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I think it would snow in hell sooner than Cincinnati making it into a 4-team playoff without Alabama being there.
Sorry Tim, but beating a crappy Iowa St team with a couple of special teams touchdowns does not make a top-10 team.
Iowa St got 6 votes...lmao. No top 25 team should be ranked when they can't even beat a group of 5 team.
Florida would be the worst of the three teams to treat as a sure bet to make the playoff. Most likely, they are going to have to beat Georgia and Alabama to make it there.
Sorry, but I don't think these cats are losing to Ole Miss any time soon.
Trey Sanders did not injure his knee - it was a foot injury that cost him the season.
Honestly, I'd be surprised if they lost to Georgia here (but it is highly probable that these teams will see each other a second time in the SECCG - expect that one to be potentially tougher if it happens). LSU and Georgia I saw as Bama's toughest games going into this, but Covid/NFL turnover has essentially converted both of those challengers into nearly perfect enigmas that Bama may vanquish. If Bama's defense finally manages to stay largely healthy for the first time in at least three seasons, there is a large chance that they can run the table on this 10-game regular season schedule.
Definitely...I sense that this team is hungry for redemption and simply want to prove that they can do better. They were limited with key injuries and yet only lost two games by a combined 7 points.
So far, I like how the player aspect of this is being handled. The opt-outs, while being detrimental to some teams in terms of quantity, show that players aren't being forced to play at all. They can choose to buy in or out. This is what makes me feel comfortable about this Crimson Tide team so far.
Sorry, but you are completely and totally wrong.
If you could find a brain, you may realize what a clown you are.
It seems like a gray area in the Covid-19 restrictions, but the NCAA left the impression that no in-person recruiting visits are allowed. Whether that is the case remains to be seen - if there are already recruits seeing coaches, that may be leading to a bunch of impermissible contact violations in the near future.
Honestly, I think reality is something contrived just for you.
At least the NCAA is showing that they are willing to accept reality at some point...otherwise, a lot of athletes are going to be losing a chance to prepare for pro sports when possible.
*down the stretch for last season, of course
I seriously doubt that Tua being gone is really that much of a factor given that Mac Jones has already had to fill in for him for a few games down the stretch. Their offense will be fine, and it will be more than enough to cover the spread on Missouri.
The CFP has not made any changes to their plan as far as I can tell. Unless they want to make the fall guys wait until spring is over to stage a championship for all, this won't be changing. That is perhaps the biggest elephant in the room right now (no pun intended).
I think that, if we are fortunate to even see the entirety of the remade schedules played out, that the conference may feel more confident about going to more conference games (probably the 9-game schedule since that is what two other conferences already do). But they could still feel unmoved about this at all due to how the CFP already perceives SEC contenders.
Oddly, this is one of the things that the NCAA is managing to impose on major college football. They require divisions once a conference reaches 12 teams (this is why the SEC became the first team to play a conference championship game, because they were the first to reach that size).
The rivalry is hardly relevant as it currently features a team that constantly chokes and another team that constantly fails to win anything of note.'s your brain that's shrinking. Lay off the drugs.
Outstanding...let's hope he has at least half the leg his older brother has.
When people refuse to be responsible for things they could be responsible for, that is when others end up involved.
It's fascinating how people try to drag down Bama with the schedule arguments, yet they miss the fact that LSU got a road game against Vanderbilt for the second year in a row.
The elephant in the room is the postseason. With the mess of "fall or spring" decision making makes it apparent that the season will be too long to reconcile for whoever starts up first and ends up in the top 4. Why wait until May to compete for a title?