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Please let GA vs UCF happen. A good skull dragging will shut all of the UCF fans the hell up.
Can we not do this just yet? Hell I am basically still in line for nachos at the last game. Let's pump the brakes.
Let's be honest. People go to Ole Miss for the grove. Not Vaught-Hemingway.
Well let me break out my crayons for you. It's a pretty even matchup.
Both of these teams will start to maintain success. Of course everyone has down years, but these aren't the same Mississippi teams of old. I see good things in the future for State and Ole Miss. Landmass!
I wouldn't call this guy a "Pundit". He is a blogger with no other sporting knowledge other than once playing sports in jr high.
I like to think a Dr. Seuss type hat.
*Was only the full time starter in '13 and '14 that is.*
He had one start in 2012. He only started in '13 and '14.
Yes. State sucked that year, won 2 games and should have been beaten by everybody. So what? Ole Miss should have won that game. They had DeAngelo but the Memphis running game didn't beat Ole Miss. I was at that game.
10a and 10b?? Give me a break. Ole Miss got beat by Memphis in 2003.
Mississippi has always had outstanding JUCO talent. I went to JC with Joe Horn.
Evan Sobiesk quit the team in January to go to dental school.
Good list, but no Eric Moulds????? Comon. Not a receiving stat, but Moulds was the 1994 NCAA Division I-A kickoff return champion with a 32.8 yrds/return average.
They thought State would finish last last year too. You have to remember, these are just opinions from people who have never played the game.
Yeah, most of their high school graduate fans dissapeared after the Ole Miss game, then recurfaced like herpes late in the season.
Nowhere in this article does it mention the Egg Bowl, but yet last tears and this years are both tagged. Is someone taking the proofreader for a walk?
These guys must be fresh out of junior college.
You are about 2 days late on that one but nice attempt. In turn, I give you this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTUCob8hB1s (The fun starts at 3:10)
Cooper has yet to be slowed down? Except by himself. I guess all of his dropped passes in the LSU game were done on purpose.
This is just my opinion based collectively on write ups that have come out in the past week. You just write with homer glasses on, nothing unusual from beat writers. It's part of it.