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#VFL whether they leave or not Mr. Erickson.
Get the same reaction from them when I bring up the 2001 beat down too...Jason Witten was lining up wide and outrunning their safeties and corners.
Yeh has been a good run for Bama, but honestly we have not been anybody of consequence since 2007, just a couple of fortunate wins against GA in 09 and this year and a few of south Carolina . But playing Bama does, like LSU/FL GA/AU give us a chance for a spotlight. And it is simply a huge rivalry for fans over 40 who have the cash to spend and most of us wouldn't trade it for nothing. And it goes in cycles decade to decade.
Good point - and one of those A&M coaching changes became part of this mix for a short period of time at AL. Ferentz (1999), Stoops (1999), Patterson (2000), Miles (2005) are about the only big time long tenured, post 10 year coach, at one institution you can point to right now (Dantonia and Saban have 9 years in) - maybe a couple of others that are noteworthy but not a trend. Stability still important though, just hard to find.
And like I am doing know, I can at least admit to it when I have a typo that can't be redacted.
They have some very pitiful amateur journalists and apparently no functional editors on here. If they did research papers in their college classes this way chances are they were C students at best. I like having information compiled for me, and there are some interesting takes on things at times; but without being arrogant I truly believe I could leave leave my position in Higher Ed today and easily start tomorrow writing better articles (and fact checking them better) than what I typically see on here.
Three things: First - Hal Mumme (?) come on man, was a total joke, certainly worse hire than Joker. Two - what is up with these reporters? Are they still Interns that are failing journalism class? "Muschamp succeeded a fired Zook" (?) well yeh - 7 years and two national championship later. I mean Derek Dooley succeeded a fired Bill Battle Battle (Johnny Major/Phillip Fulmer) if you want to look at it that way. Three - Shula...weel ok...but what about Mike Price
They would have been 9-3 had they finished the the cancelled game, which would have been the same record Florida and Tebow had in 2007 when he won it with Florida finishing 3rd in the East. He gets that game and he probably surpasses Henry and Walker's single season record in a 12 game regular season - he sure would have come close It is a popularity contest most years.
Congratulations to Coach Elder. A well deserved opportunity. Hopefully we can continue excellent play in those phase of the game. Our special teams have a lot of talent and speed but have also been remarkably disciplined in their assignments this year.
I don't see them being complacent. I think they are going to be plenty hungry and Jones and staff know Fitzgerald and staff too well to not reinforce how good of a Defensive NW has assembled.
Illegal formation and offside by rule...agreed. Whomever commented for the ACC in the aftermath that said it was an 'error in judgment' also did not understand the rule that was called and was looking for offside based on breaking the plane of the yard marker. Clearly they were too quick to side with Fedora.
not sure the light is on enough to strategically stir the pot...if so, not too witty at doing it. much more subtle and funny ways to call your rival a crybaby. Saban is spot on on this; and it is a huge issue for every defense (and the credibility of officiating) in these days of more and more read option.
He is absolutely right about the downfield rule not being effectively enforced...happened in your game too. unfair advantage to offense, and unfair to defensive coaches teaching their players proper technique and reads, many of whom will attempt to take that to the next level
at least he owned the comment and didn't put if off on someone getting access to his twitter acct.
i suspect the rules committee will take it up next season; either moving it to 1 yard where it probably should be and where it can be more effectively officiated; or att he very least, making it a review-able call. you are correct. this is in everyone's interest except those that are "coaching" to push the boundary since officials can't see it and review it...those that need more trickery than others.