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In all fairness... Bama has gotten the benefit of the calls since day 1. Tyler Simmons offsides, blatant facemask against Deandre Swift in the middle of the field. Blatant face mask on Ladd McConkey on his TD, but still no call. Not saying it would have made a difference. Just stating facts.
Awww... How cute... The little Gator fan thinks he has room to talk about anything... Bless your little heart fella.
You are 95% right. Except for the fact about UGA being broken. It might have been the best thing that happened to them. Your take on Michigan is correct. They are the hot team right now. Fortunately, there are 25 days until we play again to address the issues.
Congrats to Bama. First team to win the SEC where the OL had more tackles than the defense. Good work!
Lets revisit this in about 3-4 seasons. I think the Irish may have been the winner here. Got LSU to take their stale, has been coach off their hands, and hired one of the "Up and Comers".. Says a lot about a coach when all of his assistants decline offers to follow him to his new job.
Jealousy of what exactly? The fact that Kelly steps in as the 8th or 9th best coach in the SEC... Nah... You should be making a big deal out of this. Do you think recruits want to play for a fraud? Nope...
Ahhh.... The whole "my team sucks so I'm going to live in the past" routine... You guys and Florida fans do it so well....
Right... If Kelly couldn't get it done with that cake walk schedule at Notre Dame, he is doomed in the SEC. This is clearly a cash grab by Kelly before he retires. Looks like LSU got conned on this one.
Florida even gonna make a bowl this year...? HAHAHA! Even Central Michigan gets bowl game invites. So, who are the over-rated also rans?
Awwwww. It'll be ok LaterGator... Only 5 more years and Florida will start to be relevant again. Maybe. No need to pout.
….like winning a Rosie O’Donnell look alike contest.
Interesting a Gator would comment on anything football right now… But at least you will have Darth Vader and ALLLLLLMOST winning games. Samford…..LOL!
“(Richardson) has to take care of his body,” McGee said on Tuesday, according to the Orlando Sentinel’s Edgar Thompson. “He’s faster than kids his size. He is so fast and his muscles are going to strain when he’s running.” Huh........?
I think Dabo may have built up a little more credit that MuLLLLen.....
Awwww... Someone is pouty....
Well you morons were the ones throwing stuff at your own band & cheerleaders, so the injuries were probably kept under wraps. How about acting like grown ups and not throwing little temper tantrums?
Sad Florida fan= LaterGator Sad Tennessee fan= SEC123 Poor little fellas…
Imagine your future QB injuring his knee before getting absolutely stomped by SC while dancing, then doing this after getting shredded by Samford. If you tuck and roll when you hit rock bottom, it may not hurt as much….
Oh yeah... 1980... That was the year Herschel trucked that little fella from UT.
Shoot... Wish he could suit up now... Looks like Arian Smith is done for the year now too. We're awful thin at WR.
Matt Hayes reportedly injured his knee while sitting down to pee.....
You need to take of those orange sunglasses dude....
Dan Mullen reportedly promoting Florida staffers after dismissing Todd Grantham, John Hevesy "Hey Guys, as you know, we had to let a couple of coaches go last night. I would like to introduce you to your new DC, a good friend for a long time, Mr. Rodd Tantham" (Grantham enters with the glasses & mustache disguise...)
Tennessee is about 5 years away from being able to catch up to what UGA has already built. Got to start landing top 5 recruiting classes and go from there. Florida was saying the same exact thing MuLLLLen's first season. Now they are the laughing stock of the SEC. It can change quickly.
There is more parity in basketball. I think it may be reversed, in this anyway, for football. I think 11-12 will just be thankful they got in.
If MuLLLLen had any realcojones, he would have resigned. Says a lot about the guy's character.
Don't worry about it Corch. This person is obviously just trying to rattle your cage. Its apparently the only satisfaction they can get because their season has been over for a couple of weeks now. Just rest easy knowing that not only did UGA Kirby-stomp them (34-7), he broke their spirit, their will, and their program. It will take them years to recover. Mullen is exactly who you have been telling them he was. Seems like some are quicker to realize than others.