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Bama is the only impressive team? If you think UGA can't play with Alabama then you're delusional. Bama fans have become some of the most obnoxious in football.
I don't agree with you, but at what point did I compare defenses? Try and keep up.
I have a feeling that Notre Dame may have pretty good team this year. I'm a lot more worried about our offense than Miss St's.
You're A LOT more optimistic than I would be after a 14 point win over Mercer.
I'm expecting a close game, but I also wonder how good LSU is. Either way I'm excited for the challenge!
Geez. Should UGA just forfeit now? You'll have to excuse me if I have more confidence in Georgia's D than the hyped QBs they face.
If Georgia goes 10-2 I'm curious where the losses come. Right now Miss St. looks to be the toughest team on the schedule, but how good is LSU? Too early to tell. I'm also getting fed up with Bama constantly crowned the best team in the SEC/country while everyone else is fighting for 2nd place. It's obnoxious.
Why don't you worry about who the best Tigers are?
I see most predicting a close game or a great game, but I think it will only be great for UGA. I predict a blowout in Georgia's favor. The defense will dominate. Am I the only one who feels this way?
Am I the only one surprised the Georgia is the underdog in this one?
They're at the top of the standings, but they're not the best team in the East.
You keep throwing that neat little fact around like it's supposed to mean something to me. Can you tell me how it's relevant to the conversation at hand? Until then we can talk about how Missouri hasn't won a conference title since 1969...since you want to talk about irrelevant facts.
My comments have to do with nothing but Georgia beating Missouri 34-0 and potentially having to watch them play in Atlanta instead of my Dawgs. Yes, I'm frustrated that Georgia lost those games and I'm taking it out on Missouri.
We can if you like. Those losses don't make Missouri a better team than Georgia. You have no rebuttal to my comment. Missouri beating Georgia last year is what we like to call an anomaly.
If Georgia isn't the best team in the East, then who is? Please, don't say Missouri. I don't want to have to bring up the Dawgs blasting the Tigers 34-0 in front of their home crowd.
Those losses make me sick to my stomach. There's absolutely no excuse for Georgia not being undefeated and in the top 4 right now. Missouri will deserve to go to the SECCG if they win out, and I'm trying so hard not to take anything away from them. However, I'll have a huge problem watching a team my Dawgs blanked 34-0 play in Atl.
Every single one of you Tiger fans know as well as I do that Georgia has a better team than Missouri does. I can't blame ya'll for defending your team, though.
I rooted for Tenn tonight and I'll be rooting for Arkansas next week...as should anyone else that wants the best team in the East to represent the division. No one wants to see Mizzou get embarrassed in Atlanta.
Let's all say a quick prayer that Arky get's it done against Mizzou next week. We all want the best team in the East to represent the division...don't we?
I didn't mean to suggest that Kentucky is no good. They're have an above-average year for UK, that's for sure. I just don't think I would bet you UK beating UGA if I were him.
You do know that Georgia is a lot better than UK...right?
"Georgia’s defense has outperformed its ability the last few weeks"? What is that supposed to mean? God forbid Georgia's defense improve over the course of the season under a first year coordinator. SDS is good for at least one stupid remark in nearly every article.
I like how you assume that Ole Miss would beat Georgia IF ya'll make it to the SECCG.
Maybe Ole Miss is better than Georgia, and maybe they're not. I do know that they're not "much better" than Georgia, so I won't "deal with it". I pray to God that UGA gets a chance to play the Rebels. You act like they've been world beaters this year.
Yeah, because it would just be "wacky" for Georgia to beat Ole Miss in the SECCG. Give me a break.