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So are we just acting like he didnt also mention Lonnie Johnson from UK? Oooooook
This might be my favorite comment in the history if this site. Plus I'm just happy we are at the adult table now and not the kids one.
I understand. But even in the FPI top 25 UK is still ranked behind Florida, Miss St and Missouri. It is just a useless thing lol. Im glad we agree on that. Probably all we can agree on this week
The FPI is the most useless metric on football.
The FPI said Kentucky was going to lose to Florida, Miss st, S.Carolina and Missouri... so basically what im saying is the FPI is useless...
You should be more worried about Kentucky than Florida.
Im sorry. But if Florida is a contender then so is Kentucky.
Just a small correction. Price is our second string LT. He was the starter vs SC. We lost his backup Watkins.
Any ranking that has Florida ranked higher then UK after UK dominated Florida at the swamp is useless.
These fpi rankings are useless. UK dominated Florida and Miss St but arent ranked lololol
Whoever wrote this needs to pay more attention. Miss St didnt have 256 yards rushing. Miss St barely had over 50 yards rushing and only had 201 total yards.