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Baseball players all over the world draw lines in the dirt with their bats, after strike AND ball calls. What this kid was so benign that even the Vanderbilt catcher was shocked. This is outrageous. I couldn't even tell from that if the kid was really arguing the call. He was looking down at the 3rd base coach as he did it. If the umpire REALLY believes the kid was showing him up, the sensible thing to do would have been to just say something in the kids ear and let him know not to do it again. This ejection was a joke. Too bad Michigan's coach couldn't file a protest.
Just wondering why all the things Muschamp is saying about UGA wouldn't have applied had his son gone to Colorado State on scholarship. Either way, he wouldn't be playing for his father and I'm just guessing that he's got A LOT BETTER chance of getting playing time out there than at Georgia, which is loaded at QB this year and will likely be even moreso next year when Brock Vandagriff comes aboard. I hope the kid likes Georgia and all that, but still seems odd to me, especially after he announced last week that he was going to Colorado State.
I am one Georgia fan who agrees with you. I'm pleased we finished with the top recruiting class (for whatever that means) but I'd gladly take the 5th-highest rated recruiting class (or even the 100th) in exchange for a National Championship on the field. Just one. Just 1. That's all I want!
I thought the focus of the article was about how excited should Tennessee Volunteer fans be about NSD? I am not one, but I take it they should be plenty excited, and the author listed some reasons why, including their Gator Bowl win. Agreed it's not the stuff of legends, but IT IS a reason (along with some others) that THEIR fans might be excited. And for sure, it's better than losing. Why bug them or SDS about it? Any fan base has the right (maybe even the obligation) to be excited about their own team prospects. Why would a Gator fan (or any other fan) care either way about what Tennessee fans about their recruiting class?
Thank you @UGADAWG78. I don't know Zach Evans from a bag of beans but there are a lot of so-called UGA fans out their eager to trash him now that it appears he won't be a part of the UGA signing class. But less than a full month ago, those same folks were waiting with baited breath for his signature. None of us really knows what he did or didn't do. We only know that, so far, he hasn't signed with us. No need to keep throwing him under the bus at every turn. And as for @AFan, Evans did know where he was going, according to all reports. Seems WE rejected him, not the other way around. And Broderick Jones and Van-Granger are also kids and they haven't signed either. in fact, both are taking visits to other SEC schools this weekend. Seems like they would know by this point in time, where they're going.
Exactly the point @USAGrad417. He tries to disguise his hero worship of Hitler by saying he had "bad motives" or "bad intentions" as if Hitler was some common pickpocket or peeping Tom. I would not want anyone I know to have ANYTHING to do with this guy. I applaud this university for quickly suspending him and am appalled (but shouldn't be) at those on this forum who are trying to find ways to defend him.
I'm neither Jewish nor from Poland, and with all due respect, I don't think I need to have dinner with Hitler to learn valuable information about him, or even from him. There are many other ways to do that -- some legal, some probably not. But sitting down to dinner with him, treating him as an equal, giving him that level of respect, that would be a hard NO!
Does it even matter? Rich people just getting richer. Wherever they show the games, we're going to watch -- CBS, ABC, ESPN or the Weather Channel. So, again, it's just rich people figuring out new ways to get richer.
Well, he was 2-0 vs Tennessee, but I certainly see what you mean -- he didn't play in any "meaningful games" at Georgia.
Well yes, New Year's Bowl games do matter. Ones involving Big 10 teams are generally well-watched because the Midwest is a hotbed of TV viewership. And they are eager to prove themselves against the SEC so those matchups will generally do quite well. But get away from New Year's Day and viewership and interest wanes. That doesn't mean some of the games themselves aren't interesting, but these games are not sellouts. And then, players that even think they can sniff the NFL have been sitting out, although it appears that trend might be starting to slow based on what I saw this year. Still, I'm ready for an 8-team playoff to make even more games "count."
Why didn't he play more at Miami this past season? They weren't exactly world beaters.
I want this kid at Georgia as much as any self-respecting Dawg fan. But winning at ALL COST has never been, and will never be, a part of my philosophy. This kid's high school coach actually suspended him for several games at the beginning of the year and then sent him home (not just benched him, but home) hours before the state championship game. I don't know, maybe high school coaches are dumb. Or maybe they just have standards!
This is unrealistic. If a kid is a bad apple, there really isn't a way to hide him. Eventually, his actions are going to show up somewhere (either repeated internal discipline or on-field misconduct or a police blotter). If all he wanted was to just be a "football player," he wouldn't have all of these issues. And for the record, Most kids who truly are good kids, don't have to tell people that. Just sayin.
Also, remember that Brian Herrien had academic issues and basically had to study like PhD student just to get in to UGA. I think several of the kids on the team now were not necessarily academic stalwarts. But in truth, you don't have to be. You just have to be willing to work hard in the classroom like you do on the playing fields. the schools give you all the academic tutoring and mentoring you could want, so apply yourself and it works out.
OK. Thanks for this. The entire quote changes the entire perception of this. he's entirely correct and he acknowledged that they should have stopped him. As a former reporter, I hate it when reporters do this because they KNOW exactly what they're doing. Shame on this writer. I am, however, glad 'Bama got that touchdown.
