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Oh look... Another whining gator running his johnson holster about something he knows nothing about... Thanks for stopping by!
Knew this was coming as soon as we started changing up the offensive strategy. Great pick up.
The thing that concerns me is the WRs inability to catch the ball. Doesn’t matter who is under center when you got that going on.
He’s not wrong. Fact of the matter is, and I deal in facts, no one knows what’s going to happen. What we do know is that all you Florida fans said these same things this past offseason. “Feliepe Franks is the golden boy”. “Third and Grantham is impenetrable”. What happened? Smoked for the third year in a row.... Gators lay eggs. It’s science. I think it’s cute you guys have your hopes so high. It’s a further drop when you are crushed. So go ahead and start your offseason talk again. It got you real far last year seeing as you were the laughing stock of college football last offseason. Until it changes, UGA is the far superior team in the East, and we will be here to remind you of that fact everyday. The fact that you’re just an “also ran”...
Ohh, the rivers of tears that are flowing in Gainesville and Knoxville right now. The giddiness that those 2 fan bases have had the past few days with the announcement of Fromm leaving, has now changed to shear horror... The gap widens in the SEC East.
Agree. The kid is super talented, but there is something more to the whole getting sent home from the state championship for not giving up his cellphone story. Feels an awful like Isaiah Crowell 2.0.
See. The thing about Mullen, is the same thing we learned about Mark Richt. Mullen was a perfect fit for a school like Miss St.. He is just in way over his head at a school that has expectations like Florida. He's just never going to be able to recruit at the level that the big boys in the conference do. I think they are top 10 in recruiting this year, but they are like 6th in the conference. Middle of the road. I think Fisher and Stoops should be ahead of him on this list.
Excuse me.... This article is reserved for top 5 teams... Move along. Nothing for you here....
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fuzzyvol- you are in no shape to make any assessment about anyone in the SEC. Ya'll have your own problems. Like, oh I don't know, winning maybe. There is no UGA "attrition" (use google if you don't know what that means). If anything, they are getting more talented. Sorry bud.... But there is 4 more Cade Mays waiting in the wing down here. Thanks for the laughs though!
That is a good point. I think it will be mainly for consistency. Fromm leaving was a big hit to that, but for the youth we have at WR and at OL, consistency will go along way. What happened this season with the offense definitely can't happen next season.
Just for sake of argument, can we get a "Revisit to Way to Early Bowl Projections for 2019-20 Season" article from last year? I'd like to see how it stacks up to how it actually played out.
Oh, we can't skip the season... Because after we stomp them for the 4th year in a row, we can continue to point and laugh.
I don't even think he needs to beat LSU. Dabo has the luxury of setting cruise control right now in the ACC to make it to the CFP. His record speaks for itself in the the playoff games though.
See Florida fans.... This is exactly the reason why when you get the “I believe Dan Mullen is a Top 5 Coach” article from this guy, you have to consider the source. Ya’ll got sooo excited too. So cute.
Hypocrisy... Don't use big words they can't understand. I try and keep it simple for them. Like, 21 yards rushing. They get that. CO just needs to put on his Kirby Smart pjs, grab his blankie, and go night night until this nightmare is over for him.
Wait... wait... wait... Are the Gators using the "wait 'til next year line"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good luck with that guys. If anything, you had your best shot for the next four years or so this past season and still got smoked. 21 yds rushing... Yeah. Book that trip to the Benz Gators.
I've always said there was something wrong with Cade from the beginning. He is uber talented, and I like a mean streak in an O-lineman, but he was always too much of a loose cannon for my liking. A personal foul waiting to happen. The lawsuit is 100% an attempt at getting immediate eligibility, no question. Wish him luck.
Fromm isn't an elite QB. Nothing he said was out of line. Fromm was a great QB for us, but he isn't an NFL starter. He's just not.
HAHAHAHA! Including the self proclaimed All World Defense at the University of Florida. Fromm smoked the Gators every time he played him. But thanks for stopping by!
Hahahahaha! Someone get CO another tampon... He’s manstrating!
I honestly think that Mullen would be a better NFL coach than a college coach. They are 2 different beasts. Mullen definitely doesn't have the "no nonsense" approach that it takes to be successful at the college level. Not a jab, just an observation. Ironically enough, I think that mentality is what makes him right for the NFL, whether it be as a head coach or coordinator.
Awww CO, see, there’s a difference... There are no Gator fans posting On UGA articles at this point cuz you guys can’t really say anything. You’ve gotten smoked for the 3rd year in a row, your golden boy Franks is gone, Mullen is about to completely fudge another offseason, and uga is loading up on more talent again. You guys flat out don’t have anything you can say to us. It’s as simple as that... Any attempt to do so is an excercise in futility. Something ya’ll know a lot about. Its great to be a Georgia Bulldog!
Awwww come on Joe... You're talking out of both sides of your mouth. Just yesterday you were saying that if Mullen was given Smart's roster, he would mop the floor with him. You, yourself, said that your roster was light years behind what we have in Athens. Your words.... Sure, UF might be ranked #9, but they are #6 (middle of the road) in the SEC. You're Texas A&M 2.0. Numbers don't lie, Joe. You guys don't got it, and Mullen isn't the one to take you there. Sorry pal....
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Mullen has run off all of the players on the roster, why would we hand him ours? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good one Joe! That's awesome..... I can't wait to see how Mullen trumps last offseason. This is going to be GREAT!
Connor, you need to have a talk with your editor. Title should read "Why I believe Dan Mullen is a Top 5 Coach in Alachua County, Florida". Still think that is a bit of a stretch... but whatever. This one is free, I'll have to charge you next time.
Sounds like Florida fans.... They are still confused as to their spot on the totem pole... The bottom 3rd... On the flip side, the hilarity of it all is amazing. They try soooo hard.