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Mullen can't even get his offense lined up right..... 21 yds rushing. Yeah, I appreciate that!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wait....Wait.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 21 yds rushing.... 21. Yds. Rushing.
Awww... How cute.... All this and the poor wittle Gators still only managed 21 rush yds. Offensive genius HC huh? Hilarious!!! 102-41! Hilarious!
The call was reviewed. It was a catch.
I dedicate yet another thumping to CO Jones. How you like them apples? Have fun in the Belk Bowl Gators. You’re not ready for big time yet. Refs helped you too! Must suck to be a Gators fan....
Florida's top 10 players through the first 4 weeks have entered the transfer portal.
HAHAHAHAHA! Your "all world QB" is scooting around on a scooter because your OL is awful. I mean, there is that....
Bama and Clemson have done nothing, at this point in the season, to warrant a #1 & #2 ranking. Auburn, LSU, & UGA have the most impressive wins this year.
Tua's good, but Trevor Lawrence holds the best qb in college football distinction. Its not even an argument.
HAHAHAHA! Had UGA not dropped a punt on the 5 yd line, ND isn't even in the game. Thanks for the laugh though.
Defense won the game, offense controlled the game. Think chess not checkers... 8:12 scoring drive...
Should be: 1. LSU 2. UGA 3. Auburn 4. Wisconsin 5. Clemson 6. Bama 7. Ohio State 8. Oklahoma 9. Florida 10.Texas Based on games played. Clemson and Bama should be punished for not playing anyone.
I guess time will tell on that. I do know that they are a veteran team that had been hearing all week how they were going to get beat by more than 2 touchdowns, and I think they left it all on the field. UGA missed a couple of scoring opportunities, and gifted them a TD with the muffed punt. I do think we took their best shot for sure.
Outside of maybe LSU besting Texas, this was the best win by any team all year. LSU should be ranked #1 with UGA at #2. With Bama’s SoS and performance, they should be somewhere around #7. Truth hurts.
Only way Tennessee has a chance is if Florida turns the ball over, which inexperienced QBs tend to do. If Florida can't get their running game going, they may have to ask Trask to do more than he is capable of.
Some call them obnoxious, some see them as the truth. Guess it depends on which side of the fence you're on.
HA! I was thinking the same thing. Like it really didn't go too well for us last time GameDay was here, national televised night game, #1 ranking. I believe it was 31-3 at half time....
Good point. I guess you could look at it like if you put a bottom tier QB like Kyle Trask on Bama or Mizzou, would they (Bama or Mizzou) be better or worse?
Not really. Just gives us more chance to point and laugh at you gator fans that think they've accomplished something because they had to come back and win against Kentucky. I guess you missed the part where the writer told you guys that you are a middle of the pack SEC team at best. But it must be nice for you guys to not have anyone convicted of murder this week.
Probably should have thought about rallying with him on the field... If Franks didn't feel like he had to do everything, he might not have gotten hurt. Homeboy needed some help.... A little credit needs to go to Kentucky too, for going to sleep at the end of the game.
You will get to see them up close and personal soon.
We laid down, plain and simple. Texas wanted it more, and UGA didn't play with any interest.
Continue with the same recipe that they've been using through the first few games. Build a lead, run the ball with the 5 elite RBs we have, and choke the game out. The most intimidating part of UGA, as currently constructed, is the OL w/ those RBs. The fact that Fromm is an assassin is icing on the cake. The running game beats teams into submission.