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That's right...the writer did say "at the Rose Bowl", which is what the stadium is called. The "Rose Bowl" game itself is only traditionally played on New Year's Day at that site (with a couple of exceptions, one of which we just saw).
I was totally not surprised to see the result of this. There was a lesser-known Clemson receiver that put over 100 yards receiving on him before this game. I think anyone who has watched Devonta Smith throughout the season would have guessed Wade would get torched here.
This is what I call "the fair-weather fan mentality."
I particularly felt for that 2016 team - they were possibly a few missed 3rd downs away from winning that title. The defense was practically dead at the end of that game due to being left on the field for nearly 100 plays against Deshaun Watson. That was no chump defense either - they were making plays like they were going out of style. Losing Eddie Jackson and Shaun-Dion Hamilton from the defense hurt there as well.
Trey Dean, also known as "the guy that got erased by John Metchie III".
Bama has beaten four of the top 10 teams in this poll (with three of them being in the top 5) by double-digits apiece...I'd say that is quite impressive.
Great article, but I have to nitpick one thing: Smitty did not have a wrist was a finger dislocation.
The vibe I get from people's perspective of OSU defeating Clemson reeks of recency bias for the most part.
I know that OSU has a good defensive line, but they have yet to see the caliber of offensive line they will see tonight in Bama's. I would say calling that an advantage for OSU is, at best, premature.
What a wonderfully homeristic assessment of your team Eddie J...of course you know that Bama can hang with your team. You know that you have yet to see an offense as complete as the one that OSU will see Monday night.
"What’s inevitable is that unlike Notre Dame, who admitted it didn’t want to attack Surtain and then proceeded to avoid him all game, the Buckeyes are going to test Surtain." The issue is whether ND wanted to test Surtain, is that they know they couldn't test him. This has gone the same way for several teams that has faced Bama's defense so far. Pat Surtain Jr is the best cover corner that Bama has, and his ability to defend passes is not overrated.
As far as I can tell, the writer is spending too much time trashing Bama's secondary while failing to note their strengths.
Also, don't forget that Bama has Pat Surtain Jr. He should have won the Thorpe award, but he is a consensus All-American corner. If anything, OSU will find themselves mostly staying away from him.
People like to bring up Bama's game against UF to chip away defensive performance, but from what I saw, the player that gave Bama the most difficulty was Kedarius Toney. He's a straight matchup problem for practically anyone he faces due to his versatility. Does OSU even have a player like that? If not, then this is not a valid comparison.
Surtain should have been on this list as well - somehow, as a consensus All-American, he lost out on the Thorpe to a player that didn't even make any of the 5 major All-American teams.
I can tell this journalist is a complete hack. He fails to see that Bama has a better offensive line than OSU's, and he also doesn't realize that OSU hasn't faced any particularly good run games as of late. Najee will remind them who has the better situation between the two RBs.
OSU will have problems even without Waddle. If Wade is their best DB, I can still see him struggling with Devonta Smith.
“Take the Clemson game, for example. Cornell Powell is a decent player, but he’s still a fifth-year senior who didn’t top 50 receiving yards in a game until the 34th game of his career, a little over 2 months ago. In other words, he’s not the caliber of player Wade would face in the NFL. Yet Powell made Wade look silly on multiple occasions on his way to 8 catches for 139 yards and 2 TDs.” Well, if that’s the case, then I think he has NO CHANCE to shut down Smitty. Smitty has even dominated elite defensive backs like Darryl Stingley of LSU.
This writer is silently attempting to leg-hump Fields. Fields has struggled in the past in big games prior to Clemson. Jones maybe has all the advantages over him except with mobility...that is it. do they tie on the big stage? Jones has already led his teams to victory over 4 top-ten teams in the committee's rankings. OSU did beat Clemson just now, but they also struggled to beat two other B1G ranked teams on a short schedule. Bama, on the other hand, has beaten all but one of their ranked teams by double digits.
I am surprised that Trevor Lawrence managed to edge out Mac Jones in votes.
Congrats won this one like a bawse!!!
Someone's mad that Trash didn't win it
Let's just see how this plays out through the week...he was only cleared for practice yesterday. We probably won't know for sure that he plays until close to game time.
Do we have a bit of color blindness going on with this? I can clearly tell the difference between the two colors.
(also meant to say that this was concerning first selection for kicker)
Here is a link to the complete All-American team. In looking at that, I see that they selected the kicker out of Miami (who is also up for the Groza award along with Will Reichard). I can't help but suspect a shaft is coming up for Reichard as he is the only one of the other Groza contenders who did not miss a kick.