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Florida- I mean... How do you pick? HAHAHA!
I would be upset too if my school finished ranked lower than UGA, lost the #1 recruiting class to UGA, and lost their prime motivator to UGA. It'll be ok little guy...
Corch is right. You guys have the right man for the job. Barry Odom as D-coordinator is a slam dunk too. Arkansas is definitely moving in the right direction.
Well allow me to retort... The slam is that fans of other inferior teams such as Florida and Tennessee want to live in the past instead of accepting what is going on in the present. Ya'll both are sorry teams. Thats the reality of it.
A great story is “Rudy”. He got in the game, made a sack, awesome. Burrow literally torched everybody he played. Cowherd has lost his ever-lovin’ mind...
102-41 there Timmie. Florida kids don't want to go get their teeth kicked in every year playing for a clown. Can't blame them for going north to play for a real football team. The inferiority complex in ol' Timmie boy is strong...
Riiight... Kinda of like Scam Newton's recruiting money was "donated" to a church.
An example needs to be made, and he needs to be gone. You don't just get arrested for these types of charges. Either get with the program, or get to steppin'. There are 5 guys waiting to fill that spot that aren't out causing problems.
Uhhh.. He's got loads of experience. Hence the uproar over all of this. I don't think, however, that its a big of deal as its made out to be. Just a coach moving on to better himself. But to say he has no experience is just flat out ignorant. If that was the case, you guys had employed a guy with no experience for years....
Standard at pretty much any place of employment. If you’re no longer employed there, see you, bye. This is a whole lotta nothing...
Trask & Newman have basically the same passing stats, and Newman had 550 yds rushing last season. Can’t really say one is more proven than the other.
I must say.... I agree. And in response to Corch’s original post. Swift will be missed, but it is by no means the end of the world. There are 5 guys waiting for their shot. Newman will also help fill the production vacated by Swift’s departure.
Well, Florida really doesn’t need help at WR. Qualify, or not, this could have been a depth chart deal. Makes room for Evans if Mullen decides to go that route.
I've compared him to Isaiah Crowell. Crowell had character issues coming out of high school. More maturity questions really. Came in and performed great, but could never get rid of the "knucklehead". Evans would fill a place of need for Florida, but will Mullen be willing to except the negative publicity if it doesn't work out? There's a reason more than not giving up a cellphone for him not to have played in the TEXAS State Championship and to have a LoI to be pulled.
Hopefully! Our offensive was more than up to the challenge of 3rd and Grantham going 12-19 on 3rd down. Against any legitimate team though, we definitely struggled. No question there.
Depends on what exactly he means by "All-SEC owners". Talk about being inaccurate.... But he's a Florida guy, so its par for the course to be subpar. Its hilarious to watch them all flail around like little worms on big f-ing hooks.
Aren't expectations great? I mean, its no fun to know that your hated rival (if Florida even qualifies as a "rival" at this point) is beating you at every aspect of college football with no end in sight. Better coaching, talent, fan base, facilities. I mean, to wake up and be a Florida fan must be a miserable existence... You will always have Neil Blackmon articles though.
LMAO... Might want to work on your reading comprehension...
Blah, blah, blah... And still.... 21 yds rushing, 102-41, 2-9 on 3rd down, smoked 3 years in a row, and 1980 days since a Florida win. HAHAHAHA!
See, the things you guys will never understand is: 1.90% of the UGA fan comments are in retort to the flat out ignorant stuff that is posted on UGA articles by Florida fans. Like the subject line of this article. You're the little brother that wants to dish it out, but can't handle the cold, hard truth. 2. We get our UGA news from a lot more reputable places than SDS, so use this site to remind Florida fans exactly where they stand. The proverbial Gator punching bag if you will. So the difference is, all the Florida comments are just wishful thinking, smack talk. The results on the field tell the story. 1980 days since a Florida victory... Once you learn that, everything will be a lot easier for you.
2-9 on 3rd down, 21 yds rushing won't win any game there buckaroo.
1980 is how many days it been since Florida actually accomplished something on the field against UGA. Thats the reference.
Yeah, He wasn't the backup, he was the 3rd string guy. But since Florida can't seem to recruit the right guys, and Emory Jones didn't pan out, he got the job by default. Just look back to what he did against the only legitimate defense he face in Georgia. They didn't sniff the end zone until the 4th qtr. Since Florida only managed 21 yds rushing, Trask was forced to attempt to put the team on his back, and failed miserably. He's average at best.
LSU should be #1 regardless of the metrics. They’re the champs, and earned that distinction on the field.