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First 3 were must-wins with that brutal 4 game stretch (with a game against Miss St to follow before our bye week) If the Hogs win Saturday, I'll feel pretty good. I think they will at least win 1 of those 4, if not 2. 3 would be overachieving IMO, Bama is Still Bama, LSU is still LSU, not sure if we can defend Ole Miss' WR's, and Weigman has looked scary good. TAMU is the most winnable in my opinion with their D being so vulnerable,
Makes me so happy to hear. Chuck Barrett will always be my #1 CFB radio voice but Eli Gold is a legend! Love listening to him call old NASCAR races, as well. Congrats on the successful treatment!!
The Mertzinator will make sure it's not a snoozefest
"This live announcement of Jameson Williams' suspension for violating gambling rules is presented by DraftKings and Fanduel Sportsbook, along with BetMGM."
I'm excited to watch Etienne this year. Gators got a gem in him.
Good for them! Traveling the world is something I hope we all get to do, lots to see out there!
And regardless of if his quote regarding calling our fallen heroes "losers and suckers" is true, the FACT is he still refused to go to a ceremony honoring WWI veterans on VETERANS DAY ITSElf as the President of the United States due to a little rain.
Also cojones, no, the legal proceedings are not deep state conspiracies. You do wrong, you get punished. You probably still think the lection was stolen despite no proof. go buy some more tinfoil for your hat.
If you think liking women means saying that you can gr@b them you-know-where, your head needs examined.
1."The allegations were first reported in The Atlantic. A senior Defense Department official with firsthand knowledge of events and a senior U.S. Marine Corps officer who was told about Trump’s comments confirmed some of the remarks to The Associated Press, including the 2018 cemetery comments." MillitaryTimes.com, September 3rd, 2020. 2, While I don't know 100% for sure what went on between President Trump's accuser and himself, his track record of disgusting treatment of women( specifically, calling his own d@ughter h0t and saying where you should gr@b women) leads me to believe her claim is not far fetched. Now, if she lied, then fine, she's a liar, I'm wrong, we all misstepped. But if I wrote the same comment about President Biden, not President Trump, would you blindly agree? Or would you ask the same question. I appreciate you writing your comment with some respect and not immediately going off the rails, screaming crazy like many people do these days.
Trump was found liable for ***xual abu** yesterday, has an ongoing r*** trial, called fallen veterans "losers and suckers", refused to honor our veterans at Arlington because it was raining, and you think he has integrity, compassion, and honesty? Thinking any current politician on any side has that is laughable, but especially thinking our former president does is downright stupid.
Hogs looked great this weekend, even against a bad team, and this is without a lot of key pieces as well. Could someone smarter than me explain how a team doesn't make the SEC Tournament. I'm not 100% well versed in the intricacies of baseball's conference tournaments.
How KJ is number #9, I don't know. 4th or 5th is much more accurate, probably 3rd at best behind Rogers and Daniels.
Setting a standard of "you must have a ring within your first 2 to 3 seasons of being an NFL starter" is stupid and much too optimistic. Hurts got to the Super Bowl in year 3. There is a difference between setting high standards and trolling the internet with impossible ones.
If not having a ring in a very small sample size of seasons means you're not cut out to be an NFL starter, than hardly anybody would ever be an NFL starter. Jones hasn't been great, but he's still young. Hurts is going to be a top 3 QB in the league for a while, when not concussed, Tua is very solid, and Bryce hasn't taken a snap yet. Bad take.
Shockingly enough, not every single little thing involves politics. I could care less about the political views of anybody on this site, because it's a FOOTBALL centric website. Go to CNN or Fox or any of the other (totally not biased) cable news sites to talk politics, because most of us here couldn't care less if the owner of a sports team is "woke". We just want the best results for our specific team.
Dude was willing to put himself on the line every minute he was on the floor. I respect that. Wish him all the best.
Yes because if you didn't graduate from a school your opinion on said school's athletics are 100% invalid. Great logic.
Hogs had a historically great season under him in 2015, not much of a reason to not be impressed. He's made guys better everywhere he's been.
Everybody was fine with Clark doing the exact same thing earlier in the tournament, everybody should be fine with Reese doing it.
Clark did the same thing earlier in the season and nobody made a peep. Now an LS player does it and everybody's up in arms. Clark is the better player, but Reese is right, she has a ring and Clark doesn't.
3 straight Sweet 16's and 2 Elite 8's, a winning record in the SECT and NCAAT, and 20+ wins in every year he's been at Arkansas separates him. He's been the best coach in the conference in the 4 year span he's been on the Hill.
We're talking about Musselman and his time at Arkansas, not the program as a whole.
We're talking about basketball, Ron. No need to educate me on the shortcomings of Arkansas football, I've lived through it.
I was talking about the timeframe Muss has been at the U of A but forgot to specify in writing. As O'Gara states, nobody in the SEC has made it to the Sweet 16 three years in a row since Muss got to Fayetteville aside from Muss. That's the point I was making.
You're missing the point, EKingGill. Muss never wants to lose, that's obvious. But it's true. The past 3 years, Arkansas is still growing in March and that's when they play their best basketball. Congrats to A&M for smoking us in the SECT. But I'll gladly take NCAAT success over success in the regular season or conference tournament.