MIZZOU native living in New England

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Yes he does. Looking fwd to seeing what happens on the defensive side of the ball. Hoping Wilks is as good as advertised.
Bama has an abundance of riches of the likes will never be seen again. When 5 star dudes are leaving because they can't crack the starting lineup quantifies the level they have achieved.
This dude is legit. He will score multiple TDs this fall. Good get cats.
There is no doubt he is the greatest college HBC not only of this era, but all the others as well.
Quick answer, two very large TV markets bringing the SEC 4X the revenue brought in by the entire state of ar-kansas. The SEC asked MIZZOU to join.
Ozark, would enjoy knowing why you go out of your way to hate on MIZZOU. All that misguided hate will eat you up. Hoping for your speedy recovery.
I believe whrn he was your HC at LSU. May have been M-State
As Saban has said in the past, if you are reliant upon officiating to win games you certainly are not playing to win.
I say good on Nick, if he is enjoying the work & continues to dominate stick with it as long as his health supports it. Though it does suck for the rest of us in the SEC.
Ever watch Weekend at Bernie's? We will eventually see Saturday's at Nick's...
Barry is a very good coordinator, not so much as a HC. I wish Arky all the best except the one time each year you play us. MIZ-ZOU!
Amen. I mean the dudes last name is Whiteside.
I thank getting someone in there full time to attempt to recover recruiting is very high on Josh's to do list.
I have what Louie is having. Make it a double.
I bet he does, we just don't know about it. I was hoping we would lure him after Barry was canned. But it all worked out. Surprised he wasn't on the VOLS radar.
R&B, couldn't agree more with all your comments. It is tough to compete in East with Georgia & Florida, but I think Drink & his staff will close the gap, will take a few recruiting cycles & some luck.
Actually the all time is 1-7. Last time & only time lil mis beat MIZZOU was in 1974
Angry your rebs are 0-2 vs MIZZOU since joining the SEC?
Crisis, I agree with most of your posts, but saying JH is the best OC MIZ has had in recent history is a stretch. His b12 offense does not work in the SEC, he proved that in como. He beats the tar out of sub .500 teams, and gets skull drug by time control +.500 teams by absolutely gassing his own defense.
Unless something has changed his b12 offense will not work in the SEC. I wish rocky top well, but Les Miles or almost anyone would have been a much better choice.
Sometimes repairing the dilapidated barn make zero sense, rather burn it down & build a new one. In my opinion that is true regarding college football coaching as well. This hire will go a long ways to developing defensive consistency, something we have sorely missed. Stopping LSU on 4th & goal is overshadowed by getting our a$$es kicked by MSU.
Though I was happy he left the Zoo, he would provide a solid footing in Knoxville. Keep him on for 4 or so years to navigate the program out of the fog bank then hire a young forward thinking offensive mind.
The buy out clause is forfeited if fired for certain offenses. Very smart on UT's part. They need to hire a young offensive minded coach that can weather the storm.
Is it September yet? College football, ice cold beers & actually watching games in person. Doesn't get any better than that.
Cincinnati's last years recruiting class was 66th while this years, which is the best in program history is 41st. 48-14 Dawgs. It is not about the X's & O's, it's about the Jim's & the Joe's.
Mullen didn't start a fist fight at the half, so he has that...
Had no idea Whiteside was coming back, and now with Byers plus Jeffcoat the D-Line should be gtg. Good stuff.