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The jersey names for this group are about to get complicated.
Kicking game last year was at best a "jury's out" situation...the regular starter was hurt, and Bama ended up relying on the guy who lost the kicking job to that starter (Bulovas). At best, Bulovas was inconsistent.
I can't treat the discussion of the passing game seriously without mentioning Jaylen Waddle. He was used mostly in the return game, but he was one of the playmakers on offense as well. He has the talent to get 1,000 yards receiving. He will definitely get a larger role in the offense with Jeudy and Ruggs being gone.
Not only college towns would be hurt, but the consequences could be potentially more devastating to collegiate athletics as well. Many programs depend on maybe one sport to stay afloat, and if that revenue dries up, it could cause programs to die. When I think of things like this, I tend to think about what the NCAA death penalty imposed on SMU did to the Southwest Conference. They effectively suffered from two years without football because, even after the one year the NCAA mandated that they don't play, they lacked the ability to even field a competitive team the year after. Teams began to leave the conference in later years to join other conferences. If this happens at a larger scale, collegiate athletics could implode.
As a casual observer, it's quite shocking that neither of these 5 guys are in the hall yet, but in a way, things like this happen quite frequently. They managed to keep Derrick Thomas out for years due to political reasons. With that said, some of these guys seem like easy choices.
I was just waiting for some troll to show up for this.
Crap, probably should have mentioned 2012 - they also won 9 games that year but finished outside the top 25. Those two seasons basically got James Franklin the Penn St job.
One team that was surprising during this time that somehow did not get at least an opening mention of was the 2013 Vanderbilt Commodores. As we all know, Vandy is on average pedestrian at football, yet they won 9 games (most wins for a season in about 100 years for them), and they finished with a top-25 AP ranking that year.
That's actually a good choice. I think he's better than Dak.
They did, but walked back the comment. It wasn't accurate.
Maybe we have ourselves another troll here
If the plan is to start the regular season Sept. 5, what will happen to games scheduled on Aug. 29, Sep. 3, and Sep. 4?
The only issue is that this isn't like some of the others that came before it. This is the worst pandemic that has stricken the country in 100 years. There is currently no vaccine for it, and this will be risky as long as the virus continues to spread unchecked.
Even if the writer claims that he's basing this on preparation, I still think Saban is ahead of Orgeron there.
I agree. Pruitt hasn't even reached his ceiling based on the recruiting he's somehow pulling off now.
If you actually paid attention to this, it talks about Nick Saban discussing the topic.
All I can say about that is I hope that people stay patient with the remedial measures long enough for the case counts to drop to the point where outbreaks would cease. If this can keeps getting kicked down the road otherwise, it can easily wreck what is left of 2020.
As much as people may hate to hear that, Greg is right. Lots athletic programs in the country rely on football to bankroll their athletic departments. There is a reason that FCS schools sign FBS programs up for games every year, because they will never see that kind of money playing other FCS schools. Also, if one isn't convinced that shutdowns won't hurt, just think about what happened to SMU in the mid '80s. That one year they spent on the NCAA death penalty led to changes that practically destroyed a major conference (the SWC).
That depends...any attempts to venture out could be dangerous if anyone comes into contact with a contaminated surface or person.
Yeah, the multiple buyouts since then definitely worked out for him.
I expected the XFL to die eventually, but no one could have expected it to happen like this. If McMahon does in fact have cash to reboot this again, let's see what happens when this epidemic finally does start to disappear.
Nickelodeon...certainly didn't see that one coming