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It's a 32 point beat down... and your gonna take them on a neutral court. That's basically what they played on lol.
We just got done giving Georgia a 32 point a$$ whooping and we are behind them? Makes perfect sense. Not to mention we have a better conference record, smh.
D.K. Metcaf did the same piss thing in 2017. It took two years for karma to finally strike back, but when it did, it was glorious.
I severely doubt we get to the finals or semi finals. Mangum is 4 for his last 36. We played like crap on the offensive side of the ball during the SEC Tournament. Hoping we can get out of our slump.
Maybe Ole Miss could host and State can be matched up with them. We have already beat them 4 times this year. But that wouldn’t be fair to the state of Mississippi, although they did put us in Southern Miss’s regional a couple of years ago.
I would rather play anyone else in the country during the postseason than LSU! The committee shouldn’t pair these teams together; they’ve already played each other 5 times.
Woodard’s hustle to try and draw an offensive foul was rewarded by getting murdered. Still don’t know where the foul came from but whatever.
For reference East Carolina beat Ole Miss at Ole Miss
And #17 East Carolina, and 2 wins over Southern Miss who was also ranked
This site actually had a story on women’s basketball for once. Wow!
This might not count in seeding but it would in the official standings. This is why we are ahead of Ole Miss and Florida right now.
Mississippi State can get a four seed with a win Saturday and an Auburn and SC loss. We would have a better record and also have beat both teams by more than they beat us. Ex: Sc beat us by 5 then we beat them by 19. Auburn beat us by 5, we beat them by 8. When y’all n a tied record this should give us the higher seed.
Winning percentage much higher without Nick, but probably would have beat Auburn with him. Of course you still want him healthy and playing, but I think Carter has shown he deserves to start over Lil Weatherspoon.
Nicks absence isn’t affecting the team. Carter has had 15+ in every game since Nick left; Nick averaged 9. Carter had 22 against Auburn. We’ve won 4/5 games without Nick. But don’t get me wrong, it would be great to have an eight man to play instead of just 7.
Washington overated, my boy Q underated he is leading scores in sec games
They don't teach that kind of history in college these days
We should be ahead at f Auburn, Florida, and Bama considering we beat them all head to head and have better records than all of them.