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As I understand it, any games past the 12 game regular season is considered post season including CCGs.
Well put. I think he should have gone in the first round, but I don't coach or own an NFL team. He needs to go to a team where he won't be pressed into action for at least the first year.
I don't get it either. If I was the TN O-line coach I would attempt to snatch their entire line. Watching this team around Barry O, they love & respect him a great deal, very tight group, no surprise none left.
Ditto. This is fake news on a slow news day. This kid will light it up come September. The article needs to be on his backup's progression, not on Tua.
This changes my perception of Clemson football. Good on em.
Nance & Elliot are as advertised. The defence looks to be the real deal. Kelly will shread defences with his arm & legs. Looking fwd to September.
Kev, yes. Wish, wish we would reinstate the block M of yesteryear. It's classy & carries tradition. Wanna get crazy with it, go with flat black helmets gloss black block M.
Looking forward to the trench battle. Can they keep Elliot out of the back field? Is Kelly as elusive as he looked while at Clempson? Is Albert O RTG? Will our offensive back field miss a step? Will the NCAA management show up & formally apologize to Sterk & Odum on live TV? Well, probably not on that last one...
Dabo will be the HBC at Alabama when this series kicks off, he is bagging his relief...
The HBC always said, you wanna get Georgia early in the season.
Gotta give it to Kirby, would be great if every team in the SEC scheduled blue chip non-con games including my tigers.
Paris, You obviously have issues getting over a few words written some time ago. Take a few deep breathes & move on.
Slow news day, though I would rather read weak "I'm running out of material to write about" articles like this that bb articles.
If they are students slap them with community service. They are already giving LSU $25k/year.
Cola knucklehead, if you despise MIZZOU as much as your posts indicate why are you clicking on a MIZZOU article?
New sponsors need to be Snap-On Tools & Budweiser.
Excellent point. If you're not cheating, you're not trying hard enough.
I can understand why UT is doing what they are doing, if I was at UT I would be doing the same thing. I'm not a fan of interconference player cannibalization, it's a bit easier to stomach if it happens from outside the SEC. With that said UT needs immediate help on the line of scrimmage, both sides, they are very soft & easily exposed, MIZZOU has a stable of experienced trench players, I'm certain this is thier target.
In my opinion the best position coach in the country. I'm guessing him & Nick were locking horns.
Soldier, way too dam funny. I would rather Kendall doesn't start until well after September 7th (they visit Como).
A load of great moments from my first trip to the swamp last November.