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This list is based off of the ap poll. Alabama was #3 in the ap poll during that game.
Just watched it SEC -ond to none... Lineman are aloud to be downfield on screen passes behind the line of scrimmage... The lineman went downfield and it was a screen out to oj howard behind the line of scrimmage.. Legal.
Well everyone has their opinion and here is mine... Alabama's starting defense in 3 - 4 - 5 look.... Jonathan Allen Daron Payne Dalvin Tomlinson Ryan Anderson Reuben Foster Shaun Hamilton Tim Williams Marlon Humphrey Minkah Fitzpatrick Eddie Jackson Ronnie Harrison Kendall Sheffield * Reserves 2 deep Da Shawn Hand OJ Smith Josh Frazier Rashaan Evans Christian Miller Adonis Thomas Ben Davis Tony Brown Deionte Thompson Shawn Becker Hootie Jones Maruice Smith * Takeaways Off the 2015 defense, Alabama lost: A Shawn Robinson Jarran Reed Reggie Ragland Geno Smith Cyrus Jones 5 Players Minkah Fitzpatrick moves to corner to take over Cyrus Jones spot, that is an upgrade. Ronnie Harrison moves to safety to take over Geno Smith, that is an upgrade. Reuben Foster is the new leader of the defense sliding over to replace Reggie Ragland,(Which is more important than QB at Alabama in my opinion), and he will be Saban's best linebacker leader to play under him when he leaves after 2016... A Shawn Robinson and Jaran Reed are big time run stoppers lost, but Daron Payne, and Dalvin Tomlinson are just as good run stoppers.. Alabam didn't lose 1 single pass rusher.. Jonathan Allen, Tim Williams, Ryan Anderson, Da Shawn Hand, Rashann Evans, all return. So I don't see why anyone would make an argument that Alabama doesn't deserve to be number 1 on this list until someone this fall shows a better group of 2 deep players that are already proven...
Bama returns... Cam Robinson, Ross Piechbacher, Alphonse Taylor, Calvin Ridley, Aradrius Stewart, Oj Howard, Jonathan Allen, Dalvin Tomlinson, Daron Payne, Tim Williams, Dashawn Hand, Ryan Anderson, Rashann Evans, Reuben Foster, Shaun Hamilton, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Eddie Jackson, Marlon Humphrey, Ronnie Harrison.. That is more than 5 or 6... Just saying Guys you will hear about.. Blake Barnett Bo Scarbrough Robert Foster Cam Sims Melkahi Brown Anfernee Jennings Ben Davis Kendall Sherrfield
Mine is: QB1 David Cornwell, QB2 Blake Barnett RB1 Bo Scarbrough, RB2 Damien Harris WR — Robert Foster, Daylon Charlot WR — Calvin Ridley, Cam Sims WR — Ardarius Stewart, Derek Kief TE — O.J. Howard, Hale Hentges LT — Lester Cotton, Charles Baldwin LG — Ross Pierschbacher, Dallas Warmack C — Bradley Bozeman, J C Hassenauer RG — Alphonse Taylor, Koren Kirvin RT — Cam Robinson moves to Right Tackle, Brandon Greene DE — Jonathan Allen, Da Shawn Hand DT — Daron Payne, Joshua Frazier DE — Dalvin Tomlinson, O J Smith JACK — Tim Williams, Christian Miller SAM — Ryan Anderson, Rashaan Evans MLB — Shaun Dion Hamilton, Adonis Thomas WLB — Reuben Foster, Jamey Mosley CB 1 Marlon Humphrey, CB 2 Minkah Fitzpatrick SS — Eddie Jackson, Hootie Jones FS — Ronnie Harrison, Kendall Sheffield STAR — Maurice Smith , Shawn Becker Punt Returner: Eddie Jackson
Jonathan Allen got a 2nd round grade and just had shoulder surgery this week... It was wise for him to return, so I don't agree with him being on the most to lose section.
Alabama's front 7 next season.... Ryan Anderson / Reuben Foster / Shaun Hamilton / Tim Williams Dalvin Tomlinson / Daron Payne / Jonathan Allen Rotation on the D Line Da Shawn Hand / Josh Frazier / OJ Smith / Stephen Hodge
6 of these guys are gone and 8 are returning..
