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.J.Swanns timing is impeccable. If he was in Leachs' air raid, he'd pick alot defenses' apart. No way he's bottom of the SEC QB list. I like this Kentucky team. Between Eddie Grans' style of offense, which you see wrinkles of still, especially in the run game and how the line has been coached to block, and Coens wide zone scheme, marriage of the two , its goin to cause some headaches, and efficient. Timing has been Leary's problem. Between Burton snapping the ball, a new system,,receivers drops, and coming back from injury, you can't try and hide the problems and fix them all at the same time. I seen the potential this week. It'll be Florida's "fault" we win next week according to the haters or I'll eat crow.
I feel like we have as good of a starting line up on offense, as anyone in the country, but when guys start getting hurt, talent, doesn't drop off a cliff, but you could say it drops off a pretty steep hill. I like having a game or two to get lined out. I don't like have a loaded back end of the schedule like we have. If we stay healthy, I like our team.
Between the online,Levi's being dinged up, and Scangerello, our game plan went down hill, coach Woody and Gran probably helped savage a little bit of innovation last year,but overall it was a dud. I'm betting the Online goes from horrific to decent for 3 quarters, at least. We have three wide receivers that are setting records in track, one of em is poised to set world records. Elite. Liam will utilize them. We have a WR room people will know after this year.
I hope Liam Coen installs some plays and schemes for Barion Brown, Jordan Anthony, and Anthony Brown, to all be in together. I don’t see a team having 3 corners that can keep up with them. They all have 4.3 close to 4.2 speed, stretch the field and throw the ball up and see what happens. I’m not sure Leary has that kind of cannon.
If anyone has a PFF account and time on their hands, would you be so kind to look and see what KYs o-line grade was after the first two sec opponents at the start of the season and if they made any improvement?, especially if the flax kid improved?
If Kentucky gets another solid offensive lineman then my opinion is, at least the starters, will turn it back into a wall instead of an open intersection. The northern Illinois guy is legit but I don't see Tanner Bowles as much of a improvement, even in the back up rotation. I'm pessimistic about much improvement from last year's guys that were the problems either, The Flax kid better be putting in work cause he wasn't even SEC back up quality last year. Jump into the WWE training and learn foot work and leverage BRO, if you are reading this! Dance classes too, you can' say your taking the classes for the hot girls, not because you are kinda terrible and could use the NIL money, maybe? I'm on your side kid..
If this kids progresses anything like he did between his junior and senior season, he'll be a first round draft pick for sure. I've never seen as big of difference on any recruits highlight film between one season. First defender rarely touches him, with more than a finger tip anyways, and he breaks a tackle or two after that, on every other play. . He played safety on defense along with RB,4:46 speed without hardly losing any of it with pads on and runs like someone slapped his momma. Brown and this guy make for a dangerous home run duo. Reminds me of both Randall Cobb/Snell. He will play this year and probably be RB#1
They have the pieces this year, wether or not they can put it together in time is the question. Any given Saturday, for any given team, anything can happen. A couple of deflected passes in the end zone can result in 14 points going the other way. That's why we play the game. When you add a wrecking ball to any equation, plans can get wrecked. Go Cats! C A T S
LSU played like the number 1 team in the nation that day, no, actually Kentucky did.
If we can Win the turn over battle, and make Georgia make at least 7 or 8 uncharacteristic penalties, I could see it definitely happening.
Barring catastrophic events, which aren't that unlikely of happening in between now and the game, Kentucky is still 2 Olinemen away from having a true shot at GA. I don't wish injuries on any team or player, but for it to play out and cast a shimmer of , not hope, but feeling of "we can do it without having to get lucky," Kentucky will have to have a couple o line men step up BIG TIME, OUT OF NO WHERE, or some odd scenario will have to play out which favors Kentucky. We have a punchers chance, as it stands. We can't go toe to toe, as it appears, right now anyways . No one in NCAA can go toe to toe with Georgia and feel good about matching talent level. Kroger field is gonna be ROCKING! If Rich Schangerrelo can scheme up a few gimmick plays and or Kentucky can take advantage of a couple turn overs, we could definitely have a shot. Things will become clearer between now and then. Or, If our guys just lay it all on the line, like the 2007 LSU game, we can do it. Anything can happen .
My sources informed me that A&M will be letting go of Jimbo , announcement coming tomorrow. There goes that buying in speech… they went the other direction, They bought out. You heard it here first guys. Probably…. Unless it’s fake news, if so, someone hacked my account…. Megan I mean Megan ..n e g a n.. I get it now…
My sources informed me that A&M will be letting go of Jimbo , announcement coming tomorrow. There goes that buying in speech… they went the other direction, They bought out.
Georgia looks like the team to beat again this year! Definelty #1 in the nation right now . Congrats ! With a healthy CRod , us getting our O line figured out, and barring injuries, I think it sets up well for a good game in Lexington. I can’t wait ! Do I think Kentucky has a chance?…. He.IL Yeah! It’ll be a one score game. We have some awful good receivers and an awfully good Defense, too! Not the depth GA has, but I like our coaching staff! Go Cats!
