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What Jake said is no worse than all of the idiots supporting the rioting and looting as "protests". Apparently 2020 is the year of the moron.... From the covid farce, to this nonsense. Fact of the matter is, we have to all stop being such pu55ie5. People have different beliefs. Thats the way the world turns. You don't have to agree with them, just have the perspective that they are out there. There are racists in every race... Fact... I couldn't care less about the context of the messages. I flat out don't agree with what he said. But I'm not whining about it. He has a right to his opinion, just like we all have the right to ours.
The thing about Vandagriff, and what everyone needs to understand, is that Prince Avenue doesn't necessarily play the top competition in the state of GA. So a good bit of competition in the QB room when he gets to Athens will prove a lot about the kid. There is a sleeper on that team though, and that is the kid Logan Johnson. He is small, but the kid lights it up. Watch his highlights and tell me I'm wrong.... An Isaiah Mckenzie type player.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, UGA still has way more talent than UF. That is not changing in the next 2 years.... or 4 years... The ripple effect of blue chip players jumping ship on Mullen can’t be understated. Kirby is a better coach too. Smart will be at UGA twice as long as Mullen will be at UF. Just wait to see what the Florida fan base has to say when they get beat down for the 4th year in a row.
There is a fine line between aggressive and reckless. To beat a team like Alabama, he will have to be aggressive. Teams like Florida want to lose the game, so all you have to do is sit back and let them. Hopefully Newman can differentiate between the two. He doesn't have to be the whole offense anymore.
You say you can't extrapolate last year's results in the ACC, but then you try to extrapolate last year's results in the ACC. Point is, you might want to have your Gators focus on getting off the field on 3rd down. Or, I don't know, not letting UGA's most productive receiver run wide open down the field. Those are the problems you should focus on. Not what Jamie Newman is going to do. 102-41....
“Familiar with Mullen’s system”. As in getting trucked by a Kirby Smart coached team? Oh look, Fromm just converted another 3rd down on one of the best DCs in football...
I sure hope so. Its not really that much fun turning the WLOCP off mid way through the 3rd qtr....
Well, seeing that the article is talking about his draft stock, you're dead wrong. None of the QBs listed were rated higher on a NFL draft board.
HAHAHAHAHA! Man, its like the Sunday morning comics around here huh? Georgia has been the most consistent team in the SEC the past three years, and a "huge step forward" for Florida would be beating Mizzou 2 years straight if we're being honest.... Grantham is one of the best DCs.... F-ing hilarious! Hey look, Lawrence Cager is still running!
Argue? It’s not even an argument. Teams like Florida and Tennessee being as sorry as they are is what makes the East the weaker division. Maybe one day they’ll get their dumpster fires put out. Until then, all we can do is continue to curb stomp ‘em.
Remind me again where Alabama finished the season. Come back when you can win your division.
"Draft analysts already are projecting Jamie Newman as a 1st-round pick next April. That would be quite a story for the 3-star QB who was the No. 649 player in his 2016 recruiting class. Alas, many of those same analysts projected Jake Fromm to be a 1st-rounder this year, too. So accept those opinions for what they’re worth." HAHAHAHA! Well there Chris, how about you do an article about your sterling prediction record since you're apparently the beacon of accurate prognostications. Maybe one day you SDS writers will learn that just because you got an A in grammar, doesn't mean you know diddly-poo about football.
Tebow wasn’t a bust. He has the right attitude, and was never really given a fair shot. Partially because of the media circus that followed him around for no reason. Guy had a playoff victory, in which he played extremely well. Tua will be on this list in a few years. Not because of ability, but because he’s going to get hit by a rain drop and dislocate a shoulder.
Hahahahaha!!! Wait..... Wait.... Hahahahaha!!! A Tennessee fan calling UGA irrelevant.... Hahahaha!!!! You guys are still playing JV football there buckaroo. Come back when you take off the training bra. Hahahaha!!!!! That was the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile!
Haha! Another SDS shot at UGA... First of all, no one has ever said Jake Fromm was going to be a first rd draft pick. In fact, everyone has pretty much said that he was Aaron Murray all along. But go ahead and toot your horn. I’ll make a bet though. From has a longer NFL career than Tua. While Tua was a good player, he is the most overrated person to come out of the SEC in a long while. Go ahead and say “2nd and 26”. Well, my 10 yr old could have made that throw. Smith was wide open. Let’s explore why it was 2nd and 26 to begin with....
Haha! Let’s leave the discussion for schools that actually have football teams there Sparky!