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He was a great coach at MIZ,BBN will love him.
He is like the ex-wife, leaves & returns like no big deal. Divorce is the answer. But I have to say, if KY can assemble an offense, including a commited OC and move the ball at will, with that nasty D they become nearly unbeatable.
Rather than Drink they should focus their serch on Butch Jones, I hear he is a great HC.
Let's hope. As a Canadian he is acclimated to play in freezing conditions, could be handy come November.
Yes, this is a kick in the nuts, but this is what to expect in a money driven industry. Will we miss him? Resounding yes. Will he resurrect LSU's D, yes. I agree with many of my MIZ fans, hire from within.
He should be charged with assault, followed by firing.
It is painful watching him attempt to string a coehearant sentence together. He's a good man but having a defibrillator close by would be a good call.
My beloved tigers will have to play flawless football on both sides of the ball, and absolutly own the trenches.
This is a big get. Things looking good in the trenches.
Ohio State is littered with blue chip players. They have a history of excellence. They also have a rookie QB. Our corners will be tested. Like any new QB starter he will make mistakes while leading a vanille offence, MIZZOU will have to take advantage. If Cody has a typical day at work he will stress Ohio's defence. I like our chances.
Afan, agree with your assessment. Sustaining performance is very tough, but I believe this staff is on the right path. ROLL TIDE!
JC is a key cog on this MIZZOU D. He can flat play the sport, and is a master at his position. I look forward to watching him play another season.
Bush league c#^p. Making EM pay a hefty fine they won't soon forget is in order.
This dude can throw darts. He will have a long career even if it is a backup position.
Cayden looked like a 5th year senior last year. He will start in all of our games next season. It is a great day when we lure those true sons back home.
The only modern era MIZZOU coach to be consistently good was Gary. Like Gary, Eli needs time to develope this team. Consistency week in & week out is the tougher equation. Even tougher than that sustained excellence is is nearly unobtainable, requires the best players, coaches, staff, facilities & VERY deep pockets. In the SEC only Bama & Georgia have checked those boxes. For now I will hope for consistency. Ohio State is next, they too have checked all the boxes.
I need a tin foil hat to comprehend your rant. Please get professional help.
This game will be a good one! Hopefully no opt outs.
Solid win. Was expecting a tighter game. I think the hogs quit in the second half. Sammy P has his work cut out for him next season.
The hope is money mevis wears his kicking leg out today with a truck load of kickoffs. MIZ!
Gators over f-state & Kentucky over Louisville. Heard it here first.
The injury bug has been very tough on Arkansas. Hoping our starting linebackers get some snaps.
Fan, my concern mirrors mine. If our tigers come out flat this game will be a challenge. If they play to the standard it will be wrapped up by late in the third qtr.