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FWIW, one of the knocks on KC in this year's "big game" was the inability to protect Mahomes. I think KC got an absolute bargain that will help them with that.
If there were "likes" here, this should be the top-rated comment. Did TN treat Fulmer worse than Kiffin treated TN? IMO, No. Rare is the coach that can pull off year-after-year trophy contention; the good ones do it on a cycle, and they cut him at the bottom of one. (This isn't a comment on his latest tenure with the university - there's much to critique there....)
What's Matt Luke up to these days? This seems to be his specialty, and he has TN history. I thought Mississippi moved on a bit too quickly from him. He wouldn't be a splash hire, and he's not going to turn 2020 into 1998 in a season, but he understands the player development portion of the job very well.
Precisely; the rules the of the game are the same, but nearly every other aspect is different. These are two different skill sets, and it's rare a coach can be successful at one, jump to the other, and replicate that same success.
Herbie was confused about who had the ball; he also kept talking about the injury to the "defensive line", even though OSU had the ball. I think this was an honest mistake.
This will be interesting to watch; was it the player development piece that contributed to the "health issues" (not intended to be disparaging - that's just as detailed as its ever gotten), or the stress of game-time decisions? The GOAT college football coach getting his 7th title in the town where his NFL failure played out was a stark illustration that college and NFL coaches are (in large part) different skill sets.
I read that as "they've won the last 5 bowls to which they've been invited, and they've been invited to bowls 3 years in a row". No, I haven't checked the accuracy of either claim, but it feels true. I've enjoyed seeing Kentucky's resurgence; it's a shame my favorite school hasn't been able to keep pace.
Thank you for the full-on belly laugh this morning; that's outstanding!
I'd love to see Colorado State; they're my adopted second team from my time out west, for how classy they were to military in Albuquerque when they came down for the New Mexico Bowl one year. They've only gotten to play 5 games, this past week's having been called off because of a Utah State player protest.
I get the home-town connection, but this doesn't really square with their stated "we need to fix our offense" goal - unless Lea shared something with them that he knows but isn't currently using. Maybe he has an in with an OC known for building from the ground up?
IMO, harsh consequences is the only way to prevent this from continuing. It will have enormous benefits for this particular player, and serve as a warning to others; even if you think it's unfair, the call is the call. Head to the locker room, regroup, and stay eligible for when your suspension is up. There's no reason to add off-the-field charges to an on-the-field penalty.