Assuming some don't go pro, here is the starters next year I see.. OFFENSE QB: David Cornwell RB: Bo Scarbrough LT: Cam Robinson LG: Ross Pierschbacher C: Bradley Bozeman RG: Alphonse Taylor RT: Lester Cotton R1: Ardarius Stewart R2: Calvin Ridley R3: Robert Foster TE: Oj Howard, if going pro, Ty Flournet Smith or Hale Hentges Back up Skill RB: Damien Harris R1: Cam Sims R2: Daylon Charlot R3: Derek Kief DEFENSE 3 - 4 - 4 formation Line: Dalvin Tomlinson, Daron Payne, Dashawn Hand Linebackers: Reuben Foster, Shawn Hamilton, Tim Williams, Ryan Anderson Corner: Marlon Humphrey, Tony Brown Safety: Eddie Jackson, Minkah Fitzpatrick Star: Ronnie Harrison Just reload
And what is 1 thing all these qb's have in common? They had defense on the other side making plays too in those games. 1. Ole Miss getting 3 interceptions and 2 fumbled kickoffs. 2. Ohio State getting 3 interceptions, which 1 was a pick six. (Ole Miss 2013 was a hard fought game that Ole Miss just straight up won) 3. Oklahoma getting 3 interceptions, which 1 was a pick six. 4. Auburn stopping Alabama on a 4th and 1 and forcing Alabama to kick their 4 missed field goals. 5. Texas A&M getting 2 interceptions, 1 which was on the goal line. 6. LSU forcing Alabama to kick their 4 missed field goals. Just saying, but there is a lot more to these wins than just the QB play, those were OVERALL team wins. And everyone out there acts like Alabama is the only team that struggles with a mobile QB. Name me 1 team that completely shuts down mobile qb's? Watson may be a mobile QB, but Alabama defenses in the past haven't had the pair of linebackers with Reggie Ragland and Reuben Foster, with speedy edge guys like Tim Williams and Ryan Anderson. I believe these guys on this defense can slow down Watson and force him into 3rd&8 or longers a lot.
Sounds to me like the writer of this article will be wearing a Michigan State shirt come thursday night...
This list is of players that started... Coker didn't start last year. People just named him the starter... And who cares if Coker isn't anywhere close to being the greatest qb. He is 12 - 0 as a starter and that's the only stat I care about.
You left out Middle Tennessee from the group of 5 section
Alabama played 10 bowl eligible teams. Wisconsin Middle Tennessee Ole Miss Georgia Arkansas Texas A&M Tennessee LSU Miss State Auburn 11 if you include Florida.
I could care less about Cokers stat. Only one I care about is that he is 12 - 0 as a starter.
Jim Mcelwain just needs his own offensive recruited players. He is using Muschamps offensive recruits. You gotta remember that.
Is that a Florida fan that took the hat? lol The guy wearing the blue shirt, his shirt says Florida. The woman is wearing an orange jacket. The guy that took the hat is wearing a white jacket that looks like it says Gators on the back of it.
Alabama was dead buried and gone... GONE. LOL
Well LSU and Tennessee are back ranked, and Alabama beat 10 teams that are going bowling. No one else has 10 bowl eligible teams on their schedule. Beat Florida, it's 11 teams. Maybe Charleston Southern wins the FCS, thats a win over the FCS National Champions.
I have: Bama 31 Florida 6 Clemson 35 North Carolina 28 Iowa 24 Michigan State 21 Stanford 41 USC 31
Reminds me of last year. Ohio State loses early, goes on a run. Herman is the next head coach of Houston but will coach them through the postseason. Alabama loses early, goes on a run. Kirby is the next head coach of Georgia but will coach them through the postseason.
People don't want Alabama in the playoff this year because they have a good front 7, an improved secondary, a run oriented, throwing off play action offense. They look like the old Alabama of 2008 - 2012. Last year, Alabama went into the playoff with the secondary not playing good at all and threw the ball around every which way with Sims. I mean, it was 21 - 6 and 6 straight times sims threw the ball and just like that it was 21 - 20 halftime. They had a 20 yard punt and first play, interception. Henry went from the end of the 1st quarter all the way to mid way through the 3rd quarter without a carry. This year if Alabama gets in the playoff, Coker wont be throwing the ball as much as Sims did and Alabama will be running the ball to control time of possession. If someone stops them with Henry getting 30+ carries, then so be it. Just don't see it happening this year around.
Alabama also has 10 wins against teams that are going to a bowl game. Most by any team in Div I. And if Charleston Southern somehow wins the FCS playoff, that's a win over the FCS Champion.
4. RB DERRICK HENRY, ALABAMA Last week: 1 That's my question. What did he do wrong to drop 3 spots on this list in 1 week
I am not talking about as a whole season. I am talking about from last week to this week. Henry was 1 last week on this list, now he is 4.
I doubt that. Mel will prolly stay with the secondary.
The only thing no one has said is if Kirby is going straight to Georgia, or is he waiting till after bowl season.
A Coordinator might coordinate the position group he is assigned to, but defense is always in Saban's control. Don't care who we hire and wish all the best for Kirby.