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I dont think ap voters are gonna drop clemson... Even though Alabama has a 28 point win against A&M and a 17 point win against Georgia...
Bold prediction. Nick saban tests negative on saturday for a 3rd straight time and no one knows until he walks out the tunell with the team.
Auburn -2.5 over SC... Tennessee -6.5 over Kentucky... LSU +13... Florida wins by about 10.. Ole Miss -3 Over Arkansas... Texas A&M -6 over Miss St... Missouri -17 over Vandy... Bama -6 over Georgia... Bama wins by about 10...
Only thing I wanna jump in here and say is the Bama Defense gave up 34 points to the Auburn Offense. Not 48.
Which is why I also have this. Oklahoma has had a few close calls lately. That catches them this weekend as Oklahoma State will outscore them. 2nd loss for Oklahoma. Wisconsin running back will be too much for Minnesotas Defense. 2nd loss for Minnesota. Oregon will beat Utah in the pac game, sending Oregon to the Rose Bowl. 2nd loss for Utah. Oklahoma will beat Baylor for the Big12 game, sending Oklahoma to the Sugar Bowl. 2nd loss for baylor.
I have this feeling that the committee is looking ahead. If they think Alabama will beat Auburn and Lsu will beat Georgia, then them moving Lsu to #2 this week means they dont want a Alabama Lsu rematch in the semifinal. Just like 2017 when they didn't want Alabama Georgia in a semifinal game. I'm gonna say on Demcember 8th, Alabama Ohio State will play in Atlanta, and Lsu Clemson will go out to Glendale. Just an opinion.
Alabama Lsu in Bryant Denny is gonna be a 1 VS 2 matchup it looks like. Hopefully the game is a night game on ABC or ESPN instead of 230 CBS.