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AF, I like "The Conference" idea, brilliant. Too many folks are stuck on the name, call our conference what you want, we dont give a crap. We will refer to it as "The Conference"
I won't speak for all Missourians but I feel we are a perfect fit. I also realize the new guy gets punched in the gut when around teams that have been in this conference since inception. USC still gets barbed. MIZZOU has a rich sporting history & I feel we make the conference better. My only wish is that the SEC had wrestling. Until then we will continue to dominate wrestling nationally & in the MAC.
The Mizzou television market disagrees with your comment. Brings in double the revenue as KY. My input, add no more teams & realign east & west to geographical locations.
I hope so. Can't imagine no football this fall. A vaccine can't arrive soon enough.
It is. You won't win many games with those stats. One could argue it was a combination of a defensive minded HC, an OC with no experience & a QB that was not a threat in the passing game. Here's to change.
Beachbum, I hope you're wrong, but realize you are probably right. The lack of cash made by CFB would cripple small & to a certain extent large institutions. If clearance to play doesn't come by season start hopefully they will Institute a winter practise season with inter conference scrimmages.
Not true, ordered new impact sockets Saturday from amazon, estimated arrival date of yesterday, arrived yesterday at 1:00PM.
Does this mean those teams who have already started spring practices will only have "X" number of spring practices remaining, or everyone gets a restart on spring football?
VK, thanks for the story. Like you I'm not a fan of rookie coaches, but my gut tells me Drink has the ability to restore our beloved program & fill the seats on Saturdays. Wake me when September is here.
Fat fingered. Hazelton from VT. I'm surprised an all ACC receiver isn't on this list. Obviously very little research done prior to print.
I realize the ACC isn't all its cracked up to be, but MIZZOU got an All AAC receiver. We shall see.
There are a number of fan bases that wish he was slower... mine included.
Buff, they will rack & stack the teams at least 3 more times prior to the first real kickoff. All based upon a non-calibrated crystal ball which by no means is anything close to dead balls accurate. I suspect my tigers will be ranked in the top 10 any day now.
A fair assumption with 1st year coaches is 500. I would be very happy with 7-5 & a bowl win. Drink needs a few winning seasons to get the players he needs to win most games. The east is much better now than it was in '13 & '14. It will take a vertical climb to get back to Atlanta, we will see if this staff is capable of achieving that goal within 4 years.
He's a legend in Arky, with a little luck hopefully he will be a legend in COMO.
Plumb Lee was a terror in COMO last season. He is the quickest QB in the country. Seeing this kid in person, during that game was impressive & frustrating at the same time. If lane can teach him to pass accurately he will be Johnny Football V2.
I would give it a passing grade & will watch again. Great watching SEC players who didn't make it in the NFL play agian. Average XFL pay at $55K making ticket cost <$50 is nice. Make no doubt, it is the NFL farm league & that's ok.
I have more than 10 questions about my beloved tigers. Predicting is a crapshoot, we will find out, not soon enough.
BP has his a mountain to climb at MO state. Losing seasons since the earth cooled. If he can turn things around for the bears while not being part of a scandal he can win anywhere.
No huddle, 300 mph air raid offence, gonna be fun to watch. Your defense will get tired...
Any ideas who they may hire? Hate to say it but Sark may be a great hire, as long as he has put away the bottle.
It is a bit early to call jB a generational athlete, but this dude has all the makings. In football he makes defences look slow & average, and apparently in BB he's no slouch either. Howie Long's quote about Bo could be used, but it is a bit too early.