top 4.
Not that it matters but Clemson isn’t better than Georgia on either side of the ball.That vaunted DLine got pushed around and moved on at will by A&M.The thing is that will be Clemson’s toughest game until they play USCE at the end of the season,so we will have to hear how great they are.
^^^ I very much agree with you.I had to turn the sound off after three quarters of it.
Bulldog blitz, You Sir are a Dumba**.Nick is a great kid,he made a mistake and he will learn from it.Be glad you have him on your team and if you can’t say anything intelligent keep your mouth shut.
This should be a good game,no guarantees here except that if I’m still on this side of the grass I will be in Williams Brice to watch what should be a great game.Lattimore was a heck of a back,I was at the game when he led them to victory as a freshman over us,couldn’t stop him.Which ever team walks out with a Win will have earned it,for that I will guarantee.
Georgias biggest threat to get beat will come in Baton Rouge on 10/13.Gamecocks will be improved and have a great offense but will not be able to stop Georgia from scoring.
There is no QB controversy in Athens...Fromm is the guy unless he gets injured.
The top 4 is the right number and the right 4 got in,it is what it is.
SEC Boomer..are you serious UT isnt scaring anyone anytime soon.I like Pruitt but UT is a complete rebuild and will not be back for four or five years.The positive takeaway is that no one has to listen to those absolute ignorant cliches come out of Butch's mouth anymore.
He will not have to sit for a year,can play right away assuming he earns a spot.
I would rather they go to the little 10 game.......regardless I look forward to being in MBS and seeing if my Dawgs are able to play a better game against the Barners.
Hey Volbuc you need to worry about that train wreck you support rather than making predictions on a program that has owned the Life Champs for quite some
No Georgia had its Coach for a long time....Good luck getting a decent Coach to come to the under performing dumpster fire that is UT....41-0 still hurts doesn't life champ.
UT has devolved into a complete joke.Jones is as bad or worse than Dooley.0-5 in SEC play.The AD is not impressive he should go to ole Orange is in need of a total rebuild.
I'm not buying this hype on LSU,if Bama doesn't roll over them convincingly I will be very surprised and If I were a Bana fan concerned.A&M will give Auburn a fight.Georgia wears out the Cocks and covers the 23 and goes over the total.If Tennessee doesn't win and a Jones ends the day still employed UT Should fire the AD.
Cocks are going to get mauled by the Dawgs.The Georgia D will make SC one dimensional and then the sacks and INT's will begin.Look for some big pass plays to open up due to Muschamp loading the box to stop the run.Fromm will silence the critics regarding his passing ability.Dawgs win and cover the 23.