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Come to think of it, how in the heck did Jerry Jeudy not make this list? If I recall correctly, he had a higher TD rate than Ruggs did in 2017.
White offense vs Crimson defense looks like must-see
Great hire, and even more knowledge of the state of Texas is being added.
Okay, I know that Alabama appeared to have a few bumps in the road on defense just now, but 7 for Golding is a bit low. I suppose that people have trouble remembering the effort he put in for much of the season (including giving OSU their worst game on offense in a few seasons). I think the man should get more respect for what he was able to do the defense.
As much as I hate to say this, I saw this type of ending coming once they started cooling off in February. This was a team truly capable of at least winning the SEC (which they did), and perhaps even more in the NCAA tournament. However, the disappearing acts (typically spawned by certain players disappearing from game to game) were eventually going to catch up to them. I expected them to lose in the Sweet 16 once I saw this bracket, but by a different team that would have ended up as their opponent. The key reason for my skepticism was the inconsistent play.
Yep, and that's considering that the football team went undefeated against 11 SEC teams. That may never happen again.
Holy heavy is that chain?
Wow, this is unfortunate. Get well soon Coach...placing your health first before football is a courageous decision.
I've always believed that this team is at its best when Petty is on his game on both ends. I noticed that he affected the team in this way even when Avery Johnson was coaching them. He's too big of a talent to have these slumps game after game.
They're getting ABC back involved after all this time. the Friday Apr 2 date actually the proposed date of the first scrimmage?
Mullen answers questions without the proper context as usual. He won't have the same team that was "six points away from Bama" the last time they met.
Why is the 2019 bracket posted on this article?
Yeah, LSU's scorers showed up for this game compared to the last two. Great game guys!
Hmm...I thought those were called care packages.
That is terrible news, especially considering how this happened in the first place.
I guess opting out of the bowl games gave him more time to do what he did in January.
Nope...if it were about money, Texas would have hired him away years ago
Somehow this doesn't surprise me given his track record of constantly changing schools.
UGA/Clemson (in Atlanta) is probably the toughest game (even though this is neutral site, it's a virtual home site for UGA). SC is also slated to play at Clemson upon resuming their rivalry, but that one is tough for them by default.
I wonder if it's a coincidence that they person who wrote this report decided to redact the name of Les Miles as "XXX".
It's a misquote...Byrne clearly stated "in the fall", meaning this fall. it doesn't. You can threaten people plenty of ways without violence. Threat only means statement of intent to harm someone in a general sense.
No one has ever said there might not be a tournament, so assume that it's on unless otherwise reported.
Hmm...I wonder if the SEC is looking to fine the basketball programs like they were the football programs for non-adherence to Covid protocols. This looks like a highly-persistent case for A&M...something's not right with that.
This is a perfect example of a troll question.
I wonder how this would even be enforced in the first place. It seems that they may be attempting to turn officials into doctors, and that is not going to work well. Any attempts to penalize teams for something (like delay of game) would take this sort of judgment to work out.