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Well we are talking this year and not last year. Bye bye buckeyes
First I am a Bama fan of many years. Been through some really tough seasons through the years and this one is also one of those. On the poor taste or crude comments made near the Bama campus or for that fact any campus they are done by every single fan base bar none. There is nothing that can be done to correct these individuals that post signs or banners and I mean nothing. You take that few rabid fans out of the equation and the overall fan base at every campus is awesome. I have seen my share of aweful fan reactions to aweful fans of other campuses. Mix the two and it's just not a pretty sight. Instead of having a cow over a sign that someone has made a statement about why not go there and ask that offender to take that sign or banner down. Being on here to post about it being a typical fan of whatever university is a load of crap. At certain universities they steal the mascot of the opposing team. Some paint their colors on the others stadium or even university signs. The list can go on for years. NO it is not appropriate, that has already been determined. NUF said about all that. Those that continue to whine about the typical fan are what I would call typical whiners.
Spot on with what you said. There may have been even some that felt that way. You know what they say about opinions? Everyone has one and some are .....
Well, if the guy has an issue maybe he should just shut his mouth and get them talking about his conference. Seems to me the conference his is in has not been a major factor in over 10 years. SEC, PAC12 and even ACC can toot their horns pretty loud. Yours not so much!
I guess I could be proud of the last 3 years but one question for this guy, How many National Championships does Mississippi State have at this point in their entire history as a school? Not an LSU fan but Miss St stadium as the new Death Valley would be like comparing a local high school team to beating an NFL Super Bowl team. I just don't see it. LOL!
Why is this even a story? The writer must have had a deadline to meet to put something in. Old news, how about something more interesting?
Well, as for your comments on Auburn fans even though I am not one you are way off base. If you think Louisville did not care to win you are not very observant. As far as Tennessee if last weekend was a sign of their strength they are in trouble. They will be luck to beat Vandy at that rate of play.
Maybe it is because he is not that good. Time to get over him.