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I think more important than the calls that we were getting were the calls that we weren't. Auburn had to overcome many missed calls all day. Poor officiating both ways.
They said no because they would have to pay $1.5M to buyout their game vs. South Alabama. Florida's buyout is only $500k. Florida turned down every viable option and are trying to make LSU look like the bad guys now because they don't want to pay $1.5M to play a game they could have played at no extra cost if Florida wasn't too scared to play. I don't like either team but it is clear to everyone but Florida fans that this whole debacle falls on the shoulders of Florida.
I looked it up and Georgia had 6 games at noon, which is half of the regular season. Auburn had 5 noon (11AM Central) games in 2015. It's miserable, especially if you are planning on going to the game from out of town.
Malzahn has already said Stephen Davis Jr. is out for the season.
These are scholarship offers. You don't have to be a commit to get an offer.
Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas A&M, LSU and Mississippi State are 5 schools , not 4. Also they play 6 in a row (with a bye in there) then Chattanooga, then Auburn. That is not 7 to end the season. If you are going to bash someone else's opinion at least do some research before you do so. Also, Cowherd is not even out of line in his comment. I think SEC teams for sure manipulate their schedules. He already pointed out how Alabama does it, but for Auburn we only have 2 times during the season where we play two average/above average teams in back-to-back weeks. Arkansas-Ole Miss and Texas A&M-LSU.
Last year the SEC media picked Alabama to win the west, but Auburn to win the SEC championship. I think people forget you have to win your division to even have a chance to win the conference...
He will be a member of the 2017 class, not 2016.
David Marshall is not going to JUCO. The player from our class that has to go to JUCO is Daquan Newkirk.
I'm pretty sure Javarius Davis is listed wrong. He was recruited as a rb for Florida but a cb for Auburn.
He wasn't saying Texas is in the SEC. He was saying that Texas is one of two states that has a SEC team, but the SEC team (Texas A&M) isn't the winningest team in the state, Texas is.