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I agree, but both teams will have to prove it on the turfirst this fall. My tigers need to find their defense, while FL needs to find their offense.
Kirby, you will find out soon enough. He has the quickest first step of any 300+lb D-Lineman in the country.
Glad to see TBJ making the trip, we'll deserved.
True. We have a better chance of re-starting the annual hate fest now than at anytime since we left the Broke-12. 2 new ADs, hope they work it out.
I guess he gave no credence to our RBs or O-line. I realize there is a lot of unknowns but I do feel this team can lean on the run to eat clock, after all running the ball sets up the passing game, can you say RPO?.
Good riddance. Replace him with Archie & Payton Manning, both die hard SEC dudes.
They did but most of his interceptions where bone headed throws. Here's to hoping one year seasoned him a bit.
For me to quantify his rave I need a list of other D-1 QBs in attendance. No one wants to see Drew excel more than me, but for him to look like the first pick in the '19 draft he will need help from his recievers & defense.
This dude is a class act. I wish him a storied NFL career.
99% of us will continue to tune into the SECN during the football season regardless of Paul being on the set or not. He is easily replaced by buger mcfarland & Tony Barnhart. I stopped watching Paul early last season, it has become a Jerry Springer spin off show with little to no football commentary.
Mizzou fans are typically very cordial to opposing teams fans minus kansas. As a part time MIZ fan you too need to brew a hatred for kansas. Also never spell kansas with a capital k. We will learn what our team is made of when we play your other team this fall.
Soldier, it's like you live here. Thanks for providing a free country which we can play football. All games vs ill should be played at Busch, with kansas games played at arrowhead.
Very well put. I'm cautiously optimistic this season. The two unknowns, the defense & play calling. If this staff can't get it done with this roster, change will come.
For the most part I'm ok with the rankings. Until my tigers prove they can beat a ranked team they belong where they are. I like Dan M, but his roster is thin, I'm not seeing his gators climb anywhere near the top of the east for a few years. Though he will be a terror in a few.
From my fan aspect I agree with Nick, 9 sec games/year would be sweet, but wonder how healthy our playoff team(s) would be after a brutal nine game sec schedule. This is a double edged sword.
Here's to hoping the Dooley experiment pans out.
I'm uncertain of what to expect from MIZZOU. If there ever was a year that this team should finish with 8+ wins it is this one. I like Barry & his staff, but if they can't pull it off with this group of veteran players they never will. You can only blame the previous DC for so long, this year the rubber hits the road.
The national leader in passing TDs, first team SEC QB, 3 year starter and top QB in the 2019 draft lost out to a kid who threw a TD pass in the NC game & accrued no meaningful playing time in 2017? He may be good but shouldn't he have to prove it?
Good point, but last time I checked Clempson was in SC. Somethings a bit odd here.
Couldn't agree more Tiger TD. Some of our fan base thinks mediocrity is the best plan. No balls, no blue chips.
Stand up guy. He will turn Nebraska into a Tommy Osborne powerhouse agian.
Riff Raff, The hate between MIZZOU & kU is deep & old. This annual game was played at Arrowhead Stadium for years & typically sold out. I attended more of these games then I can remember. I wish for nothing more than to play them annually again. They always attempted to separate the fan bases but there was always a DMZ where the two crowds met, those were the perfect seats...
Kansas? You couldn't smack this smile off my face. Self is lookin for a job. Bring on the real Boarder War, in football that is.