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@GeauxTigers8, I'm a Georgia Bulldog through and through and as long as Kirby Smart ain't leaving, it really doesn't matter that much to me. But I must agree with you that we just need to give Brian Kelly some space. Whether he's a good hire or good fit for LSU, there's no way anyone is going to know that just four days in to his time there. So let's just let it play out and see how it goes. At the very least, let the ink dry on the contract before deciding whether it was a good deal or not.
You are exactly right @Corch Irvin Meyers. Kirby was always who AD McGarity and Georgia wanted, but when he got wind of what South Carolina was up to, he expedited the process. As you said, all of this information was well known at the time. But I guess Mary Beth said it on radio this morning so now it's "fresh" news.
For crying out loud, why isn't Matthew Stafford's wife sitting in a SUITE???? You'd think it would be in the dude's contract.
It's all a sham. Kirby Smart is doing the same whining about his players this week about their lack of practice focus and intensity. I think both Smart and Saban are sensing their teams might be sort of zoned out now that it's all but assured both will be in the SEC Championship Game. They want to make sure they don't go on cruise control until then.
Agree with that. Most current head coaches try to downplay the possibility of entertaining other jobs out of respect for their current institution and players. Mr. "It's-All-About-Me" is doing just the opposite. As soon as word leaks that he may not still be a candidate in one spot, he's woofing about how many other schools are interested in him. A modern-day P.T. Barnum.
Well, of Aranda and Riley, I would prefer LSU take Aranda. Why? Because if Riley leaves OU, I believe they would definitely come after Dan Lanning. He could go there and still be in the SEC (in a year or two). Baylor, not so much. Also, I still wouldn't count out Jimbo Fisher. I think at the very least, LSU is going to check with him.
It's fine if Kirby Smart wants to play Stetson Bennett. He's the head coach for a reason. I just wish he weren't disingenuous when he talks about his reasoning. He claims that JT being injured gave Stetson the chance to prove what he could do. But Kirby and the other coaches had ALL OF LAST SPRING AND SUMMER to see what Bennett could do, and THEY still made the decision to start JT Daniels over Bennett (and Carson Beck) to start the season against Clemson. All I've ever wanted to know from Kirby is, what changed between the preseason when they declared that JT was the better player and outright starter, and now. Did JT lose some skills? Did Bennett improve by that much? Both are possible, I just wish Kirby would say it. Or, is JT still not 100 percent????
I do keep up with the team and while it is factual to say the team was dealing with a flu outbreak and didn't have "as many options" as normal, it's not the same as saying that Kirby didn't have "any" options, because he did. He still had Nazir Stackhouse and Julian Rochester for the D-line. And he had other linebackers. I'm not sure who was left at DB, but he had options. Remember, Devonte Wyatt hurt his knee with 26 seconds left in the game. Surely, we had someone who could play DT for 26 seconds when we had a 24-point lead.
After watching Georgia play both Florida and Missouri, I really think that Missouri is better than the Gators right now. They moved the ball on Georgia some and their defense isn't awful. I don't know who'll win Saturday, but it won't be easy for the Gators.
Please. Players want to be, and are, paid. They don't perform up to standard, they get booed, too. If they don't like it, give back that NIL money.
My fellow Dawg fans, please do not lower your standards to respond to a Gator. They gave up 52 today to the mighty Bulldogs -- the SAMFORD Bulldogs -- at home. Now THAT, is the definition of pathetic.
Wow! I'm sure kids are just lining up to go play for this guy. Something is fowl down in Austin, though, and not just this year. It's like Mack Brown put a curse on the program. Charlie Strong, Tom Hermann and now Sarkisian. It shouldn't be this hard to win at Texas.
He said a day or so after Orgeron was fired that he had no interest in leaving A&M. He was emphatic about it. Of course, he could totally land at LSU, but he has addressed it and said he has no interest.
Thank you for that clarification @Unclenutz. Like many UGA fans, I have no love for Todd Grantham. But on that particular night at Vandy, he was absolutely justified in his actions. Now the rest of his coaching tenure, er, not so much. Florida did the right thing.
