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Afan, had the same thoughts early on. I think he will turn the corner in year 4. He still has a roster littered with Barry dudes. Regardless, like every poster on this site, I support my team & think (hope) Eli can restore faith in MIZZOU faithfuls.
Mike? I see you know how to copy & paste your previous posts. Your Mom must be very proud. Here's an idea, come up with some new material.
Davie, good points all. I recommend Saban retires & becomes the NCAA Football Commissioner.
Full disclosure, I don't have much use for GM, but BAMA has one of the oldest engineering schools in the nation. Arguably the toughest major offered at any school. Oregon doesn't offer engineering, just sayin.
The shear numger of dolts who populate the sports journalism profession is astounding. I would guess he's a butt hurt Michigan fan.
Great news! Critical season for our tigers, need all the help we can muster. MIZ!
Dawg, couldn't agree more. The talent disparity is massive. They will gin up a game plan and they will believe in that plan until Bama punches them in the mouth.
Etc, what would there record be if they played in the SEC or even the b10? We laughed at UCF a few years ago, same thing here. If Bama plays to their potential this will be a curb stomping. The talent disparity is wider than the grand canyon.
In a 1940's New England accent: The Dawgs have nothing to fear, except fear itself. I don't think Michigan will convert a third down in the first half. Though the Dawgs defense laid an egg in the SECCG it will not happen agian. Dawgs by 17.
The last Clemson transfer we picked up didn't work out very well...
More than likely it was Tyler's decision. Drink may have convinced him to wait until today to announce leaving Army scouting on a windy corner. Looks like our seldom used backups will get some work.
I propose a new rule, only juniors & seniors qualify for the portal & are limited by 4 players/year. First come, first served.
Or fill the hole that will be left by Tyler Badie... just sayin.
Yes indeed. I'm certain they would not have survived the SEC meat grinder. He would have to recruit a completely different type of player, way outside his comfort zone.
BM, do you realize you are replying to yourself? I have nothing against UK, but as a MIZZOU fan I think UK is one of the teams we should consistently beat. I would guess every MIZZOU fan thinks that way. Now a UK history lesson, how successful was Stoops in his first few years?
Dawg, your probably right, but from a MIZ faithful TB is hands down the best RB in the country. He carried this team on his back, all the while sporting a smile.
I could not agree more. The bottom line, they will be curb stomped in the playoffs by a much more talented & much deeper team. They need to join the big10 to earn a chance.
So I get this right, SDS doesn't place him within the weekly top 10 but they semi admit he probably should be a Heisman finalist?
Booches, any word on Jeffcoat? When to the tent late in the Florida game.
Ditto. Even if he won the Doak Walker trophy these knuckleheads wouldn't have him on this list. Guessing they pull names from a hat.
Tiger, I certainly owe DC SW an apology. He had a methodical approach for inserting his defense, he even talked to that during fall camp. Now if we can semi-fix our lethargic passing offense we will be in good shape. I am worried about the lack of playing time for any RB not named Tyler.