LSU fan. Male in my 50s. From Louisiana. Love Purple Live Gold. Divorced father of one child, a beautiful, brilliant young adult lady!

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When I played high school football we were proud of the marks from our helmet to helmet hits, felt like we were being pussies if we didn't earn a few every game.
Devin White reminds me of Iron Head Craig Heyward RIP. In my book that's a big positive!
That's actually funny and insightful. Sometimes you bammers surprise me. At least in a positive way. Props to you, something I thought I'd never say.
cross got in there accidentally, stupid auto correct. Oops, please ignore that word
I am a Louisiana native who has lived in Omaha since 1988. Only wife (20 year marriage, now divorced) born and raised in Omaha, my only child raised in Omaha. Around Omaha, of course Huskers are #1. But after that LSU gets much love by the locals, and Bama gets only contempt. As a general rule, of course. Always some exceptions. But you will get many positive comments in Omaha wearing LSU gear, and be completely ignored wearing Bama gear. You will endure many dirty looks wearing Sooner gear, but of course there are Sooner fans in Omaha as well. Not many, but they exist. One of my friends is a Sooner guy. I just ignore it. I don't have the Husker/Sooner history in my blood, so I don't have to care if he's a Sooner. He doesn't like Bama either haha cross
Haha! I drove for Cannon Express, Springdale, AR for years. I was in the Fayetteville area quite a bit, even got to enjoy a Hot basketball home game with friends from this area. Wearing my LSU gear in that area never got my dirty looks or comments. But right now I am upset with the Hogs for the last two games. Time to bring the boot back to Baton Rouge !!
I'm born and raised in small town Louisiana, and have loved LSU my entire life. I hate the tree killers most, and their traitor head coach just as much. Any Louisiana recruits who chooses them earns my lifetime disgust. Landon Collins is the most unforgivable traitor in Louisiana history. I know it's wrong for me to feel this way, but I wish him only ill will for his football future. I think he should be banned from Louisiana for life. If you grew up in Louisiana, then playing for the Tigers should be your Number 1 goal. The extremely intelligent players who choose an academically top notch school, that's understandable. But the tree killers - they're not Stanford or Northwestern, or Vanderbilt. Just another academically good college like all SEC schools, other than Vandy. Love Purple Live Gold!!! GEAUX TIGERS
To the tree killers. I don't understand the spell that college puts on kids. They will ride the bench 3 years to play 1 year there. I will smile when their magic spells quit working.
I've wondered about that messy Patterson situation all along. Everyone knew they went as a pair. Was big brother so inept that Les was willing to throw away the top QB to be shed of the guy. There's a story there. I just don't know what it is.
You know Empire, you seem to be the only ala fan on any site anywhere who speaks intelligently, with some forethought, and without the requisite pomposity and rude arrogance that it seems most ala posters insist on imposing on everyone, especially the rollers who infest other team's fan sites. Thank you for showing the world that not every ala fan is a no class piece of trash. Many of them endeavor tirelessly to promote that idea and to foment hatred for your team and all things related to that team.
Chubb is a stud, no doubt. This coming from an LSU Tiger, LF worshiper. These two are truly the class of the SEC running backs. Here is wishing amazing, record setting seasons for both deserving backs
LSU can win it all if the O Line doesn't wilt like it did in that 3 game losing streak. They got manhandled, and that was deeply disheartening. I had been bragging that we had the best O Line in the country, akin to the O Lines of the 94/95 Huskers. Jeez, did I have to eat my words. I'm praying our 16 O Line shows us what we expected from the 15 O Line, and that the QB position turns out to be a help and not a hindrance. Throw in the D not giving up those ridiculous BIG PLAYS and LSU has a legitimate shot at going all the way. GEAUX TIGERS !!
