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Tim Brando is one of the reasons we now have a board select the top 20.
Awesome win for your crazy cajuns. Enjoyed watching them kick Iowa State in the teeth.
If the b10 can't pull off the fall season, that will be followed by poaching season.
BT, I agree, but I'm not sure anyone knows how good any one team is (minus the top 4) due to players missing nearly half of fall camp because of quarantine. The least sloppy team wins.
It will be nearly impossible to predict SEC outcomes this season. It will only take one sick starting QB to derail a season.
I attended the game. Paid way too much for the tickets. Was told by every pig fan I know, and numerous attending the game it was going to be a curb stomping. Guess what, they were right.
We knew arky sucked before we joined the SEC, Cotton Bowl 2008.
Mediocrity is 8-3 all time against your sows. Hoping you can finally field a team with a heart beat.
13 TDs, 8 interceptions... if KY had a NFL caliber QB with the current O-line, unstoppable. QBs that throw that many interceptions is the governor on your engine, you will never achieve full throttle.
The NCAA has outlived it's usefulness. If the SEC was to fire the NCAA all other conferences would follow. Same dumbfounded issue with Shawn Robinson last season, not to mention the bowl ban & recruiting limits.
Oh boy, good luck coaching your first SEC game Eli. One good thing, not much offensive tape to examine for MIZZOU. MIZZOU DBs better have fresh horses...
I guess we have already given up on the slacker left coast conference, I personally gave up on them over a decade ago. Let the player poaching begin.
Their is one of our nonconference games. 5 SEC teams will host, & 5 will travel to the Nebraska. Carve it into stone. Now we need one more b10 school to defect & we can keep our original schedule.
A complete season off will make the 2021 season not only sloppy, but full of injuries. Wonder if they will allow teams to continue to practice, at minimum weight room work.
Houston, obviously this is a comical piece & not to be taken seriously, so I will give you a pass. The MIZZOU bus doesn't have rear view mirrors.
No complaints here. As tough as our schedule is, what doesn't kill us will only make us stronger. If the season gets cancelled they (NCAA) should allow ample full contact practise time through the fall.
I'm with you raptor, it is what it is. Let's play some football.
They pulled names out of a hat, wink, wink. So much for easing into Drinks first year. Man battlestations.
He would be an excellent choice, or bring the HBC out of retirement.
Very true. The other variable is available/hireable head coaches. Spurrier & Franklin proved that both schools can be very competitive, but finding available coaches with that ability is very hard to do.
I typically take everything that comes out of Pawl's mouth with a grain of salt. Wonder if this happened, & im guessing it wouldnt, would the school be able to backfill that scholarship player? Thinking some NFL ready seniors would take advantage of this & opt out to train for the combine.
Here here. Plumlee can flat out get it.
Shane is a solid choice, God knows we need an edge rusher, but my choice would be TBJ, absolute beast at DT.
One word, Odom. He could have had the chiefs roster & still finished 6-6.
Zou, pay no attention to that toothless dip $hit. He is absolutely clueless.
Hats off to Bama. Wish all D-1 schools could only play 1 cupcake per year, and only the first week of the season. Set up conference bragging right battles, where 6 SEC teams play six b10, b12, acc or pac12 schools on the same saturday. Similar to BB.