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They lost to freaking Rice and VT, no way in heck they will even sniff playing in the Peach Bowl, much less playing Auburn!
Auburn vs. Marshall in the Peach Bowl?!! What the heck is this guy smoking?!
btw, no one is boycotting the Evan's business, I drove by there the other day and the place was packed, so until there is proof this occurs, this is more drama spun by the Evans family.
Please note I'm not just pointing the finger at just Bama fans with that last post, ALL fans regardless of what team they root for act this way if a player chooses a team they don't like.
Please note I'm not just pointing the finger at just Bama fans with that last post, ALL fans regardless of what team they root for act this way if a player chooses a team they don't like.
Please demonstrate the "suffering" that the Evans claim. This is just a bunch of drama, that's it. Fans will always be fans, bama fans made death threats to Cade Foster, also to Reuben Foster when he first switched to Auburn, same with Brent Calloway. No one can stop what a fan says, it's when actions take place is when the problem occurs, ie, Updyke. If an Auburn fan ever does something to Evans physically then yes there is a problem, talk is just that. As the old saying goes, sticks and stone may break my bones but words can never hurt me.
To be fair, Rashaan and his family made his recruitment a clown show inviting both coaching staff's to his grandfather's 80th bday party when it was supposed to be Gus's final in home visit. I'm sure a lot of fans could care less that he is at bama, Yeldon,Foster,CK,Calloway,etc., all spurned Auburn and we are better without them. Most fans are upset with how he lied to our coaches and players and how his recruitment was handled. As the old saying goes, "you made your bed, now lie in it".
ANNOUNCEMENT: Braden Smith's signing, no matter the weather conditions, will be held at Olathe South at 10:20 AM tomorrow.
Braden Smith's announcement has been moved back to 10:20 CT FYI
Delete this comment, didn't read the Top 10 criteria.
Not a single bust from Alabama on this list yet Tyler Love should be at the top for All-time "bust" list of 5 star players. Dee Hart was also a huge bust
How is Mike Dyer considered a bust? We broke Bo Jackson's freshman rushing record and won BCS MVP. If he is considered a "bust" then who isn't. Yes he only played two years, but that shouldn't qualify him as bust status. By that definition Johnny Manziel is a "bust" since he only played two years.
Auburn people love Auburn, bammers only love Alabama football and many don't even know where T-Town is located. I'd suppose you fall under that category...Roah Tad
Graduated in 2011 in Engineering, 3rd generation Auburn Graduate...you were saying...
Everytime I read a bama fans post my IQ drops 100 points. What year did you graduate from Alabama?
This statement also isn't true. "who had at least considered going back to Auburn" Casher comitted to Auburn but the Auburn coaching staff still didn't trust him after his decomittment and wanting to visit Bama for the LSU game, so they declined his commitment. Completely different than anything reported in this article. Very poor journalism in reporting the facts.
Again Casher did not have a committable offer from Alabama until he was rejected by Auburn. At this moment Alabama does not have room for him unless they drop another commitment.
How is it a "Victory" when Auburn wouldn't accept his commitment even though he tried to commit to Auburn three times this weekend and Auburn declined?! If anything Alabama is taking a commitment of a player they never planned to take in the first place. Explain how that gives Alabama a victory?
Even the folks on Bama's side were not ready to take his commitment until last night, might want to do some reading before you post there chief.
Or maybe Alabama's plan was to have him commit to Auburn and then pull a Yeldon and flip on signing day and Gus sniffed it out, FACT!
Haha, once again SDS false reports a story. Casher tried to commit to Auburn three times over the weekend, FACT! Gus said thanks but no thanks. Alabama didn't even give him an offer until last minute, FACT!