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BP has his a mountain to climb at MO state. Losing seasons since the earth cooled. If he can turn things around for the bears while not being part of a scandal he can win anywhere.
No huddle, 300 mph air raid offence, gonna be fun to watch. Your defense will get tired...
Any ideas who they may hire? Hate to say it but Sark may be a great hire, as long as he has put away the bottle.
It is a bit early to call jB a generational athlete, but this dude has all the makings. In football he makes defences look slow & average, and apparently in BB he's no slouch either. Howie Long's quote about Bo could be used, but it is a bit too early.
LSU 31 OK 21 OS 32 Clemson 38 Clemson 21 LSU 23
We witnessed a true class act give a remarkable acceptance speech. His character at such a young age is as impressive as his ability to make great defenses look average. He is a franchise NFL QB in waiting. I'm a fan of this kid & look forward to watching him play on Sundays
I wish Barry nothing but the best. His defense will be salty.
Spot on. Young, energetic, offensive minded.
When you hire a rookie head coach & expect him to compete in the SEC you are setting him & the program up for failure. Hopefully they have learned from the Barry era & hire a seasoned HC.
This is the SEC Toilet Bowl. MIZZOU 3 - Arkansas 2. Attendance 17, counting the officials.
Different angle on the last few seasons semi success offensively, a prolific passing QB (Drew) can cover a $hit load of warts. We thought our o-line was decent, enter KB, great guy but unable to stretch the field. When you can't do what Drew did the only thing you have to do to beat us is stop the run & shadow KB. He will not beat you with his arm even with loose coverage.
Good point, it doesn't appear we can. This team looks a lot like the gators did under WM.
I have no idea what to think about my beloved tigers. Being out talented is nothing new. Being unpredictable is nothing new. Being out coached is nothing new. Losing games we are supposed to win, agian, nothing new. I wouldn't bet a plug nickel on this game. If this team can play & coach to potential it will be 3 in a row vs FL, if not it will be a 4 game skid, easy as that.
Well put swamp tiger. We where way over rated from the get go. At this point the prudent thing to do is play for next year, as our current starters can't get it done, & it appears the coaching staff can't either. It appears our transfer QB forgot how to pass, the O-line forgot how to run block, & our defense forgot how to stop a mobile QB. All in all very tough to watch.
This team & coaching staff has a ton to prove to themselves & the fan base. I've been a fan of MIZ FB for a few decades, which has formed me into a fan that understands our team can & does occasionally lay an egg. It's frustrating & head scratching, but that is a part of being a MIZZOU fan. I don't see this team chocking in back to back games, MIZ by 17.
Derek, relieve Barry of his duties, also it is OK trying out the backup QBs if Kelly is struggling. Oh, almost forgot, our O-line is way overrated.
Agree with the NFL scout call, after all this is SDS, he's probably the guy who sweeps the floors at the uber luxurious SDS headquarters.
Plumb Lee is the real deal. Watching him torch our D in person was eye opening. We have some fast DBs, he made them all look slow. If he can shore up his passing game he will be VERY hard to stop.
Herbstreit said MIZZOU was going to get burnt by Ole Miss during game day Saturday morning. Pay no attention to him. Everything is speculation at this point, lots of football yet to be played. The dawgs are in the driver's seat, they will stay there until another east team takes them down, which will not be an easy task.
Is Badie ok? Didn't see him in the second half.
I'm a bit more apprehensive tha Adam, sure age plays into that. This is a good team, with flaws. Not at the 2013 level. I wouldn't bet my farm on the Georgia game unless Fromm is on the IR. Florida appears to be the real deal, toss up. I'm guessing we will end up 9-3, 10-2 at best. If we look past vandy & tuckey we will pay the price. I also think the NCAA will punch us in the throat for being honest & self reporting everything.