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This year the East is a two horse race (UGA/FLA)and the West is a 3 horse race(Bama,AU,LSU).The Ga/AU and FLA/LSU games will more than likely shape the final standings in both divisions.
This looks about right.The head to head between UGA and Fla will probably tell the tale.I see both of them losing one of their crossover games but think they both can run the table in the East.
Georgia having the #3 recruiting class and keeping Chubb and Michel, as well also returning 10 starters on the Defense might deserve another look.
Homer much?? Several SEC QBs better than Ole Miss.
Too many Big 10 teams in the top ten.Same deal every year they are way overrated.
No,this is a fail.Like Coach O but some Coaches aren't cut out to be the head man and Coach O is one of them.The AD is one of the most incapable Administrators in the country.LSU is one of the top 10 programs in the country and they should have had their pic.
He can't do it all by himself.Dak had a better supporting cast.Nick will do fine,good kid,and he is a gamer.Kmow him well,wish we could have kept him in Georgia!!
Butch Jones is the biggest blowhard...brick by brick,team 120 Champions of Life....what a load of crap Sgt.Carter.
Pathetic play and it's on this staff,love Kirby or Richt doesn't matter this team came off a bye and looked lost on offense.If Kirby is what we thought he could be Chaney will be gone at years end,he is not going to do it.Why Kirby hired him is beyond logic.
The young players are giving it their all,but the older guys haven't bought into Smart and have quit in him.Simoly pathetic.
AUFan205 good luck with your trip to Athens,that weak East team has owned the Barners...LOL
Bama wins this by double digits,but UT will win out and get another crack at them in Atlanta.
Bama will win this one rather easily,but UT will win out and go to Atlanta.
The Ga/Fla game will not be moved.Too many alumni on both teams have booked their rooms and made travel arrangements.If that was plan A better start looking at Plan B.
Butch Jones looks like a raving lunatic 60% of the time,that he is on the sideline.Looks like he is either going to start strangling people or have a complete mental break down....
The kid had a bad day,it happens.There will be many more great days than ones like this.He is getting his lumps now but don't kid yourself he is a baller.
Ever see Arkansas playing for anything but back of the pack bowl delusional.....
Typical arrogant dumb ass statement from a Vol fan....#NO CLASS # Lets get a Butch Cut LOL....
It's golden hearing Razorback criticizing Georgia,considering Arkansas hasn't been relevant since they threw the leather helmets to the side...LSU will have all they want with Mizzou,if and its a big if beat Mizzou it will be by single digits.The Dawgs will come to play and the Vols better too or those people getting the Butch cut are going to be regretting that decision.
What's the chances of Butch Jones not exploding by end of game??? He looks like a complete mad man.
Disappointing effort period,hat tip to Ole Miss great win.By far the best QB in the league with strong recieving Corp to throw to.Kirby better getem ready for next week.I called a win against UT and am staying with it.There is a LARGE difference in talent level between Ole Miss and UT.Florida will hammer UT and Sec East will be decided in Jacksonville.
I think it's going to be tough for my Dawgs to leave Oxford with a win,but if our receivers will do a better job catching the rock it could happen.The back end of the Ole Miss D is vulnerable and if we have some success throwing early Chubb and company could be the difference by keeping the chains moving and keeping that high flying offense on the sideline.Hoping for a competitive game.
Curious to know who these "too many teams with 0 or 1 loss with better resumes" are????
Classless.Its unfortunate that anyone including UT players have to play on that pathetic excuse of a field.Brick by Brick is going to get hit in the mouth by that Gator Defense.Soften them up for the trip to Athens.