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Not true, that's an outdated conspiracy. You need to do a little more research instead of posting whatever FB meme you just saw. It just makes you look like an uneducated idiot, but maybe that's the vibe you're going for
I would have to imagine that, but it's clear you don't have to. So much projection, and so easily triggered.
No my reading comprehension is fine. If I have Cancer, and hypoxia and organ failure are listed on my death certificate as my cause of death, that still means I die of cancer. Same with Covid, If I go to the hospital with breathing problems and die, my certificate will say things like "organ failure"(lungs) and Pneumonia. That still means I died from Covid. I hope breaking it down to a 5yo level helps you understand, clearly adult level breakdowns were too high level. Let me know if I can dumbdown anything else for you, you seem to need all the help you can get
That doesn't really check out, average flu season deaths fall between 30-60K. Covid deaths per the CDC state 180K...that's 3 years worth of the upper end of flue deaths. Best not to listen to the nut that is notttttttTrudawg
I see what you're claiming, which is just as dumb as I thought it was. The CDC says that 94% of people who've died with Covid-19 had other health issues. Such as blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc. That doesn't even remotely mean what you're claiming it means. When someone with heart disease dies from pneumonia caused by Covid-19, that person still had heart disease that was unrelated to the pneumonia they died from. stupid as I thought it would be. This is what happens when people that have no education or understanding of science and medicine are given a platform to spew BS. The Duning-Kruger affect is strong with this one.
Imagine being this brainwashed...when proven wrong you just deflect, other people provide sources, and you provide none. Maybe we would take you seriously if you provided sources, and if you didn't say your source was the CDC and then tell us that the data provided by the CDC was wrong. live in your brain for a day must be exhausting with that amount of stupid