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I'm the Man! If you are going to test, you better bring it.

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We will see how well he does. Season hasn't started. And he plays in a weak D conference. Barley over .500 last year. PS Butch Jones is gone.
We are going to kick the crap out of you and we are going to do it regularly. Show on game day, you'll hear me.
It's happening. They have a small O-line and small D-line. We will control the line and make them quit.
I hope you go on a similar coaching search as our past 10 years.
Na, that was helmet to helmet via facemask. Concussions aren't cool. I'd know. He needs to chill, it's practice. No harm no foul tho.
All society needs to see is him demolishing your backfield.
This is a big boy. Light em up like your feet are on fire! WOoo
Wrong, it will get better this year. Of course "better" means improvement, which Pruitt could do with a high school team. This year we will be good, and ranked in top 25. 8-9 wins. Media needs to get their head out their butt. New coaches, new doctors, new admin, new facilities, and Coach Fulmer running the show. We have plenty of talent now coached up. Watch and see.
Quit it with that hogwash "is he a jerk" crap and show some respect for our Football Coach! This is football, David Pollock is acting like a snowflake he didn't even play under Pruitt. Pruitt was the best thing to happen to GA. Richt was fired, he demanded updated facilities. Look where they are now. GA, we are coming for you. GBO