I do agree with the last part of your statement -- the CFP Committee has made it where losing early and going on a late run is far better than losing late in the season. Which is exactly why I've never liked the format or having only 4 teams in the playoffs. I've always said it should be at least 8 teams, and that the 5 winners of the Power 5 conferences should get automatic bids - regardless of their records. I know people don't like that, but what is the purpose of winning your conference if it means nothing. And if you happen to be a conference winner who isn't that good, then the playoffs should bear that out. And if you're a non-conference winner who doesn't make it in, but still had a great season -- well, win your conference next time. An 8- or 12-team playoff, though, would take care of most teams that deserve to make it. Then all this arbitrary discussion about whose loss was better or worse, and when, would dry up.
Slight correction @SEC ICON. Tykee Smith, another transfer, did play briefly against Auburn. Then he got hurt in practice the following week and is lost for the season.
I, for one, am so glad that Laura Rutledge is NOT Sam Ponder!
As a Dawg fan, I don't care that much, but Richardson is not leaving UF. He's a Gainesville kid getting to play quarterback for the University of Florida as a freshman. As a fellow Gainesville native, I can't tell you how big of a deal that is for him and his family. He is clearly talented and by all accounts, he will be the starter next year. Mullen will be out of Gainesville before Anthony Richardson.
Yep. I agree with you. They repeatedly tell these guys to hire a driver for the night if they plan on drinking. With that kind of money, they could hire two or three drivers. Also, while he is a grown man free to come and go as he pleases, one would think he would just care more about his craft. I know that Tuesday's are off days in the NFL so maybe he didn't have practice, but still. Man, hope it was worth it. Even if he doesn't serve a day in jail, he will forever know that his reckless actions resulted in someone's death.
Where on his body, may I ask, is this "soft tissue" injury?
It is fair to say that Stetson Bennett "struggled in last year's matchup," because those are the facts. But what's not fair is to write that without giving proper context. The kid was injured while throwing a touchdown pass, which put UGA up 14-0 at the time. He was obviously less than 100 percent after that, but gamely tried to play through the injury -- to his and the team's detriment. We will never know what he would have done had he remained healthy, but if you're going to say that he "struggled," it's important to note that he was hurt.
Yes, but having seen that Clemson game in person from the front row behind UGA's bench, a couple of thoughts. While we fans didn't know it at the time, JT Daniels' oblique injury drastically affected UGA's game plan. We attempted one (1) pass of longer than 20 yards all night and it's clear now, in retrospect, that the injury held him back. Also, what fans on TV didn't see was that during every TV timeout, backup QB's Stetson Bennett and Carson Beck would come off the sideline and throw the ball hard, as if they were warming up to go in the game. (I even remarked to my friend at the game with me that I wondered if Daniels was hurt because they did it throughout the game). They never play, of course, but knowing what I know now, it's likely the coaches were concerned that JT might have to come out of the game at any moment and they wanted the backups to be ready. We'll never know, but I think with a completely healthy JT, we would have scored considerably more points.
@Foots, in addition to age you also have the advantage of rooting for a team that has already won multiple championships. So if and when my Georgia Bulldogs can win a National Championship or two, I'll be ready to join you on "the process is all that matters" boat.
Oh @Sutpens100, I had to log in just to give a big lol to this line. I wondered if anyone else noticed the term besides me (but I bet most people on this site thought it was correct). Oh wow, where do they find their writers???
I agree with you @ArchtoOxford. I guess they have to make a show of all of this because of image and all that, but I've always thought this kid was going to Ole Miss if they were even halfway decent. They're quite a bit better than that and combined with all of the reasons you've alluded to, he'll go there. Of course he'll say the obligatory, "it was a tough decision," "all of these are really good schools," etc. But in the end, him going to Ole Miss will make his parents and grandparents happy. Nothing wrong with that.
The fact that she landed another job within a day, disproves her own statement -- she was both able to continue her "livelihood" and make her own health care choice. And she probably got more money to do so. And since so many people seem to hate ESPN these days (I do not), seems like she now has the best of both worlds. What's she complaining about? People change jobs all the time, now more than ever.
I'm just throwing this out for speculation because I have no legitimate idea. But if Lane Kiffin leaves (likely), will Ole Miss still be as attractive. And for some odd (to me) reason, the Mannings seem to have never developed any kind of relationship with LSU. I don't see the kid there, regardless of who coaches them. Just my gut feeling, but I think Ole Miss, Tennessee and Georgia are the leaders here.