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Hey how much was that check Saban wrote to try to keep Cochran?? (seeing as he was such an integral cog in the Saban machine) <> or maybe...just maybe Cochran figured out just how valuable he really was, what with yet another former head coach joining the staff as an analyst. I wonder what Saban will do to find another hyper-active, emotional, loud-mouthed, meathead strength coach....since those are in such short supply.
Finebaum is an entertainer. His schtick is to be the stereotypical non-emotional, "Objective", Condescending, "smarter than you", sports pr*ck, that invites dumbest of the dumb fan of every SEC team on the air so he can use their stupidity to make himself look "smart", reasonable and balanced. Trust me, Paul has worked to make his image a combo Harvard Professor/Water Cronkite personality. And then he does what any "shock jock" does...regularly lobs some inflammatory comments out there to draw attention to himself. He just wraps it in his "Professor Cronkite" persona when he does it. The truth is he's a pencil-neck nerd who grew up getting wedgies and stuffed in his locker. But hey, he's managed to become rich doing it. If he can do it, especially with that punim, anybody can. God Bless America!
Chris Fowler??? Seriously??? He's as bland as a brown paper bag. Talk about toting the company line, wow. At least CBS doesn't take up half my screen with scrolling scores and advertisements. Don't think Finebaum ought to be casting aspersions on other networks while that Redneck "Marty" is filling in for that Weather Girl Laura Rutledge.