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When you clowns start calling pass interference on a consistent basis, THEN you can come back and tell us about “missed calls”.
…and now they’re turning on each other. Kirby would NEVER put an undersized walk-on on the DL but he’ll do it at the most important position on the team. Why?? Hmmm…
Didn’t do any damage???? Wake up call??? Are you for real??? That whole team has NO IDEA who they are anymore. They were the most dominant team in the country… And Bama slapped them around like they were Missouri. Every Georgia player is now asking themselves if they can ever beat Alabama. If you can’t beat them in the SEC Championship game…it’s not going to get EASIER in the CFP.
I said it on here months ago. Kirby has a mental block. He cant play his best QB. He cant manage his QBs. He looks at his team through the eyes of a DC NOT a Head Coach. He’ll lose again to Bama in the CFP.
i like Rece Davis but thats an asinine question. It pretends to be oblivious to the reality that everyone knows a head coach can’t say he might be there someday because of the cascade effect it has on recruiting and the program as a whole. Its one of those questions thats right there with: Do I look fat? or Does size matter? You either dont ask the question or you lie about the answer. C’mon Rece.
Coward vs A Real Man Lincoln Riley ==> Denethor: “Flee! Flee for your lives!!” Brian Kelly ==> Gandalf: “YOU…SHALL NOT PASS!!!”
So Lincoln Riley pussed out and ran AWAY from the SEC. And LSU is starting to look like the 35 yr old bridesmaid.
if LSU hires Matt Campbell, they can go ahead and pencil in the consecutive 7-5 seasons.
$9.5MM don’t buy what it used to huh Ags?
i was dead-on right. he’s burned out.
It just seems like Mullen is burned out. Everything he does communicates that being the HC of the Gators is much harder than he realized. It takes a special odd duck to be the head coach of a National Championship level program. Its why there’s so few who can do it.
The SEC lives rent-free in Danny Kanell's head. For those of you who dont know... Kanell is the textbook example of the "jilted girlfriend". LOL!
Some of the worst coaching ive seen from a Saban coached team possibly ever. Bill O’Brien was abysmal. Brian Robinson is getting 4-8 yds a carry and inside the 4 yd line you’re throwing across the field being cute. TAMU is eating Bryce on every 5 wide set and you still run the plays. 2:00 minutes to go and you’re throwing the ball. and of course Pete Golding strikes again.
Harsin is in way over his head. Not one Auburn player on that field cares about playing. I’ve never seen a more bored team than Auburn. Auburn could’ve gone after Bill O’Brien but no they wanted to bring that Idaho/Jonesboro football to the Plains.
Maybe because Penn State hasn't been relevant for 50 years... And Iowa folks are so by-God stubborn they could stand touching noses for a week at a time and never see eye-to-eye... But what the heck...you're welcome, glad to have you with us Even though we may not ever mention it again... You really ought to give Iowa a try!
Are we gonna start reading stories about accountants who leave ESPN now too?? Who cares. And this has precisely ZERO to do with the SEC.
I fear the man was touching himself when he blurted this out. #ABitOverTheTop
I guess the same way it takes you getting burned for 3 TDs in the first quarter before you decide to start playing.
Might be better for MSU to remember to down a punt or not fumble for a scoop-and-score. MSU also might want to check with Ole Miss about how the Rebels "revenge" match-ups with the Tigers turned out.
But...Gary Danielson assured us Fromm was Tom Brady 2.0 I'm confused...