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45 year old Aggie. I've watched Aggie ball since 77. Unrelated.....7 handicap and avid guitar player who made the finals in guitar wars in 91. Hate tu.(texas not Tenn.) Real country boy. Avid fisherman. Love that Ags joined SEC.

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Most of the time they just brought in an extra lineman at tight end. Mazzone is supposed to change this.
Creed is as good as a commit. Wild Bill ( Jim Turner) strikes again!!!!!
Not really considering he's 17 and already weighs 210. By the time he shows up at ATM he'll be at least 220. BTW since when did you become a gypsy???? You don't know what or how this kid turns out on the field . This is becoming more like Physics down south than SDS. LMAO
Yeah TC I agree with you. Don't think he would have started either over shea. I think he's just an insurance policy but with upside greater than most in this class. He's a good get, no doubt about it.
This kid tore his acl his soph. year. Jerrod Johnson says the guy is a freak athlete, ran a 4.7 forty, the fastest shuttle for qb's, and verticals 30". By the end of next season I would suspect he be moved up to a 4 star. This was an incredible "under the radar guy". He's a team guy and a leader which has been lacking since Johnny. Glad we recruited him. Now we can focus on Mound. Sears, or the kid from Kentucky Mac Jones. GIG EM
Aggie basically means a farmer or Agriculturalist.
You know Ekingg, at first I thought this was devastating and soon realized guys like Sears and Mound are better suited for the sec......now this... I hope you learned your lesson young man (Tate) and learn how to have respect for your fellow man. The coaching staff has to grow up as well and start acting like professionals that they are paid to be. I think 9 w''s saves his job but 10 would put him safe with the tptb. 8 and he gooonnnneeee!!
Boom Shackalacka.....This is what the Ags need...more quality linemen. Love it when we beat tu.
Dude is just taking visits.....He was tweeting about Aggieland most of the time he was there.....so go get your hopes up elsewhere. Man people love to put ATM down in every way imaginable....which is laughable.
He doesn't own me, and never has. Who cares if they turn pro? My point is that there are plenty of highly rated receivers on the rooster. If the coaches can't find someone to step up, then it's a coaching issue. Argue with that
Alaka was a medium 4*. What are you talking bout? Depth? There are 14 scholarship wr's on the rooster. 7 linebackers BTW You DO NOT KNOW that RJS or Noil will turn pro early.......speculation on your part......Quit telling me how to feel, because I can feel any way I freaking choose. And quit acting like a know it all because you don't. I'm sure others would agree with this assessment of your online personality.
Yeah, just what we need, another receiver............Sure would be nice to see "5* linebacker commits to Ags." I won't hold my breath.
We'll miss him after this year......Likely the first pick of the draft.
You are a moron . According to most services, He's the #2 DT QB. He has great arm strength, above average mobility, good footwork, and understands the game. He makes great decision with the ball and isn't turnover prone. But above all else, isn't a QUITTER and a proven WINNER against top notch competition..........Yeah, you're right, he'll never make it as a QB......LMFAO
I'm still happy Spav is gone. The only thing I would have done differently is fire his ass. He had it coming after failing to utilize the entire field on play calling.
Eking, you should feel great about this hire....He can recruit like a muther, and he develops talent. Look at states' d line the past couple of seasons.........He's good. Period.
My bad......Speedy is suspended for the bowl game and............the opener against UCLA next year.......This guy can't stay outta the dog house aye?
Speedy is no longer suspended because he practiced Monday.
The guys in the locker room couldn't stand him and the baseball team made it very clear they didn't want him either. He is a self entitled ,self centered CANCER........ size doesn't matter on this one.
Is that ( 5'10'') with or without the cleats and helmet????
Your insight is the same as my intel. Allen lacks confidence and maturity needed in big games.......having said that, much better than Kyler.......both on and off the field.
The baseball team made it very clear.........They don't want him. Period.
Spoiled rotten, over privileged, smart mouthed brat whose dad is an Aggie legend. Never the kind to take one for the team. F______----G crybaby
Nailed it Gman......Dude wasn't very good with the ball or decision making either. Hell, all he was was fast (NPI) LMAO Can't wait to see who he wrecks next.