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We should be ahead at f Auburn, Florida, and Bama considering we beat them all head to head and have better records than all of them.
How can you say we can’t hang with the big boys when we only got beat by 4 to a top 5 team. We CAN hang we just can’t beat them.
Guidry was the cause of the end zone interception. Fitz put it on the money and Guidry bobbled it for 5 seconds until finally the Iowa defender pick it off. Guidry also failed to score before by tripping on his own feet at the 1 yard line which caused us to settle for a field goal. Blame anyone except Nick Fitzgerald for this loss.
The point is not what he did three years ago; it’s about how he has carried himself since and how he has used the second chance he was given. Name one incident on/ off the field he has been involved in since. I for one haven’t even heard a rumor of misbehavior. He is the greatest example of how to turn your life around in the sport of football.
Gator bowl again? We kind of beat Texas A&M by 2 TDs and have he best defense in the country so maybe Outback?
Morehead had the same record as Jimbo and beat Jimbo's team by over 2 TDs ...
Two 6-6 teams played in the Texas Bowl last year...
When is the last time he broke a Tebow Record? Never.
Breaking News Fitzgerald has set more Records than Fromm ever could thing of.
ESPN is also delusional because there is no way we deserve the Citrus Bowl.
How in the heck are SC, Mizzou, Auburn and Texas a&m all in better bowl games. For god sake our overall record and conference record is better than Auburn and SC, and we have beaten Texas a&m and Auburn. Not to mention we have the best D in the country by far. We give up 12.0 points a game (1st in FBS), and have only given up 12 TDS all year( for reference Bama has give up 25 and Clemsen 21). Plus we have given Bama its best game. These people are 100% delusional. I’m used to State getting screwed though.
No only targeting affects future games. The bigger news is that Ole Miss canceled their Christmas play, they couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin.
An UGA freshman should be better than an UMass senior all day long.
If you give up 27 vs UMass, why would you hold Alabama to any less?
Morehead all day. Looks like 6’5 290. He could take any coach in the country
The point isn’t wins and loses. It is horrible that the most powerful conference in the country can’t have decent officiating in football games on national television. It makes a laughing stock of the SEC and it’s integrity.
LSU ahead of State? We have so much more talent than LSU that its not funny. Lamar Peters in better than Waters as he proved in the SEC tournament last year. Not to mention we have the Weatherspoon brothers along with Aric Holman and 2 very talented freshmen. The writer brings up that we havented played anyone good, buts acts like LSU has. Austin Peay would have its day with Southeastern Louisiana.
Alabama fans, don't thank your defense for pitching a shutout, thank the refs.
We can at least say we’ve played Alabama closer than any one else, and held them to less than 25.
The kid did nothing against a real Defense a couple weeks ago.
How are any of these BOLD, especially the first two.