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Do we have the corners to keep up with Tn’s WR’s, MS St burnt us with timing routes, then Tn burnt us over the top, I can’t remember which come first, but the first game, helped produce the worse than normal results, in the next game . Trying to compensate like Lord Faulkwad; we exposed our gumdrop buttons.
All I have to say is "touche" to my bayou buddy up there. The more I find out about Georgia, the more I realize life isn't even close to fair and my expectations get smaller about beating them in Lexington. That's why they play the game though. Ugh
I’m just echoing what pig said. Sharpe says he wants to be the greatest ever. He might want to be like Mike , like the rest of us does, but MJ has something this kid will never have. A desire to compete and a love for the game . That’s what made him so great . This guy was blessed with what, almost, every kid , wished they had, growing up, and doesn’t have the brains to know how to use it or harness it.
Wasn't Kentucky a fumble recovery and missed catch on the end zone from making that a game? Bennett bests Levis as far as making reads, as of last year anyways, but as far as able to make the throw, and run the ball , Levis all day . As for Pocket awareness, it's a push.. I really like our chances this year. If we of had another quality receiver and jumped on that fumble , I think it'd been close last year. If and buts aren't candy etc .. And mights are on a chickens arse. I know , but I still like our chances this year
For whoever is taking Bennett over Levis, I've got one fact/stat for you to contemplate. Levis' stat line versus georgia. Did Stetson Bennett have that good of a stat line against Georgia's number two defense during practice, all year? I kind of doubt it. He wouldn't have done the job Levis did if you replaced him with Bennett that game.
I’m cautiously optimistic about this season. The secondary is where 95% of my concern lies. Stoops and White did a good job of hiding it’s inability, lack of confidence, and lack of experience, until late into last year. Joel Williams needs to step up, his highlights from high school were more than admirable, if he can translate those kinda plays into SEC highlights , look out! Childress is going to be a pleasant surprise and asset. All around, Our receiving Corp is twice as good as last year . Although, it feels like we are two injuries away from being more like a 6-6 team without some major key developments . In stoops I trust , that’s what he does, develop . We will slay the beast from the East this year. KY > East champs 2023. I loveeee kooool aidddd
For as much as Negan has to say, he should have some sort NIL valuation , or NIL “ liability determination”. I feel sorry for him. I expect one day his mother to get mad and wear someone out… but , it’ll probably be poor Negan for being a gamecock block . “ “Neg , just because daddy was wearing a Florida’ jersey, doesn’t mean he can’t be your daddy.”
Although, Levis, and Hooker both, probably belong on the top ten SEC players draft “chance” list. 9th and 10th spot. In my mock draft, at least. I rest my case.
“ I know that doesn’t say the filth pick, so there must be a day 5.” , But I hope he does go that early , and can see it being “possible.” Lay 100 to 1 odds , and I’ll even bet on it.
My opinion coincides with the Writer, Levis stock went from “he is , for sure, projected somewhere in the draft, right? To “ WTF, when , huh, what, is there a day 5 of the draft next year?” Good stuff ..good article.
I think, Negan, probably has a top 1000 list , with documented auto biographies, opinions and evaluation of players .. I don’t know about a top 10 though.
Kentucky’s new offensive coordinator, which was 49ers QB’s coach last season, Rich Shcelgo? Said Levi’s was, “ the best quarterback he’s ever had an opportunity of coaching, Recently. I hope he’s right, Will has twice as many of good targets to throw to this year. Also, NFL draft agents came,as part of pro day, to KY, and really liked what they seen of Levis too, recently. Seeing is believing though . He got better if hype holds true.
I guess a number of mock drafts are wrong about Will Levis. Someone tell CBS to check with Spenc before doing something crazy like a “mock draft” ever again.