MIZZOU native living in New England

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I have a feeling this will be a barn burner. Looking forward to it.
Dude, you need to build your own CFB website. Great take on SEC games of the week. I see you did your research as well.
If you travel to COMO for the game bring a coat & blanket.
606, no crying towels needed. We don't put any credence in any preseason polls. Good luck this season.
CWC, you kinda had me until you mentioned Baylor & UCF. I think ku would be a better option, easy win in football for everyone, strong BB school.
APT, our fan base loves the SEC. Been to Athens 3 times since 2013, DAWG fans are always welcoming. This thing won't happen, tx will walk into the SEC offices for negotiations with an army of lawyers. There is a reason why they are hated in the b12.
JT, couldn't agree more. For the life of me I don't understand the hesitancy.
Is the middle finger, aka single horn still legal? It is good to see the b12 officiating men's club is still in texas' back pocket.
Will Muschamp, no wait, he's 0 for 2. I would can Mullen in a millisecond for Matt Campbell at Iowa State.
I believe it is more for his players, probably put it up for a vote. MIZZOU has a closet full of different unis, they vote on which they will wear. Provides ownership. Beamer can win over the locker room with the same tactics.
I-95, fair comment. We both hope our teams perform above expectations, but hope will not get either team very far. Both teams will need some luck this season.
Welcomen to the ZOO Deshawn! I look forward to watching you blow holes in SEC defensive lines.
Tigurrr, some of these kids will make $, some will not. The kids who do will be standouts on Saturdays. No one will pay a kid to endorse their product if they are unknown to the MIZZOU masses. The school will help these kids with contracts & taxes, they will not be given $ based upon what they may be worth down the road.
They should air MIZZOU wrestling. Unfortunately that sport doesn't exist in the SEC, also unfortunately that is the sport we tend to dominate in.
GP, it's gum drops & lolly pops during talking season. Everyone is really good at everything & undefeated.
Let's not forget about the #1 RB in the state of Texas will be announcing his commitment this weekend as well. He is a MIZZOU lean. MIZ!
Agree. Need to establish transfer limits & limit them to first come first serve.
Couldn't agree more. This season will be a test for the Dawgs, the planets are aligned in their favor. If they don't there will be tourches & pitchforks on the streets of Athens.
Pot calling the kettle black. Years ago I listened to Paul on the radio, stopped that about 10 years ago. Moronic callers asking asinine questions.
Bluebones, our toughest opponents since joining the SEC historically are KY & SC. Both are always a fist fight. Always worth the price of admission.
Yes it is. Dismantle the NCAA & stand up a rules board with a member seated with each school to enforce rules, etc. Make Saban the first CFB president.
The demographics in Georgia have changed. I wish him luck but feel he has little to no chance. I'm human, probably wrong but my gut tells me otherwise.
With a defensive minded HC I'm guessing UK fans hope you can move the ball. Like Barry Odom he can always blame the OC for the lack of offense.