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How in the world can you put Michigan and Florida on this list and expect to be taken seriously. SDS needs a talent purge.
Brother I think you're still in shock. Gotta admit you have a problem. Don't let Odom be youre Mark Richt.
Mark Richt has NO idea how to beat the Gators. That was painfully obvious for years.
Agreed. And Campbell has already been passed by DJ Daniel. Way to keep up SDS.
It is sooo cute that you think SC has a chance in this game. Good for you, you plucky little thing.
He had serious struggles in the spring game. Very hard time going through his progressions. I believe the news but hope the kid does well.
Not really. Let's not BS, Kirby Smart is and was the defensive coordinator.
Nothing to add, just want to bring up Felipe Frank's so everyone can get a good laugh in today.
Sorry for the delay, another 5 star was committing to UGA.... Oh here comes another one....
Perfect to describe the current recruiting at Fla. Close but nope...commited to the Dawgs. Rinse and repeat...