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Continue with the same recipe that they've been using through the first few games. Build a lead, run the ball with the 5 elite RBs we have, and choke the game out. The most intimidating part of UGA, as currently constructed, is the OL w/ those RBs. The fact that Fromm is an assassin is icing on the cake. The running game beats teams into submission.
Exactly why is it that a Florida fan feels they can refer to Tennessee as a FCS school? You guys aren't too far off from that. Take those gatorade glasses off.
If we only recruited the right type of players....
They say UGA fans are delusional, when it is the Florida fans that refuse to except the truth that they are an average program at this point and time. I guess you can't really blame them when they see what is happening to Tennessee coming in their near future. Mullen is a poor man's Lane Kiffin; nothing more.
What about that “backup QB curveball”? Florida has barely scored against UGA the past 2 seasons, so I’m not really sure what you mean... Oh, this must be another Florida hack living vicariously through another team... Got it. 78-24!
Haha! It’s Kentucky... have a little perspective. Congrats on your “big” win though....
For as much crap as I type about UF, I have nothing but respect for Tim Tebow. I aspire to be like him when I grow up.
Don't forget the barometric pressure was below 73%, and the 6 mph wind was coming out of the northwest. Both huge contributing factors in your loss.... Hilarious!
They didn't open their mouths... More like moved their fingers. Little different.
Fulmer is too far removed from coaching to be relevant in recruiting. They should make a run at Urban Meyer.
UGA steamrolled UF by 3 scores.... Hardly a competitive game. The stuff you guys come up with to try & make yourselves feel better is hilarious!
LSU deserves to be #1. They’ve had the most impressive win this season.
I can help with that. After week 0, & week 1, Vandy looks like the 2nd best team in the division.
Cade Mays is a bit of a loose cannon. He needs to play with a little more discipline. I can fully appreciate a nasty streak, but we need to clean up the penalties, and he needs to be aware of that. Sky is the limit for the kid though.
Ed Orgeron was born to be the HC of LSU. Dude is Louisiana personified.
"Assuming Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Auburn don’t lay eggs as massive favorites, we could be talking about the conference in a much different light at the end of Week 2 after wins against powers from the ACC, Big 12 and Pac-12." Hey Conner.... Gators lay eggs... Its a scientific fact....
Clemson beat Bama like a drum in the NC game. Dabo has pretty much earned the right to say anything he wants this season.
Here we go with Tua too.... Same question was asked about Fromm. Do you think for one second that Skip Bayless knows more about what he wants out of QB than Nick Saban. Hurts looked good, but Tua beat him out, hands down. I think I'll defer to the coaches' decision on this.
Mullen, sorry "anonymous SEC coach", should probably concern himself with his own QB situation. The great "QB Guru's" little protege is going backwards, where as 2 QBs that came through UGA' and got beat out by Fromm, are flourishing elsewhere. I'm glad that Fields & Eason had great games. We'll see how they do against little bit stiffer competition. But no, Smart didn't pick the wrong QB....
You obviously don’t know the difference between being in complete control of the game, and floundering around like a little worm on a big hook. UGA got up big, then ran the same 6 plays for the rest of the night. Florida looked like a high school JV squad. Only issue last night were the penalties.
Sad to hear this. I wish him a speedy recovery.
It was the first game of the season... Week 0 at that. The only thing that can be taken away from it is that it was pretty ugly for both teams. Rankings don't mean squat right now.
Wow... What the article doesn't say is that the band director physically stopped a female Miami fan from "breaking ranks" of the Florida band while they loaded the bus, which was why he got body slammed. Probably by homegirl's boyfriend. Although the end result was personal injury, the band director was trumpeted has having the best block of the night against Miami.
100% UGA had a bad game against LSU, but that doesn't change the fact that Fromm is sooooo much better than anything Franks could ever dream to be. Not to be the needle of reality for your fantasy balloon.....
You Florida fans sure have resulted in looking at UGA when other teams played them. All that matters is what was the head to head score in the last game played? Oh that's right, "curb stomp" - 17. All that game proved Saturday is that Mullen isn't half the coach that you all perceive him as.