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This is basically a rinse and repeat game for A&M from Auburn with similar but slightly better QB play, but without Auburn's better defense. I think Jimbo has this team dialed in and we come out with a big win.
I haven't yelled at my TV that much in a long time. Helluva slugfest. I'm going to need Wydermeyer and Smith to catch the ball better next week on the road or else we could be in trouble on the road. Thank God defense travels. #BTHOolemiss
If A&M can beat Bama with Calzada, UGA can definitely win with Bennett
Agreed. Should have let them continue to drown at the bottom of the Big12. It would have been fun watching them implode to upcoming new members UCF, Houston, Cincinnati and BYU.
I'm good with the order on this list. Just because a team is undefeated doesn't qualify for an automatic top 4. Glad to see the committee feels the same way. For now. However, I believe if Clemson had the same record and schedule as Wake Forest they'd be in top 4, regardless of the weak strength of record.