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Maybe that'll happen the day Miles teaches his players not to clothesline people from behind on punts, or keeps his players out of bar fights.
The fans didn't rush the field in 85. Granted that a few were out there, it was mostly family members and staff. Other than that, pretty much everyone was still in the stands.
"With the win, Mizzou improved to 14-2 in regular-season SEC games in two seasons"Nick must like Mizzou since he elected to go for the 2-year 14-2, rather than the far less impressive 3-year 16-8.
Actually, the original story said emphatically that the faculty and athletic department had nothing to do with it. It was the sorority pitching themselves.
"2014 Crystal Ball Projection: 7-5, 3-5 2014 Actual: 8-5, 3-5"So last year you picked them to be bowl eligible, but to mysteriously not play in their bowl game?
That's funny from a Georgia fan, considering I'm pretty sure they played them just last season.
Interesting how a team "coming within 2 points" is practically the same as winning to you, yet you turn around and bash them for losing two games by less than a TD.Sounds like someone's still bitter over their favorite team getting whooped in the SEC Championship.
Maybe "Angels in the Backfield" never makes the discussion because Vandy still lost the damn game.
A Vol fan piping in? Whatever happened to Daniel Hood... you know, that UT player who raped his own cousin with a plunger.
Uh... it IS on the list, genius.Reading ain't your strong suit is it?
You Mizzou fans have no idea what the word "estimate" means, do you?
They're not "arresting someone for making a little money off a college athlete". They're arresting someone for receiving stolen goods (uniforms are school property), and for not revealing who he received them from (which is obstruction of justice)
No one would need to report it as stolen. Selling pieces of a CFB uniform is no less self-incriminating than if you walked into a car dealership and tried to trade in the President's limousine.CFB uniforms belong to the schools, not the players. If the player tried to sell his uniform, it's theft. If he had this guy selling it for him, then that guy received stolen goods.
Irrelevant. Being frustrated is no excuse to lay hands on anybody.
644–534 with a 14-16 bowl record... actually kinda sucks.
"Ole Miss’ 38-point win over Vanderbilt wasn’t convincing enough for poll voters?"Why would it be? We all watched Vandy get the crap kicked out of them by Temple just last week.
What? No nod for Landon Collins freight-training that WVU receiver?
I don't even like Kiffin personally, but your cantor is laughable. Has he made a bad name for himself as a head coach? Oh, undoubtedly... thankfully Bama is already paying a 4-time BCS Championship-winning coach to fill that job, and that's why they hired him as offensive coordinator... a job which, at my count, he's currently 24-3 at. Kiffin gets NO media exposure per Saban's rules, and Saban will keep him on a tight leash as far as coaching decisions go as well.Simply put: the man is more than qualified to do the job they hired him for, and gets practically no chance to make an ass of himself, so as long as the Tide keep winning games and he helps improve the offense, he'll have a job in Tuscaloosa regardless of what the Bama boosters think of him as a person.
Wait... training staff was on the field. Shouldn't he have had to sit out a play? lolI kid I kid. Glad he's ok.
It's hard not to be high on the guy, especially given the success McElroy and McCarron had their first seasons as starter... and given that Coker, of the three, is easily the most physically gifted. He's got a better arm, better size, and better mobility.Simply put: if he DOES get a good handle on the offense, he's going to be pretty tough to stop.
Funny, Georgia desperately wanted a good chunk of that backfield and Bama won them out, but now Georgia fans are like "Nahhhh, we weren't interested..." *sniffle*
It looks like all they actually did was turn off the stadium lights and put purple on the marquee signs.
I personally have nothing against Spurrier. In fact, he's probably my second favorite coach behind Saban.However, I do find it laughable they put "WINNINGEST COACH" in big bold letters... and then added "in Gamecock history" in fine print.
Brad Smelley might be a running back now, but he was a tight end at Alabama.
Translation: "Wahhhhhhhh, they didn't put Greg Robinson on hereeee, wahhhhh."Maybe Greg Robinson will get a nod over Jones when he wins a title at three different positions, or the other two... well, when he does anything at all noteworthy.
Uh... you DO realize that Alabama fans and alum started a fund to help save the trees pretty much as soon as it happened, correct?
But but but but but... "Saban doesn't play any hard games.", right?
Uh... Colorado doesn't look like a "Crimson" state on the map.
Anybody ever noticed one of those dumb people who don't realize that NO team, not even Alabama, picks their inter-divisional opponents? Oh wait, here's one!Rotating East opponent+permanent East rival+West schedule= Alabama's schedule... same as every other West team.