If I ever go broke , I’m gonna take Billy Napier’s money
AR16 … did Florida really win ? I said he might get 15 .. he got 16 .. moral victory ? GO BIG BLUE
You talking about the adjective-verb Gatorfan? I thought about that later on and said to myself , “DOH.” Best of luck to you Saturday! I’m just talking smack because we got treated like a red haired, step child, by Florida, for the entire first half of my life . I wish no injuries for either team and a fair game played. Good luck!
Take the very first defensive drive, of the first game of the season, out of the overall picture and we didn’t look bad, at all , Saturday. Take into account we were down 2, of our top 4 ,defensive players also (Wright and Wallace ), and all of sudden, we looked pretty good, all things considered, that first game. We gonna get that dub, straight out the swamp mud this Saturday. Chomp Chomp blue tailed lizards with your stepped on, broken azz tail, we coming for that azz Mr. postman. You gonna get “Squared up” Wallllllacceeeeeed’ out and “Stoooooooped Down” gayturds Anthony, “ya better run” Richardson, you be lucky to score 15.
I know it’s Miami of Ohio, but Tavion Robinson, for Kentucky, was ridiculous. How he wasn’t on the honorable mention list, could be described as, the same adjective I used to describe Tavion Robinson. He graded as the 4th best receiver in the country if I understand the PFF grading system . Trevin Wallace , if Florida don’t remember that name, he’ll be causing chaos and heartbreak in their stadium, Saturday, and featured on this next edition of this list, next week.
You take a kid that hasn’t ever had a lot of money and is mediocre - to good at football, but has STAR potential, if he develops, on summer break, things potentially have a chance at getting a lot more “fun” with an extra 25-30 grand in his pocket , he wouldn’t have had , , if not for NIL. Just sayin.
I believe NIL, in general, is a great thing. These kids deserve piece of the pie. Money has the potential, and tends to change people, for better or worse, that’s an obvious fact. Recruiting just added another dimension and level of difficulty to itself . Recruiters and coaches are going to be helped by staff with psychology backgrounds, it’ was like this already, to a point , even more so now . You are gonna want kids that are good, of course, and that really love football, more than almost anything , times 10, or already have a well off family and are good at football so the question is half way answered already. Draft day became a little easier for NFL teams though.
Do we have the corners to keep up with Tn’s WR’s, MS St burnt us with timing routes, then Tn burnt us over the top, I can’t remember which come first, but the first game, helped produce the worse than normal results, in the next game . Trying to compensate like Lord Faulkwad; we exposed our gumdrop buttons.
All I have to say is "touche" to my bayou buddy up there. The more I find out about Georgia, the more I realize life isn't even close to fair and my expectations get smaller about beating them in Lexington. That's why they play the game though. Ugh
I’m just echoing what pig said. Sharpe says he wants to be the greatest ever. He might want to be like Mike , like the rest of us does, but MJ has something this kid will never have. A desire to compete and a love for the game . That’s what made him so great . This guy was blessed with what, almost, every kid , wished they had, growing up, and doesn’t have the brains to know how to use it or harness it.
Wasn't Kentucky a fumble recovery and missed catch on the end zone from making that a game? Bennett bests Levis as far as making reads, as of last year anyways, but as far as able to make the throw, and run the ball , Levis all day . As for Pocket awareness, it's a push.. I really like our chances this year. If we of had another quality receiver and jumped on that fumble , I think it'd been close last year. If and buts aren't candy etc .. And mights are on a chickens arse. I know , but I still like our chances this year
For whoever is taking Bennett over Levis, I've got one fact/stat for you to contemplate. Levis' stat line versus georgia. Did Stetson Bennett have that good of a stat line against Georgia's number two defense during practice, all year? I kind of doubt it. He wouldn't have done the job Levis did if you replaced him with Bennett that game.
I’m cautiously optimistic about this season. The secondary is where 95% of my concern lies. Stoops and White did a good job of hiding it’s inability, lack of confidence, and lack of experience, until late into last year. Joel Williams needs to step up, his highlights from high school were more than admirable, if he can translate those kinda plays into SEC highlights , look out! Childress is going to be a pleasant surprise and asset. All around, Our receiving Corp is twice as good as last year . Although, it feels like we are two injuries away from being more like a 6-6 team without some major key developments . In stoops I trust , that’s what he does, develop . We will slay the beast from the East this year. KY > East champs 2023. I loveeee kooool aidddd
For as much as Negan has to say, he should have some sort NIL valuation , or NIL “ liability determination”. I feel sorry for him. I expect one day his mother to get mad and wear someone out… but , it’ll probably be poor Negan for being a gamecock block . “ “Neg , just because daddy was wearing a Florida’ jersey, doesn’t mean he can’t be your daddy.”
Although, Levis, and Hooker both, probably belong on the top ten SEC players draft “chance” list. 9th and 10th spot. In my mock draft, at least. I rest my case.
“ I know that doesn’t say the filth pick, so there must be a day 5.” , But I hope he does go that early , and can see it being “possible.” Lay 100 to 1 odds , and I’ll even bet on it.