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If he doesn't get some blocking, they are going to kill him. I couldn't believe the hits he took in the SC game.
He has to make better decisions than he did this year. And probably needs a new offensive coordinator. And needs a special teams coordinator.
No kidding, BTDOT. I'd take Bobo's offense back over what we've done this year.
Its crap like this article that fuels the fire of getting rid of Mark Richt. TPTB at UGA need to consider carefully what effect CMR's firing would have. If the uproar about no NC is something now, wait until he's fired. The no NC uproar would be just a warm up. Words of wisdom: remember Ray Goff, Jim Donnan, Glenn Mason. Things can always be a lot worse than they are right now, and any improvement would be minor.
As often demonstrated, it's not just the red zone numbers, but the situations that tell the story. Dawgs 46-17.
We could use David Pollack about now...
This ought to be an interesting season for Georgia.
Mark Richt is a man of integrity. He has always given his absolute best for Georgia. His defense of his team is admirable, but his disdain for what "people think" sets him apart as a head coach. This is a man who will be guided by principle, not opinion. I hope the Powers That Be at Georgia realize how truly fortunate they are to have him as their Head Coach.
Dawgs 33-28 Todd Gurley - 124 yds rushing, 2 TDS
I'm a Dawg fan, also, but it's hard to develop much confidence in any prediction. Bama is good, the Dawgs are good. I'm thinking now that this game may hinge on one of two things: field position or special teams. Given that scenario, it's a tossup.
I don't think Georgia will be affected by emotion as much as you think. Richt has proven this year that he can both motivate his charges to win, and also rein in their emotions. I think Georgia will be the one to outlast Bama at the end. But, as so many have said, we'll just have to wait and see...
It's hard to predict this game. I'm going to go with Georgia based on intangible: desire. Georgia has shown that they will not be denied the championship this year, even with the numerous setbacks. Georgia has had more to overcome than Alabama, and I think this will be the difference. Georgia 33, Alabama 28
Okay, here's the game in a nutshell. Georgia's offensive line has shown the tendency to get stronger as the game goes on. The SC D may be quick, but you can get awfully worn down if you have to stay on the field defending against the running game of Georgia. This will be the difference in the end...Georgia's offense will simply wear down SC's defense. Georgia's defense is not without it's problems, but it appears their performance against Tenn was an aberration. This Georgia team will not quit. Period. Georgia 49, SC 37.