MIZZOU native living in New England
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Cola knucklehead, if you despise MIZZOU as much as your posts indicate why are you clicking on a MIZZOU article?
New sponsors need to be Snap-On Tools & Budweiser.
Excellent point. If you're not cheating, you're not trying hard enough.
I can understand why UT is doing what they are doing, if I was at UT I would be doing the same thing. I'm not a fan of interconference player cannibalization, it's a bit easier to stomach if it happens from outside the SEC. With that said UT needs immediate help on the line of scrimmage, both sides, they are very soft & easily exposed, MIZZOU has a stable of experienced trench players, I'm certain this is thier target.
In my opinion the best position coach in the country. I'm guessing him & Nick were locking horns.
Soldier, way too dam funny. I would rather Kendall doesn't start until well after September 7th (they visit Como).
A load of great moments from my first trip to the swamp last November.
The same thing was said about the Pats 8 years ago, how did that work out? Unfortunately for those of us in the SEC Bama won't suck until Nick retires.
A head coach with no head coaching experience, guess we shouldn't be surprised. He will learn at our expence.
I would be surprised if Gus isn't attempting to snatch him up
Georgia is a high school football factory. We have talent in Mo, but good God Georgia takes it to the next level.
Suspect 1st half suspension for putting himself into that situation.
Couldn't agree more. I'm guessing Gus will revert to that run heavy rpo offence, if so he doesn't need a QB (Nick Marshall), he can train up a db to take snaps & pass it twice a game.
Chip K @ UCLA won't be dormant for long.
Nice piece Adam. Would enjoy seeing next seasons 2 deep based upon what we know today. Get crackin.
Would enjoy getting rid of the current helmets & don the units worn in the 90's
FG, you do your argument no favors placing Charlotte's D in the same sentence with any SEC defence, let alone Geogia's. Understand Charlotte's schedule places them agianst above average high school teams. Please understand SOS prior to showing your hand.