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Here here. Plumlee can flat out get it.
Shane is a solid choice, God knows we need an edge rusher, but my choice would be TBJ, absolute beast at DT.
One word, Odom. He could have had the chiefs roster & still finished 6-6.
Zou, pay no attention to that toothless dip $hit. He is absolutely clueless.
Hats off to Bama. Wish all D-1 schools could only play 1 cupcake per year, and only the first week of the season. Set up conference bragging right battles, where 6 SEC teams play six b10, b12, acc or pac12 schools on the same saturday. Similar to BB.
He is very young, and apparently not very smart. I hope he can right the ship & show his athletisism on the field, otherwise a waste of God given talent.
Smoke & mirrors, that's how. He came from a conference that fielded one great defence, he will play against six or more great defences this season. First year, new team, new offense, statistically the odds are against him.
Ditto. The HBC is in a class by himself. Also he won the state championship nearly every year while coaching the roosters.
I agree with everything, including Chris' confusion. Obviously 6 wins would extend our season & allow for added practises. I think the floor is 6 wins.
He has a great DC in Odom. Still holds the single season tackle record at MIZ. It is unfortunate last season fell apart. My opinion, he placed way too much trust in his offensive staff, & it got him canned.
It was a dominant passing game due in large part to Joe B. That dude can sling the ball. Question is, will it be dominant with many new pieces on offence including QB?
Reading between the lines, so replays will take 20 minutes this season? Great, just great.
The only way to make an LSU vs NDSU game interesting would be to spot NDSU 36 points & play the game in NDSU's domed stadium. Final score NDSU 39, LSU 52.
First step speed of Shane Ray, this kid has the tools to be very special. Brik will coach him up, can't wait to watch him flourish. MIZ!
You are showing your ignorance. Please remember, it is always prudent for folks like you to be thought a fool than opening your mouth & proving it.
Their W-L record says otherwise. Tom Brady was pick #199. I'm rooting for Jake, he is a tough SOB, also he is a great field marshall.
The LSU haul is amazing. LSU & BAMA send more dudes to the NFL than any power 5 conference. The SEC sends more dudes than b-10 & 12 combined. Talk about lopsided, this is the definition of lopsided.
BF82, not all MIZZOU fans. I for one realize we will continue to get gut punched by SEC fans for at least 10 more years. We're the new dude on the playground.
Great point Zou. They make an awesome duo. Badie's pass catching abilities make him a tough to defend weapon. Drink knows what he has, good to have an O-minded HC again.
Very well put, I agree. My only concern is a team virus breakout 3 weeks into a shortened season. What then? Getting in 3 weeks is better than no weeks.
All around athlete, yes. RB, no, though he was close. Could you imagine both Bo & Walker in school together, at the same time? New meaning for 2 headed monster.
I'm guessing each school would pump crowd noise into their stadiums, I would, along with some AC/DC. Croudless stadiums until a vaccine is fielded. Start the regular asap.
MR would have been gone regardless of MIZZOU. He is one of those really nice guys that history has shown will never coach a championship team, I also provide Barry Odom as an example, very nice, loved by his team, can't get it done, granted MR was twice the coach as BO. Teams reflect their coach. KS will deliver the dawgs to the promise land at some point, something MR could never do.
Guessing if it slides to the right games will be shaven off the back end. Better than no CFB.