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Tomorrow she will have played in more division 1 games than any of us.
Cant help but to hope all goes well for her. She ain't gonna sleep tonight. She'll nail a few FGs, and that is the only points Vandy scores.
That spread is a bit much. Our D is legit, our O, not so much. Eli needs to get Knox more involved.
So which team backed out causing this mess? Is ARKY now without a game Saturday as well?
Guessing Cole didn't realize the game was played in COSC not COMO. The kids didn't have to travel very far.
Brooches, he does bring up a good point. How many games did Barry choke away during his tenure? More than we care to count. I like the dude but he isn't HBC material.
Joe, please change the name of this weekly occurrence to "One Uneducated Guess For Every SEC Game"
My opinion best ZOU helmet of all times has to be the flat black helmet with the gloss black block M. They haven't worn that helmet since GP was HC.
Yes they do. Hoping Eli airs it out a bit, and keeps them honest with Larry up the gut. Our D-Line worries be a bit.
Thank you baby Jesus, we're gonna play some football this weekend.
Why can't we suit up the injured reserves? Who would know or even care? Come to find out the 53 threshold is waiverable.
It's all about the coach. SC should hold out & hire the right offensive minded coach. Wonder if they could pull Brown away from NC...
Really? For beginners two massive TV markets which provide substaintual revenue to the SEC, including Georgia. Secondly we were invited. You should consider doing some research prior asking idiotic questions on a public forum.
Anyone know the status of Whiteside? Sounds as if he could have a banner day if he plays.
I hope they can right the ship. Also crossing my fingers they can field a team on Saturday.
Any one who would look past USCe has no clue of the history this match up has provided. Always a tough out. Whoever wins will win by <7 points. USCe has learned the same lesson we learned last year, hiring a defensive minded HC is a crap shoot. Well, except for Saban & Dabo...
This means two AAC teams in the playoffs assuming they lose to ND without Trevor L.
Bold prediction: No one has a clue what will happen. My worry, under Odom we played even worse when on the road, hopefully Drink can fix that too. If Whiteside is back our chances improve dramatically.
ATS, if your cats had a QB that cold accurately throw the ball this game would have turned out differently. The forward pass opens up the running game. In the absence of an effective passing game MIZZOU put 8 in the box to stop the run.
Good to see Drink's offense can move the ball and control the game against a very good defense. I'm all in.
Exactly. Calling it a toss up would look better than saying 0.1 points. Looking forward to this match up, KY has a great defense, good test for Connor B.
Father living vicariously through his son, thinking his son has a good chance of playing D-1 football when in fact his son has no skills & has a bad attitude. See this type at the HS level often with one exception, they typically don't attempt murder.