Haha, well put. Those ala ass holes troll EVERY OTHER SEC team's pages because they are weak minded punks. Again reference Toomers Corner. Not a surprise from the class level of their fans
To take care of his mother while he has the opportunity is a laudable reason. My daughter cares little about money, but she said to me she hopes she becomes a millionaire so she can take care of me and know I am alright. Man I love my little girl, millionaire or not, her love for Dad makes me alright, even if I'm starving.
I'm hoping you are right. I can't argue with a fellow Tiger, and I am known for impatience. But I will be watching Harris close. Yes, he has been the victim of far too many drops. No question. That needs to be addressed as well. One step in that direction - adios Trey Quinn. Now he'll probably never drop another pass in his college career. Figures
You should appreciate being underestimated. LSU will have more than Dupre - if the QB can actually get the ball to them
When I was that young I wanted to go places and see things. I'm pretty sure I was not an anomaly. Kids are curious. Rare is the one, male or female, who's mind is made up and cannot be swayed
If this had been in effect in 2015/16 LSU would have one additional linebacker for 2016 season, would not have lost Flipme Franks, and would have set a new ESPN 300 record with 21 recruits of that group. And finally ala would not have had the Number 1 signing class. Just one perspective. I'm sure others have their views as well. But mine is legitimate
When I was much younger and in great shape, working my butt off on offshore oil rigs, I one time carried 400 pounds on my shoulders for about 15 feet. ONCE - and I knew I would never attempt that again. Probably part of why I have a bad back today. LF doing what he does, weighing 235 certainly impresses me
I am a great speller, have a vocabulary most college graduates would be jealous of, if they understood the significance, but LF will earn much more money in his lifetime than I ever will. Apparently he has other things to occupy his thoughts. Spelling and grammar rate lower than some things do. As long as he becomes the LSU star I know he can be, and helps our team to achieve glory, I won't begrudge him a dime of the fortune he will earn. When I write about his and our team's accomplishments, I will be sure my spelling and grammar are correct, just to make up for the Tiger fans and players who weren't gifted in these areas as I have been. We each have been blessed with different talents. I try to use mine well, and fervently hope his talents bring me happiness
Perhaps he is good at his job, but I have a feeling LSU recruiting will survive despite the loss of this lifelong (or was it a mere 3 years) football advocate. I really like our recent hires. I'm 58, and I can adjust a stereo receiver to make even bad speakers sound OK. But for these new HT receivers I rely on the advice and input of my younger friends, who grew up understanding how they are meant to operate. Seems like Les Miles is finally beginning to accept that things change. They just do. Understand this and adjust accordingly and your fans will appreciate you even more. We want to beat ala, and more importantly, we want another National Championship. We have the players. The whole world knows this. Now it looks like we are getting the right coaches. Open your eyes and ears ...PLEASE
Y'all won the East back to back. Rarely done. Current situation is troubling though. Long road to winning it again
Our huge defensive longtime commit will wait till NSD, then flip, leaving us with a big important hole to fill, and 1 or 2 hours to recruit another top player
Brandon Harris and his constant too high throws is the reason Dual was injured. Watch the play. A few games earlier something similar happened to Dupre on the same type of incompetent too high pass. Receiver leaps high as he can, fingers barely skimming bottom of football while overzealous D-Back hits receiver low causing hard landing in bad position. Dupre slammed the back of his head and missed part of the game, and was lucky to not get a concussion. Dural's legs whipped badly and cost him a hamstring injury, the rest of his season, and LSU lost all of his potential production. Harris BETTER GET CONTROL OF THOSE THROWS, or else we will NEVER be the team we have the potential to be. Keep a close eye early for this, so he doesn't cause more injuries to needed receivers. If he can't control this, just start giving the brainiac from Zachary some experience, and once again, wait till next season
He has the diction of what he is, a dolt
You insult morons. Even morons have more brains and class than this insult to any intelligent ole miss fan. His only joy is throwing insults. It is said this is how follows with a tiny pens act. Certainly this clown falls into that category. First time ever I actually agreed with an ala fan, and that has never happened before