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Pig, very bold, we shall see. MIZinCA got it right, who ever has gas left in the tank during the 4th qtr will pull this one out.
All great points CO. UK has been ESPN's feel good story for 2 seasons now, wanting to take nothing away from big blue nation, but they are not last year's team. Like all other fans I have a hard spot with announcers that take sides & talk $hit.
Soldier, nice pick up on the ku disdain. Any time we drop a game I immediately check the ku score, that always cheers me up.
JB is the real deal. This LSU team is so much better than many think. It was great watching them gut punch tx in their own house, VERY entertaining. This week, SEC 2, b12 0.
If we would spend as much time on defensive practise as we do on these stupid videos we would be 1-0.
Mike, the addition of MIZ & aTm added huge TV markets & a large influx of cash. This was a money decision & happened to coincide with the near implosion of the b12.
Has anyone noticed that when Barry changes the base defense we truly suck at stopping the run. If we can't stop a MW team how does anyone think we can stop an SEC team. I give Kellys B credit, he made the best of it, the blame lays squarely on the defense. I suspect WV will have 4 to 5 miles rushing Saturday, gonna be hard to stay in this one.
No excuses for my beloved MIZZOU Tigers, they just straight up choked. Barry Odom has changed the base defense twice during his tenure, both of which proved disastrous. Our defence is as porous as a sponge. A 13th grade mountain west team rushed for 4 & half miles, meaning once in SEC play it will be a track meet.
Being a MIZZOU fan is a love/hate relationship. Not one to talk trash, I feel the need to talk some $hit about my beloved team. I've noticed every time we change or base defense we suck (Twice in the Barry Odom era). Getting beat by a 13th grade Mountain West school is a gut punch of epic proportion. If I failed that hard in my job I would be fired. Best case this season 6-6. Next week WV will score at will & we will be hard pressed to keep up.
After being forced to watch the Clemson game, and seeing thier struggles our dudes from aTm have a much better chance than most might expect. If they can contain Clemson's under performing offense they will leave SC with a W. I would love to see that. Gig em!
Good stuff, looking forward to it.
Good call marine. Their o-line looked better than they did against MIZZOU last year, unless that offense does a 180 they are in store for a long season filled with angst. Guessing any SEC D-Line would have looked like world beaters against that cane O'Line.
Take aways from a guy who doesn't have a dog in this fight. FL O-line is much improved. D-line is much improved. Franks is the weak link. HCDM has a ton of work to do with Franks just to achieve acceptable results. The true test of the O & D lines will happen in conference play.
Adam, The two Jakes belong #1 & #2. The one wearing red on Saturdays worries me more, but the one wearing garnet can put up points as well and is much more mobile.
Pay no attention to pig, he has suffered many years of SC football.
I believe the gators are as good as they are going to get until they assemble and O-line that will allow more than 2 seconds before who ever is taking the snap gets decimated. Our average D-line have had back-to-back hay days. Unless they field freshmen that play like red shirt seniors the outcome will be the same.
It appears they left the part out about the hookers. Dabo runs his program from his Christian stance, but so did Hugh Freeze...
One can hope, though I think the ban will be upheld. It will be a shame if this year's team is a good as we think they will be. The only thing on our side of this case is the fact we handed them a perfectly executed inspection & recovery plan while assisting them with the investigation. I don't have a good feeling. Good thing they didn't catch the other 14 million college students, me included, occasionally cheating in statistics, banning us from all of the Greek keg parties.
Too funny. Are you saying SEC QBs that occasionally scramble & run have a short life expectancy? Half the QBs in this league run the ball with vengeance, are all made of glass or just KB?
Very well put MD, you should consider writing articles on SDS.
Very well put Southern Man. The dawgs are the team to beat in the east, suspect they will be at least a 2 touchdown fav in every east game. The rest of the east is a question mark. 60ish days & we will find out.
The roster isn't full of JP guys yet. In 3 years it will be, I suspect that is when they will consistently win close games vs SEC opponents. I bleed black & gold, I also realize the downward trajectory of this team has ended, along with the ability to beat them in either Knoxville or COMO. It is good for our conference to have a strong TN, it will make all of the East teams better.
SDS staff, did you forget KS is the HBC at Georgia? Come on man.
Says the idiot who said "Lock has a noodle arm & won't measure up" a few years ago. Your ability to pick NFL caliber QBs is obviously broke, what else?
Well put. Suspect our passing game will lean on play action & short passing. Will be fun to watch.