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Late to the show, but this would be a MORE interesting comment section if the discussion could be an honest - who is the best SEC player of all time NOT on your chosen team. As it is everyone is listing 3 (which is MUCH easier than ONE) or so of their favorites from their team. So, I'll start us, I'm Alabama all the way every day. I'd have to say the best is Bo Jackson.
Yeah, nice bit there. So, no Alabama player will do anything of note this year. Uh, sure.
And, he was tough as nails literally MAKING the big play by sacrificing himself in several key moments. Not known for speed or strength - but he would man up and get it done when the chips were down!
“It’s a list of which coaches I trust to get a team ready to play and execute the team’s gameplan on Saturdays in the fall.” It's all about opinions. But if you'd like to get a solid idea poll 100 random college football fans. They cannot pick their own coach (there's obvious bias in that), ask what coach they would most want to get ta team ready to play (that would include everything from recruiting, to hiring assistants, to film work, to practice, to play design, to matching those to skill sets, and motivation) and to execute the team's gameplay on Saturdays in the fall (probably the most relevant factor here would be results). How many think Coach O would really be the one that would be picked? Alabama fan, LSU fan, Florida fan...you can't pick your own coach...unless you are just a hater, you know Nick would win that opinion poll every time.