DAWG fan married to a Gamecock trapped in gator country

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Kenny Stabler and the Oakland Raiders did not fall to the Fran (not Frank) Tarkenton and the Minnesota Vikings. Oakland won the game 32-14.
Welcome to the dumpster fire known as Athens. Dumb decision that was probably decided weeks ago.
I don't think that he is comparing Mizzou to Bama, but the situation is similar to when Chubb replaced Gurley last year in what at the time was a must win for UGA. Whoever they put out there, I have faith in Coach Pruitt to make the right decision for the team and if Rocker said that he is ready, then he probably is. Also, it doesn't hurt to have 320lbs out there stuffing the middle- not taking anything away from the guys that have been starting there this season, but he is about 30-40lbs heavier and has shown some explosion off the ball.
I wasn't thinking about it in terms of FGs instead of touchdowns, just the amount of talent that is going to be on the field.
He is right, we didn't invent it...we just perfected it and the fact that he coaches at a school that admitted to going to an easier conference just proves that he has an inferiority complex.
I think the list can go on and on for this game because you can easily throw in Ragland, Robinson, Floyd, Carter, Jenkins, Mitchell, Drake, etc... This has the potential to be similar to the 2011 Bama-LSU game with I believe 21 draft picks in the game. Should be fun to watch.
I love the way that all the writers jump on the "flavor of the week". If we learned anything from last year is that it is way too early to state that these teams will be there. The last I checked, Ole Miss was 7-0 after beating Bama last year and where did they end up? While UGA is undefeated at this point, October is the gauntlet with Bama, Tenn, Mizzou, and UF. Lets talk odds after the next couple of weeks when the conference schedule really kicks in.
Since Darth Visor always goes overboard on UGA, I'm sure it was some sort of backhanded comment about the other QBs on the team. While I think that USC will actually win this week against UCF, they have some serious issues on that team, QB being only one of them. But that 32 point victory was something to see - except for my other half who happens to have been cheering for the team on the other sidelines.
Good list, but would probably replace Richt with Sale (O-Line Coach at UGA). Unit has done a great job of opening holes for all of the running backs and only given up 3 sacks.
When I lived on the left coast, 12 kickoffs were 9 in the morning, so if you were going to watch anything at all you got prepped for tailgating early. Do agree that the majority of the games do need to start after 12 local. If the NFL can put that amount of games on at 1 and 4 then with the number of networks carrying NCAA football there is no way there should be early starts.
What about the hands to face on Leonard Floyd that kept a Vandy drive alive when the O-lineman was the one committing the penalty?
Believe that Musberger is calling the USC/UK game tonight.
So, I find it hard to read that clumpson is 0-2 against clumpson! I'm sure he meant by correctable mistakes that it was not getting steamrolled in the 4th QTR by Todd Gurley, Nick Chubb and the UGA O-Line.
Wilson missed practice time with a concussion. According to reports the other guys stepped up and he "has not earned his way" back to the starting position.
Actually Gurley was out and he plays offense not defense. The running backs in the game were JJ Green and Douglas. Douglas happened to fumble inside the 10 right before the half when UGA was driving. Had Gurley been healthy and not out for the second consecutive game he would have been carrying the rock.