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I have to admit I was hopeful but not confident we would beat Auburn. I was just looking to keep it close. We won the game in a way that was not as close as the score indicated. When we beat Baylor in the BCS Fiest Bowl, I felt the same. However, I think we can beat LSU. Their offense is pretty weak and there are missing their two starting CBs. Of course we are missing Milton, but Mack will step up well. Now that I feel confident we will probably lose :-). But it’s not a crazy predication.
If UF really wanted to play they would do the 1 and 1 and a third on a neutral field. We don’t get the TV revenue SEC teams get from the ESPN cabal and promotes the SEC like it’s the only conference in football. No doubt it is the best conference don’t get me wrong, but ESPN over does it. UCF needs to earn their money from having big time home games. The ESPN Gameday visit this past year was a huge financial windfall for the school. We can’t afford to throw money away when we are disadvantaged to the Power 5 conferences in revenue and still want to compete. If UF had any guts they would agree to a 1-1.
Florida offered that because they knew we wouldn’t take it. If Florida was serious do the 1 and 1 and a third party field. We can play at the Citrus Bowl or in Jacksonville. Game on. Our school is bigger, our facilities are better (we have a lazy river pool just for athletes) we are the future of Florida football. Andy of you SEC team have the guts to schedule us. I’m not saying we would beat all SEC teams, don’t get me wrong. I’m a die hard fan, but I’m not stupid, it would be much harder playing in the SEC and nearly impossible to go undefeated. But teams don’t want to take the change to lose to us so they won’t schedule us.
You are clueless. When we scheduled UNC they were coming off a division championship in the ACC. These games are scheduled years in advance. We’ve played Penn State (and beat them), lost to the Clowney South Caroline team by 4 points and dump trucked Baylor in the Fiest Bowl. We’ve beaten Georgia and. Auburn in a bowl game, and Bama when we met head to head. Most teams won’t play us in the SEC because they have nothing to gain. BTW, I wouldn’t get too cocky we would mop the floor the Tenneesee.
OK, we are 2-0 in bowl games against SEC team, beating George and Auburn. Don’t forget the only time UCF and Alabama did meet, UCF won. The strength of schedule is BS, because it is a self fulfilling prophecy. If you claim the Power 5 are better conferences, than you are automatically at a disadvantage playing in a Group of 5. When we schedule UNC, they won the ACC division, Pitt was the ACC division this year, we beat them by 31 and Notre Dame barely beat them. I’m not saying we would beat Bama, but I wouldn’t be surprised. We deserve more respect. I’m not suggesting we should be in over Bama or Clemson, but if you compare common opponents, over Notre Dame and I honestly think we would beat OU. Prediction SEC zealots, UCF will win EASILY against LSU. Their offense is horrific, you thin they have a good running game, we run for more than 100 yard per game more, and pass for nearly 100 yards more. Our defense has had some issues, but Randy Shannon adjusts. Point to the 400 yard first half ate Memphis, but you can just as easily point to the 30 yard second half. We shut Auburn’s run game down last year, something Bama didn’t do in their first meeting and only beat them with their top RB out. Don’t hate, when you know we could easily compete in the SEC.