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@em6126 I couldn't agree more. Just so you know, Im stealing that last line.
I fear UT and Pruitt are going to ruin everything for the rest of the SEC east. No kidding.
King Negan, You sir are now, have been in the past, and no doubt will continue into the future being one of the biggest dumbarses to to ever squat and pizz between two high heels. Pruitt is eating barbed wire and schitting 20 penny nails in the SEC. You should take your head out of your arse and look up occasionally, things are obviously flying over your head. Think, then type. Say it with me,,,,,,THINK, THEN TYPE. Now wipe that dumbarse thats dribbling down your chin and think, then type.
I have nightmares about the arse-kicking coming my way the last Saturday in September this year. All of you lizzard lickers should be worried too. You think I'm kidding, at first I thought it was the virus what with the sweats and shakes, but its been going on ever since his put his foot in Indiana's butt at the Gator Bowl last year. It's like Nostradamus whispers in my ear.......
@ NashvilleGator Thanks for the kind words, but to be honest I am more worried about Coach Pruitt at UT than I am Richt 2.0 (spot on observation on your part by the way). I also liked your insight into the past several decades, specifically the part about the ebb and flow of NCAA teams, but the SEC in particular. Like I said, I'm way more worried about Pruitt at UT in the next few years as far as the east goes; more than Muschamp who is on his way out before Thanksgiving, and more than Richt 2.0 and the leghumpers too.
Fake News from a Fake Fan. I can only believe by your username that you are 14 years old, thus the lack of humor, facts, or even an modicum of relevance. Go away boy, you make us all look bad and God knows we look bad enough as is without you dribbling dumbarse down your chin and spilling it all over the place. Idiot
Gatorboy14 is really a good kid. I believe in him so much I have given him a prominent position on my staff as of this week. you might even say he's at the top of my staff at times. good kid, full of schitt and fake news, but can adjust to any position on my staff as needed. Carry on kid
well, I do suck and choke on the big ones in games nearly as much as gatorboy14 does at the most any rest areal along I95 between Jacksonville and Key West. well, thats what the lardassed Bellycheck says anyway.
Fake News from a Fake Fan. I can only believe by your username that you are 14 years old, thus the lack of humor, facts, or even an modicum of relevance. Go away boy, you make us all look bad and God knows we look bad enough as is without you dribbling dumbarse down your chin and spilling it all over the place. Idiot
I'd say whatever to whoever to keep my job. Truth is Kerby and Jeremy are breathing down my neck in the East and really, don't even get me started about Nick and Gus out West. I'm really worried this year, no schitt. It's not gonna be pretty
Typical Muschamp behavior, micro managing everyone and everything to keep his insecurities from literally eating him alive. I really enjoy watching him squirm, sweat like he has a bad case of H1N1 chicken flue, and especially when he screams like a third grader mid-tantrum. One only needs to compare and contrast his time and actions at Florida with his time and actions at Cooter U to see he lacks the talent to be a coach in the SEC. There are really a ton of reasons it Just Matters More In The SEC. Truth is, Muschamp isn't included in any of them.
Wow, good read. Honestly, I will likely be schitcanned by mid-season 2021. We all better keep an eye on the goings on in Knoxville. Mark my words
Well said coach. Any of us would have been lucky to have him on our team
It wasn't any of the 18-21 year olds that got Muschamp fired from here in Florida, it was just that he was a terrible coach, couldn't win the games he should have, and continually tried to lay the blame for his miserable failures on his staff. One only has to look at the staff changes in Columbia and his SEC record over the past few years to know this is truth. But hey, him being such a looser worked out pretty good for me. We should have one heck of a year at the swamp if we can just get past UT and coach Pruitt.
Boom. Feathers everywhere now. Well played coach Pruitt, well played indeed
Honestly, I worry more about Jeremy Pruitt and the Vols this year than I do about the Coots or the Leg Humppers. I fear we have saw our best shot at the SEC east last year. We are a team on the decline, or fan base is the schittiest in the south, nobody around here can take a joke anymore. This gang of snowflakes makes me literally LOL You deserve each othere
I worry more now about having my arse handed to me by Coach Pruitt and the Vols than I ever have worried about the Coots and the Leg Humppers.
Actually, we have the schittiest fan base in the entire SEC, that goes without saying. I think coach Pruitt is right, Will probably did at least give Kerby a lotion handee, and there is that dabo on his chin.....(see what I did there). Muschamp will likely end up on Smarts staff (like Butch works for Saban) because as we all know Will simply isnt SEC material.
No, probably not. As in the past, South Carolina (especially under the leadership of Muschamp) will continue to be a mediocre at best. Looking into the 2020 schedule the only real difference is USC is trading Alabama for LSU next year, otherwise its pretty much a carbon copy of last years gauntlet. Even with a good recruiting season Carolina has lost more to injuries, graduation, and the transfer portal this past year than the net gain of their new recruits. Honestly the Gamecocks will likely never again reach the heights of the Holtz and Spurrier days for many years to come, especially with Muschamps contract and buy-out situation, where he currently has the Gamecock nation pretty much bent over a barrel.
It's true, Mushchump was afraid of a make-up game with us. We all knew then what the rest of the Gamecock nation is just realizing, Mushchump is a fugazzi. He was fired from here and the Coots thought It would be a great idea to snatch him up, and then to give him such a big raise they are now broke and a joke in the SEC all-the-while stuck with him. My only thoughts are that I suppose he hopes to be as good as Colorado State has been by picking up all their schitcanned players and coaches and once again convincing a weak-minded fan base just how well things are going to be next year. Anyway, Jeremy is right. You'd be a fool to take his bet
I'd be jumping out of that burning dumpster and getting as far away as possible too.
Im with them. Mushy, thats what they call Muschump down Bocca way, anyway Mushy is much easier to beat the crap out of on a yearly basis than UT is. At least UT is a respected school deserving its spot in the SEC. Im not so sure thats true with USC. Clemson and Carolina should actually change conferences, that would make the most sense. Clemson will always dominate in the ACC and the Gamecocks will almost assuredly be bumping bottom in the SEC. Coach Pruitt is right, Carolina is historically on par with Vandy, Kentucky, and as of late Arkansas.