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This kid can sling it. That entire class is amazing, should be fun. We need some D-lineman...
KY @ Georgia. Could be the second best conference game of the season, second to Bama-aTm. That KY team is gritty. The Dawgs are no slouch. This will be a VERY good heavyweight slug fest.
I'm bewildered. Not only does the defensive scheme fall short but the players have quit. Reminds me of pre GP 90s MIZZOU football.
TT, all great points. Either way watching this defense struggle is comparable to being water boarded.
So I have this right, an ESPN analyst with zero coaching experience is calling LK a clown, Wilbon is an idiot.
Very well put Tiger TD. This defense will need to morph into something that will shutdown opponents running game. I'm thinking we will all be frustrated yet agian this weekend.
As long as this defense remains a liability we only have a few remaining winnable games. At this point we have nothing to lose by playing next year's D-line. I'm still clueless if this is a talent issue or a scheme issue, probably a little of both.
I over estimated our talent & coaching. Like many MIZZOU fans this loss was a gut punch. To put this in perspective we lost to an ACC bottom feeder. What I know at this point: 1. We can not stop the run. 2. Our D makes average running backs look like Heisman hopefuls. 3. Our offense is semi-predictable. 4. Our roster was depleted more than originally thought. 5. We have no alpha D-linemen. 6. We are one deep at most positions. 7. We probably won't be competitive for a few more years. I bleed black & gold, and always will.
ATS, from your mouth to God's ears. I have a feeling this will be a close one.
Blue man, with your O-line granny would have CR's rushing numbers.
Tigurrr, did you dislocate your shoulder patting yourself on the back? Goal: Fix the D-Line & LBs Saturday.
Your tigers are playing against a very salty CMU team. Hopefully LSU shows up.
Let's be clear. Our D-Line & LBs are non-existant. Our secondary is legit. I'm not certain why, probably a little of both new system & talent. We will find out if Wilks was worth the money very soon.
Your cats are better than I thought they would be. This could very well be the year your fan base has been waiting for.
By all accounts he is an absolutely stand up guy. In a very short amount of time he has won the trust of his team & coaching staff. I wish him nothing but the best.
You got that right JC. This game is a classic every year.
With any luck I'm hoping your cats are still making adjustments deep into the 4th qtr. This year's cats are balanced offensively, which will totally change the dynamic. Wish both teams good luck & no injuries.
He is definitely the right dude at the right time. He will be tested mightily Saturday.
True, probably both. Nebraska is a $hit show. We also got the #1 recruit in the state of Nebraska as well.
Truth, well put. Thier average offense will look excellent vs ACC defenses. They will be in the playoffs. #1 Bama vs #4 Clempson.
Aubie, One better, ranked by actual stats: 1. Badie, MIZ - 208 2. Richardson (QB), FL - 160 3. White, SC - 128 4. Rodriguez, UK - 125 5. Bigsby, AUB - 119
The wrong thing for a reporter to say after any CFB game when in an open very crowded walkway area and surrounded by drunks "Please don't touch my equipment."