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What Mr Timmy B needs to do is throw some of his weight behind expanding the so-called playoff field to a number of teams that would preclude bias. Of course, no matter how many teams are included, someone will have a gripe. I'm sure the committee would be open to his input. Hey, why don't we limit the "playoff" to teams that haven't lost more than 5 games in 5 years?
Yes, Alabama got their a** handed to them in the NC game last year. Last year. Last year. And, no other team in the country even qualified to get their a** handed to them in that game. Sooner or later, every team is gonna get beat. (see Ga vs Sc). As far as injuries are concerned, the coaches are paid to prepare for such things. You play who you got, no excuses. Saban and his coaches perhaps need to figure out how to retain underclassmen. I believe some of his coaches use bama to pad their resume and get paid. Players as well. He's a smart guy, he should figure it out. So many people, pundits,coaches and fans of other schools pray that the "dynasty" will come to an end every time Saban drops a game. The fact that Bama is so scrutinized just proves how consistently relevant they are. By the way, the last time LSU won in Tuscaloosa, they got dominated in the NC game by the same team. Again, that's also ancient history. Recruiting will continue to to roll along as always because of the brand and reputation of getting players in the NFL. LSU deserves much credit for the win, but Coach O needs to act like he's been there before, and teach his players how to win graciously. As the saying goes, they still haven't won anything yet. The season isn't over, and regardless of all the accolades, the SEC championship is looming. Can't wait to see how it shakes out.
Clemson won. He can say what he wants to. If they had lost to Bama again, no one would pay any attention. It would be hilarious if he shows up on the sideline as a graduate asst. next year. It's pretty easy to knock a team like Bama after you neat them. The haters love it. Then again, he might still be a little butt hurt from being shut down last year.
Spurrier is one of those rare individuals that exist to antagonize others. He believes he will never have to back up anything he says because of his perceived notoriety. I had the chance to follow him and Lee Trevino around during a golf pro-am once. For some reason he was in the only group with 2 cops on bikes pacing them. Seems he's just adored everywhere. Trevino is a hoot. Spurrier is an egocentric a##. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what he, or anyone else thinks about Saban or his record or the players he recruits. If you don't like his team, figure out how to beat them. If you lose the ability to win consistently, just quit in the middle of the season.
That's ok. 3 more wins and he gets a raise and a 5 yr. extension.
Still a little early yet, but Bama looks scary. Offense as advertised, defense better than advertised, or perhaps ahead of schedule. Tough test next week. A&M's fired up. Comes down to staying healthy
Great to see an old school coach like Orgeron have success, especially on the road. They obviously matched up better on the o-line than Auburn could handle. Love to see anybody go in to ma's kitchen(home cookin' central), and pull out a win. LSU may be trouble down the road if they keep believing.
As they're recruited, these young men are constantly reminded of how many 4 & 5 star players are already on or being recruited at their position. Most say they commit at Bama because the competition is what drives them. Even so, we have no idea what goes on in the locker room, in the huddle, or their living rooms at home. I certainly wouldn't want the kind of constant scrutiny these guys deal with at their age with the media (social or otherwise). This young man has a full plate. He also has a ton of talent. I hope he has the proper support at home and on the field to help him reach his full potential. If HE doesn't then who does, eh? This could be a byproduct of the recruiting success Saban has had. There may be more of this down the road.
He got suspended from his high school team his senior year as well. He was troubled from the get. One shot at redemption didn't work out for him obviously.
Back an old salt like coach O in to a corner, and watch him come out hard and fast. Between the media and the fans he's probably had about enough of the B.S. This could be a sho nuff dangerous team from here on.Just ask Aubie!
Look at the coaches that are driven by their own proven experience and are willing to put in the work their way regardless of what the media thinks,and you can see success apparent, or on the horizon (Saban, Smart, Orgeron, Mcelwain).When the rest of the majority get past being yes men for their A.D., or floating for money,maybe the schools can find someone with the skills needed to get down to the business of beating their opponents, regardless.
Malzahn said "probably" twice in the same train of thought.He's just too vague. So, are they probably eventually be a contender or not? The team reflects the persona of the head coach.
So if everyone assumes, or surmised that everyone else cheats, then that justifies whatever each wants to do. 14 wrongs make a right. Then assuming each fan accuses every other team of doing which is acceptable to themselves for their own end, what's the problem? It's just how things get done. Just win, baby!
Toothless or not, at least they don't wonder who to pull for.
Saban's as good at reloading the staff as he is at reloading the roster. His eye for talent is pretty good.
Even more important, who's got the best back-up?
Won't be surprised if Clark at Kentucky or Tua at Bama out perform them all, including the incumbents at that position.
This will be one of the most telling stories of the spectacle that is the college national championship. How it plays out Monday night will forever be a part of not only Sark's legacy, but Saban's as well. So much potential distraction, not only for everyone involved, but for fans and media outside the mainstream of college football. Adversity in one's personal life can be debilitating or a catalyst for supreme focus. What makes this situation unique is that it affects so manly facets of Sark's life, but the lives of the players and coaching peers on that team. Time will tell how he handles it all. I personally hope he does well.
Very few things are comparable between the NFL and college football. This Simmons dude doesn't know much about his own profession if he can't see that. He will be forgotten even before Saban coaches his next game. Some folks are still a little butt hurt over the Miami deal, but business is business as true pro ball owners, players and REAL reporters will attest. Some of these wannabe types love to make a negative out of something that turns out positive. Wonder what he thinks about Petrino? I don't think Saban even rides a motorcycle.
The SEC haters are going to have a field with this. Can't wait for the big ten homers to start their arrogant rants. The rest of the SEC teams need to step up in a big way. Another national championship would help strengthen the reputation of the conference a bit (although we know it's without a doubt the toughest in the country). After watching Ark in the second half, it's apparent VT made some great adjustments and lit a fire under their players, and the hogs took a nap at halftime.
May have been one of those "they could have said" stories that a local M'gomery writer heard them Bammer players probly said to maybe fire up the AU fan base and players to motivate 'em ahead of the OK game. Or could be total fabrication. Who knows? Obviously, everything posted on the net is undoubtedly true, especially when it comes to the loveliest rivalry in sport!
No attitude. Just observation. I'm a fan of 'em all at one time or another. It's just a hobby for me,too.
Next season could potentially be one of best we have seen in more than a few years as far as quarterbacks go. It will be interesting to see if this year's freshman phenoms can beat the sophomore jinx and pick up or improve on where they left off. The DC's could be mighty busy.
I,for one, think it's great. Gamesmanship from the jump. He can say whatever he wants at this time of the year, especially in this situation. I doubt it becomes bulletin board material next Nov. Besides, there's much work to do before that happens. Anyway, it's just entertaining as hell! Lighten up, y'all. Too many folks absolutely hate Bama because they are so dang good right now, and too many Bama fans hate everybody that wants their team to be where they are. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Enjoy it while you can. Love on it as long as it lasts and appreciate it for what it is. Nothing lasts forever, even though it doesn't appear to be slowing much anytime soon. Then, again?
There is at least one reason these guys go the Juco route in the first place. Sometimes you don't really know what you're gonna get. Could be grades, could be legal woes. Some get smarter, some get faster and stronger.
Whatever it was, it's money well spent. Just think of the potential return on investment! That's why so many college players major in marketing and finance. You would think some of the other schools would step it up a bit. If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch! They all do it in some way or another. Can't be hatin' on a bunch of folks that know how to get it done
Why not, there's is as good as anybody's. Besides, he deserves all he can get for being slammed by every fan base in the SEC at one time or another.