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They looked at the tape. He actually tipped $0.01.
For my fellow band nerds among us, one more reason for the SEC chant: University of Florida Marching Band just won the Sudler Trophy, the highest honor in the land.
Yes, but those two were border states with considerate confederate interests. I'm not saying it's necessary - the SEC is obviously not the CSA - but with so many equating "the south" with one or the other, it's simply a notable overlap.
I don't think the issue is that Duke and Carolina aren't good at football - anyone can get good for a period of time or with proper resources - rather, it's that they don't prioritize football. Football will always be at best second fiddle for them. The SEC already has that school - Kentucky - and while those matchups could be epic on the basketball side, again, it's basketball. I'd rather see NC State and Virginia Tech. Two new states, schools that prioritize football, and the SEC would finally have all of the states that seceded from the Union.