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Remove Alabama and I will be booking. Reach me at chad=boandolemisssuxanus at yahoo.
It amazes me that both you are a tider, and a rebel fan. It must be hard being both.
Who was the best? Chad, that threw 13 interceptions?
Guess who's back, back again, Dakattack tell a friend. It's great to be back. I see not much has changed. The best QB in the SEC is becoming the best QB in the NFL.
Nftiz is the second coming of the Dakattack. You heard it here.
No, but there were 3 basketball coaches arrested from Ole Miss one night and they all still have their jobs.
The 'UM network' will probably not be too happy with where this year is heading again.
You do not know your fan base very well. Let me help you out. UM has the most arrogant snobs in the SEC except Kentucky basketball fans. Embrace it. I know thousands of UM fans that believe it. You need to open your eyes.
They didn't really beat Bama this year. Bama beat themselves.
It was not painful for us to watch. It was such a pleasure. UM being exposed is ALWAYS a pleasure. GTHOM!
UM's next loss! Where is h$ll is ArmyGuy?