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Well put swamp tiger. We where way over rated from the get go. At this point the prudent thing to do is play for next year, as our current starters can't get it done, & it appears the coaching staff can't either. It appears our transfer QB forgot how to pass, the O-line forgot how to run block, & our defense forgot how to stop a mobile QB. All in all very tough to watch.
This team & coaching staff has a ton to prove to themselves & the fan base. I've been a fan of MIZ FB for a few decades, which has formed me into a fan that understands our team can & does occasionally lay an egg. It's frustrating & head scratching, but that is a part of being a MIZZOU fan. I don't see this team chocking in back to back games, MIZ by 17.
Derek, relieve Barry of his duties, also it is OK trying out the backup QBs if Kelly is struggling. Oh, almost forgot, our O-line is way overrated.
Agree with the NFL scout call, after all this is SDS, he's probably the guy who sweeps the floors at the uber luxurious SDS headquarters.
Plumb Lee is the real deal. Watching him torch our D in person was eye opening. We have some fast DBs, he made them all look slow. If he can shore up his passing game he will be VERY hard to stop.
Herbstreit said MIZZOU was going to get burnt by Ole Miss during game day Saturday morning. Pay no attention to him. Everything is speculation at this point, lots of football yet to be played. The dawgs are in the driver's seat, they will stay there until another east team takes them down, which will not be an easy task.
Is Badie ok? Didn't see him in the second half.
I'm a bit more apprehensive tha Adam, sure age plays into that. This is a good team, with flaws. Not at the 2013 level. I wouldn't bet my farm on the Georgia game unless Fromm is on the IR. Florida appears to be the real deal, toss up. I'm guessing we will end up 9-3, 10-2 at best. If we look past vandy & tuckey we will pay the price. I also think the NCAA will punch us in the throat for being honest & self reporting everything.
Ditto. Ole Miss will be a tough out. If we are able to contain that wicked fast QB, we will pull off a W. Expect Elliot & Whiteside to have a monster game.
The only ratings that matter are the committee appointed ones. AP voters are just that, journalists who decide who's who, very subjective stuff. If we are as good as some believe it will play out in another 3-4 weeks. Just realized we are 6-1 vs Ole Miss, need to make it 7-1.
Couldn't have happened to a finer institution. Once Self & thier somewhat new AD are fired we shall reconstitute the annual football curb stomp. Wonder if Les is interested in playing their rival on the other side of the MO river?
Joe, you enjoy back handed comments a little too much.
This game will be a battle. It has been nearly every year we've been in the SEC. USCe always fields a physically tough team. The point spread is ridiculous, should be a you pick em.
MD, great points. If nothing changes between now & mid December, I would think Clempson vs Georgia & Alabama vs Oklahoma or Ohio State, that is if Alabama wins the SECCG.
Pig, very bold, we shall see. MIZinCA got it right, who ever has gas left in the tank during the 4th qtr will pull this one out.
Soldier, nice pick up on the ku disdain. Any time we drop a game I immediately check the ku score, that always cheers me up.
JB is the real deal. This LSU team is so much better than many think. It was great watching them gut punch tx in their own house, VERY entertaining. This week, SEC 2, b12 0.
If we would spend as much time on defensive practise as we do on these stupid videos we would be 1-0.
Mike, the addition of MIZ & aTm added huge TV markets & a large influx of cash. This was a money decision & happened to coincide with the near implosion of the b12.
Has anyone noticed that when Barry changes the base defense we truly suck at stopping the run. If we can't stop a MW team how does anyone think we can stop an SEC team. I give Kellys B credit, he made the best of it, the blame lays squarely on the defense. I suspect WV will have 4 to 5 miles rushing Saturday, gonna be hard to stay in this one.
No excuses for my beloved MIZZOU Tigers, they just straight up choked. Barry Odom has changed the base defense twice during his tenure, both of which proved disastrous. Our defence is as porous as a sponge. A 13th grade mountain west team rushed for 4 & half miles, meaning once in SEC play it will be a track meet.
Being a MIZZOU fan is a love/hate relationship. Not one to talk trash, I feel the need to talk some $hit about my beloved team. I've noticed every time we change or base defense we suck (Twice in the Barry Odom era). Getting beat by a 13th grade Mountain West school is a gut punch of epic proportion. If I failed that hard in my job I would be fired. Best case this season 6-6. Next week WV will score at will & we will be hard pressed to keep up.
After being forced to watch the Clemson game, and seeing thier struggles our dudes from aTm have a much better chance than most might expect. If they can contain Clemson's under performing offense they will leave SC with a W. I would love to see that. Gig em!
Good stuff, looking forward to it.