MIZZOU native living in New England

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Nick will never leave. When he dies they won't tell anyone. They will prop him up on the sideline like weekend at bernie's. PF is full of excrement. Sark will return to Tuscaloosa.
Fuzzy, legit MIZZOU comment. Obviously I'm a MIZZOU guy, I think this team will exceed expectations. We will start to figure out Eli's ceiling.
I like the hire. He will spend his game days in the booth.
Good point all Tigurrr. The D will rebound, wait & see on the O. With the talent on offense we should keep games close. Week 2 in Manhattan will answer all of our questions.
Eli will stay onboard regardless of record this season, his recruiting prowess alone assures that. I think he is capable of resurrecting our beloved MIZZOU football program. Jury is still out for the upcoming season, though they will improve upon last year's stats.
I have UK @ #2 in the East this season. Though they lost arguably the fastest dude in the country, and a few NFL caliber O-lineman I think that coaching staff will continue to over perform. They will be a tough out.
Let me see if I have this right, he will play a schedule infinatly easier in the PAC12. He will not have to play a meat grinder schedule in the SEC. Yeah, it had nothing to do with the SEC...
Barry's lack of HBC skills coupled with an inability to recruit will haunt this team for 2 more years. He is Butch Jones in that regard. The defense will improve. The offense will be hit & miss until we get a QB that commands the field. We will go 6-6, we will make a lower tier bowl, Drink will survive another year.
I met Mr Walker during a USO event about 8 years ago. Great dude, can't string a coherent sentence together but seemed to be nice. You play football at his level for that many years & you are bound to sustain multiple brain injuries. If a debate is held with Warnock he will be summarily disassembled.
Does this mean they will stop running those cheesie NS & Prime Aflac commercials?
PF is indeed an idiot. Jerry Springer of college football.
I would pay to see that. Old man fighting is comical.
Post game tailgating. BBQ raccoon. Tastes like chicken.
Boxster, nail right on the head. I understand these kids want to play immediately, but you have to earn that right. I do wish JJ the best. He probably would start at Tulsa.
Brooches, JT is light-years ahead of KB. He is similar in style to Drew. Getting JT onboard would be a great get, dude can flat out sling it.
That entire 2013 MIZZOU O-Line was amazing, Justin anchored it.
Georgia dudes, can JT scramble or is he a prototypical pocket passer?
I think many more 3rd & 4th year players will opt out. The body damage after a 12 game SEC season is brutal. I'm all in on extending the playoff, but putting these dudes through a 15+ game season might be a bridge too far.
If he didn't have a firearm at the time of arrest I would agree, he would miss the spring workouts, and maybe get back with the team after a few games this fall. But that is not the case. As Booches said, he gone.
Lots of hope & prayer going on in big blue Nation. Coin is a legit OC. Hope he stays in KY.
Pig & tide fan, spot on. That is no way to win over the team.
We could certainly use him. Though I'm happy we got him I still have reservations about the portal. It can giveth & it can taketh away.
On a separate note MIZZOU destroyed Oklahoma in wrestling.
Don't pay any attention to Mike. He has been butt hurt with Eli since he was hired.