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My favorite line from this article: "With Butler’s hunger strike and the protest now over, Pinkel says the team looks forward to getting back to getting stomped like a JV team every week." I'm quite sure these fools expected, and hoped, that this situation would drag on for another month or two, to save them further embarrassment each time they 'play'.
Everybody just calm down. It's all good now...these fools can now get back to the business of getting STOMPED every weekend. I'm quite sure they expected (and definitely hoped) this thing would drag on for a while, saving them further embarrassment on Saturdays.
Hooray! Now these fools can go back to getting their butt kicked EVERY WEEK! They were probably quietly hoping that this thing would drag on for a bit, to save them some embarrassment on Saturdays.
This is an easy decision to make when you have a losing record, and the only games you can win are against high school teams.