It's not my team so not my problem. But if I'm a MSU recruit, or even a fan, I would be asking why this wasn't right after the season ended and BEFORE the early signing date. I mean, you gotta figure the man didn't go into the bowl game coaching for his job. I know about the practice field fight and the ugly bowl loss, but still. You have to ride that stuff out at this point, don't you? Guess not. Oh well, like I said, not my team, not my problem.
I'm a Georgia fan. I wish the kid had committed to us. I have mixed feelings about this because when you say you're committed, I believe it means just that. But in this case, I just wonder if this kid wanted to get in on the hype that surrounds the early signing period. I don't get this deal about wanting to sign with his teammates. It's not like they're all going to wind up at the same school. Why couldn't the other kids sign early? Or why couldn't he have done what some others have done and secretly sign his LOI now, and just wait until February to publicly announce, then he could have done a recreation of the signing or something. I guess I don't understand. I think he sticks with USC UNLESS some school is willing to recruit the Huntley kid, too. Maybe if someone could woo him away from USC, Burch might reconsider. It's a very long shot, but then in recruiting, longer shots have been made.
I think Fromm would be in the same place -- or better -- next year. If he goes pro this year, he's still going to be behind Burrow, Tua, Hebert and (if he leaves) Eason. Next year, he'd be behind Lawrence, Fields and, possibly, Eason if he returns. I think he should come back because he did not play well this year, regardless of who his receivers were. If he believes HE was the problem, he comes back. If he believes Coley was the problem, he'll leave.
Yep, I think you both got it about right. I read somewhere that two days after he transferred, Fields wanted to return, but his dad convinced him to stay in Columbus. I'll always believe that were he making the choice himself, Fields would have stayed at UGA and fought it out. I think Fromm legitimately beat him out and things just are what they are. There's no need in looking back now. Go Dawgs!
Indeed he did. We still need a QB that can CONSISTENTLY get them the ball, though. Is Carson Beck that guy? If not, can we find that guy?
Has Burton actually signed anything yet? I've been waiting all day for him -- I guess like LSU is waiting on Arik Gilbert. And I thought we were totally out of it for Evans, the running back. He got in some off-the-field trouble early in his senior season and I sensed that we backed off on him. Surprised to see here that we are in contention for his services.
Fine by me. At least he won't be in the SEC. Good luck to you, EJ. Go Dawgs!
As a UGA fan, I still wish we had signed him. We would have, too, if Holyfield had would have gone ahead and declared for the NFL draft before last year's Sugar Bowl. His delay cost us both (or either) Trey Sanders or Noah Cain (Penn State). Oh well. Go Dawgs!
Yes, this was already known and reported. It's true that the departure of Pittman has made him look a little harder at Auburn but unlike the Braun kid, he did not, and has not, decommmitted from the Dawgs. He wasn't going to enroll early so whether he signs today or in February, makes no difference. But does anyone know if Arik Gilbert is having second thoughts? Is he supposed to do something at a certain time on TV or something?
That really is laught out loud funny. Love the sarcasm. (Seriously, things are slow when they're reporting that a junior walkon is transferring).
Exactly. Chaney wasn't awful. Again, just two years ago, this team was playing -- and leading -- in the National Championship Game with Chaney as OC. And UGA tried to keep him this year. But Coley was basically his understudy last year and most of us UGA fans figured there wouldn't be a drastic dropoff once he took over the offense. But there clearly was. No the wide receivers didn't step up, but there were a bunch of things Coley could have done to help the team and just didn't. But my fear is that Kirby, as he has already done, will not look internally at the problems, but blame this year on the fact that four receivers left for the NFL and then injuries. Using that theory, Kirby will probably fire or demote Cortez Hankton as WR coach (because that is low-hanging fruit) and then keep Coley but hire someone (perhaps Mike Bobo) as an offensive analyst or perhaps as outright QB coach, and then if Coley faulters again NEXT year, Smart has his man already in place to replace him.
Yes sir. You called it. You said Bet the Farm. So what are you willing to bet on next year's game in Jacksonville?
Rick34, I'm with you. But the reason those guys talk so much trash is because some Georgia fans (not you or me, I'm sure) talk so much trash EVERY pre-season about what we're going to do, how this will be our year, how Saban (or Mullen or Muschamp or whoever) can't hold a candle to Kirby. And EVERY YEAR, every-single-year, since 1980, we've failed to win it all. Even when we've been picked to win it all. Even when we might have actually had the better team. Even when we had the lead and the opposing team faced a 2nd and 26. We've not won a Natty in 40 years (and both of those teams have), yet so mnay of our folks talk so much trash that I think other teams love to rub it in on us. Tennessee folks are upbeat because what should have been a dumpster fire of a season, actually turned out pretty sweet, and Pruitt might even be SEC Coach of the Year. And down at Florida, they've now put together back-to-back 10-win season and could very well finish the season ranked ahead of the Dawgs for the second consecutive year. I think at this moment, most of their fans feel better about where they are than most of us UGA fans because they definitely believe their teams are on the way up while we're wondering if we've gone as far as we can go.