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Will make sure it’ll be like the ‘68 gator bowl agian. Nick Saban will make those barber shop school comments on how we (Missouri) whipped your butt.
Tennessee and kU fans will put in work labor camps. We want a perfect race of elite human beings. Euginics has been the solution for these kind of problems.
Your mom is in the trunk hog tied with her panties off. She’s a big fat pig.
Not to mention the FBI situation last year. Maybe Rick Pitino should join the pizza business with Bobby Petrino.
He is a gross and incompetent human being just like our president.
Back in the day kU did take football seriously in the 1960’s. They actually had football players like Gale Sayers and John Riggins. But they were always losing to Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri. They however did beat us in 1968 in a game that haunts me so dearly as a coach. But we kicked their ass in ‘69.
If you go to Douglas County you’ll find the highest inbred culture there. They actually wanted blacks and other minorities gone after the Civil War. They don’t take kindly to them racial minorities in Lawrence kS.
Shut up it’s about the Civil War. Those meth hillbilly inbred Jayhawkers ruined this country.
Burn the town down and lynch a Jayhawker. You will do God’s deed. God wills man to end terrorist acts.
I vote we get a bunch of Missurians to dress up as indians and burn down the town of lawrenc.
I want someone to burn down ku again. Do it for the men and women who never got the justice that so rightfully deserve. Do it for those who could not speak out when the Jayhawkers burn down that hotel with those women
You know what I miss is the buschwackers burning down that town and lynching a jayhawker. The are the biggest hypocrites of the revisionist history of that culture of that terrorist culture. No different than what our government did in the 1940’s with the Japanese and pointing fingers at Nazi Germany. A Jayhawker raped women and murdered men throughout Missouri to make people who were neutral or did not agree with the union corporate. No different than Stalin sending his opponents to work camps and Hitler Euthanizing people he didn’t like. I find the Jayhawk symbol offensive to my family who faught to keep Missouri safe from those dirty people:
Kick Tennessee out of the SEC. They have not won a conference game since 1980.
Tennessee has the worst college football program ever. They have not won a conference game sine 1980.
Tennessee should drop football. They have a 46 game road losing streak and have not won a road game since 1980.
He worked with Saban and his only failure was at Tennessee where coaches career’s die. Tennessee is never been good, just like kU except kU has a BCS bowl. Tennessee has never been to a bowl game.
I want to marry you. I’m gay for our lord
He was cute I walked right by him Columbia and I said hi and he said hi back. I fell in love that day.
If he does get fired Mizzou will have much better options in 2018 then 2015. Odom isn’t the worst coach we ever had. I would say Stull and Widenhofer are far worst than Odom. But who knows Odom could be a pretty good coach just need to give him time. Al Onofrio went 7-16 in his first two seasons after I left in 1970. Odom has done better than Pinkel did in his first 2 seasons at 11-14 vs Pinkel who was 9-14. Just like Muschamp is doing about the same as Spurrier did in his first two seasons. Typically over a 10 year period the regression of the mean happnens with schools like South Carolina and Missouri. Tell you the truth Missouri made a good hire and South Carolina made a good hire too.
You apart of Tigerboard? I hate people on Tigerboard because they banned me.