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Ohio State?? Umm ...no. OSU can go play some worthless PAC-12 sissy team in the NGAF Bowl. Little Ten had its chance to get in the game but chose politics instead. F’em.
When the defense has no fear of the QB throwing the ball they can bulldoze the offensive line every time, doesn't matter who the teams are. Guarantano is an absolute disaster. He's not a passer, he's a thrower...and a thrower who cant beat you with his legs. His only move is to chunk the deep ball.
oh no! they might get infected!...and move right on with their lives. because everyone who gets infected gets sick...oh wait... because everyone who gets infected gets dead...no? oh...well...then why are we worried again? newsflash...there is NO CURE for the flu, your body has to fight it off. same with the common cold... same with Wuhan Flu...and its here and its never going away. if you are over 65 and have pre-existing health conditions, then YOU need to alter YOUR lifestyle...but everyone masking up isn't going to do anything...and everyone ISNT going to mask up. but regardless this will all be over in a month. inside of 4 weeks COVID will "magically" disappear. why? because mail-in voting isn't happening and the D's need bodies at the polling places to vote. So you're going to start seeing a lot of stories about how "treatable" COVID is... and how the "severity isn't what we once thought it was"... and "COVID success stories" and "my life after COVID" and "new revelations in treating COVID" because the Democrats need voters at the polls. #BookIt
im sorry is Kirk insinuating that large swaths of college kids are going to fall over dead?? i guarantee there will be more cases of STDs than Wuhan Flu on college campuses by the end of the year. Herbie, your job is FOOTBALL not MEDICINE. #StayInYourLane
Can any loss or victory be taken seriously this season? I mean, this is just a glorified inter-squad practice for 2020.
I’m sorry, are the stadiums going to be packed with 80 yr olds?? Are fans going to immediately go to their local nursing homes and take up residence after the first game??
A college president would like to lecture you about “living in reality” #IronyThickAsMud
Not to cover for Norvell, but this seems to be an administrative problem. The FSU athletic department has been a dumpster fire for years. Proper administrative oversight and clear channels of communication prevent this type of nonsense. The fact that twice now the players have run to Twitter instead of the administration tells me that channel of communication has not been created and fostered. Players feel the need to air their grievances in public rather than with the administration. If they felt they would be heard, they would go there first. Not saying Norvell isn’t coming up short, but these things tend to be systemic.
He didn’t say he would turn down accepting other schools PLAYERS though...heh heh. Just wait til you see the attrition of players. Big 10 and Pac12 just SMU’ed themselves.
Hmmm.... What do I notice about those three conferences?? And what do I notice about those other two conferences?? Still think this isn’t 100% political?
It’s amazing. Warren looks so life-like. When Warren speaks I can barely see Gretchen Whitmer’s lips move. Impressive.
The SEC "It just means more." The B1G "We're quitters." The PAC-12 "Hey remember us? No?" The BIG 12 "No seriously Texas is back." The ACC "Thank God for Clemson."
WOW. Look at these young men! Instead of rolling over and going along, they are coming together and creating a solution to the problem! I think the "adults" need to take a lesson from THEM! There may be hope for this country after all.
"Gentlemen we MUST protect our phoney-baloney jobs!! We must DO something immediately!! IMMEDIATELY-IMMEDIATELY!! HARUMPH!! HARUMPH-HARUMPH-HARUMPH!!"
Oh for God’s sake....this is ludicrous. EITHER PLAY THE SEASON OR CANCEL IT!! You can NOT do this half-assed! The players are not gonna care about playing! You are going to see players literally walk off the field in the middle of a game because why does it matter? You are going to see the sloppiest, laziest, who gives a fork attitude because this isn’t a real season! What potential high draft pick player is going to risk injury in a half-assed season? What’s the point? If only 25-50% capacity is being allowed in the stadiums... Why is 100% of the teams allowed on the field!!?!??! If one team has 25% of their players with COVID, their season is over! Anybody think that WON’T happen?? Either fully commit to a normal season and tell everyone you can participate or not but you assume 100% responsibility for your health once you step in this stadium; that goes for players, coaches, fans, refs, cameramen, hot dog vendors, announcers...whoever. Or just cancel football this year. This WILL NOT work. It will all fall apart in the first 3 weeks...if we even get there.
Georgia...still waiting on that non-Herschel Walker National Championship. Day #14,449
So if these players get together and successfully organize, what’s the point of the NCAA? If the athletes can band together and create their own solutions why is there an “NCAA”? Not agreeing or disagreeing with their stance, demands, etc. just pointing out it shows another example of the pointlessness and fecklessness of the NCAA.
you want to remove names of people who had provable racist/ segregationist views from whatever buildings on campus... fine by me. BUT ...youd better be ready when they start coming after your legendary coaches and trophies and start demanding a clean slate. you think any legendary coach prior to say ( i’ll be generous) 1970 was squeaky clean when it came to race? Bear Bryant Woody Hayes Daryl Royal General Neyland Johnny Vaught Shug Jordan Frank Broyles you think plans aren’t being formulated right now? ha. just wait its coming
Well I hope everyone enjoyed college football because this is the beginning of the end of it. This is all going nowhere good and the players will be shocked at how this will blow up in their faces, causing them to lose opportunities that were wide open to them.
Hey how much was that check Saban wrote to try to keep Cochran?? (seeing as he was such an integral cog in the Saban machine) <> or maybe...just maybe Cochran figured out just how valuable he really was, what with yet another former head coach joining the staff as an analyst. I wonder what Saban will do to find another hyper-active, emotional, loud-mouthed, meathead strength coach....since those are in such short supply.
Finebaum is an entertainer. His schtick is to be the stereotypical non-emotional, "Objective", Condescending, "smarter than you", sports pr*ck, that invites dumbest of the dumb fan of every SEC team on the air so he can use their stupidity to make himself look "smart", reasonable and balanced. Trust me, Paul has worked to make his image a combo Harvard Professor/Water Cronkite personality. And then he does what any "shock jock" does...regularly lobs some inflammatory comments out there to draw attention to himself. He just wraps it in his "Professor Cronkite" persona when he does it. The truth is he's a pencil-neck nerd who grew up getting wedgies and stuffed in his locker. But hey, he's managed to become rich doing it. If he can do it, especially with that punim, anybody can. God Bless America!
Chris Fowler??? Seriously??? He's as bland as a brown paper bag. Talk about toting the company line, wow. At least CBS doesn't take up half my screen with scrolling scores and advertisements. Don't think Finebaum ought to be casting aspersions on other networks while that Redneck "Marty" is filling in for that Weather Girl Laura Rutledge.