MIZZOU native living in New England

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Only if Johnny football starts at QB. I still wouldn't lay a bet down on aTm to win.
Hot dam! JJ is legit, absolute beast at WR. This would be a really big get if it pans out.
Clempson right out of the gate. There is no scenario that the tigers pull a W. All this focus on offense, it will be the Dawgs D that wins this one.
September 26th 2025. Can't wait.
We shall see. Being a life long MIZZOU fan I find myself, during talking season hoping for the best (2013), but preparing for the worst. MIZ!
The hogs will be a tough out this season. I suspect they will pull off a few upsets. Look forward to watching them play.
For what it matters I think you're spot on. Much to my dismay give Beamer a few years & he will deliver.
The fix: Rugby scrum helmets which only have minimal padding & no face mask. This will eliminate leading with the head tackling. Concussions will plumet.
I had no idea this kid was on the team. Guess I should take a look at the roster.
I attended the Ole Miss-Mizzou game in '19. He is even more impressive in person. Every snap he took I had a high pucker factor. Dude can flat out get it.
So eating grass does have harmful side effects. Must have been the chemicals applied to the field to green it up.
I understand it is a slow news day, but why the fascination with with prime time? Seems like you should be reporting everything about Southern University.
We would have amnesia too if we made what Ed makes. All Ed knows is he has to win at nearly all costs or be fired. This is true for all NCAA coaches. Let's see, bench my alpha RB or contract amnesia? Amnesia it is.
The down side of Josh's offense is an exhausted Vol defense. You will see what I mean this fall.
Tyree will be missed. He showed up at every game & just worked. Wishing him nothing but the best.
Looking forward to seeing the penalty phase. If nothing else happens to this kid Florida's athletic department is broken.
You're probably right. Kids do stupid $hit, some type of punishment needs to be leveled or he will learn nothing from this.
Braves, what type of punishment is typically handed down for a flagrant foul like that other than being sent to the locker room for the remainder of the game? I'm a football guy, my level of knowledge regarding BB is minimal.
No backhand intended. Like you I feel adding the basics about a player in these type of articles a requirement, rather than obvious lazy journalism.
ATS, you are hired. Look fwd to reading your detailed articles.
I liked arky better when Chad was the HBC, just sayin.